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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.

Praying for a safe return.

There is always a lot I want to write about and something to get out.  My last post tells of the anxiety of salvaging everything of personal value from our family home, which my parents had to sell.  It needed … Continue reading

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Always remembering her birthday.

Anyone who knows me at all, knows animals are equal to me and that my family cats are more important than anyone in the world.  They are real sons and daughters.  I am also well-known for caring about physical connections … Continue reading

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No time period excuses any behaviour.

Just as I am in awe of Chuck Berry, as the pioneer of rock and pop music I have loved, I sample mystery classics.  If not for demanding its own writing criteria, like ensuring scenes apply to the plot and … Continue reading

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Amazon Change Might Be All Right.

Where do you buy physical books?  If you appreciate the real objects versus reading the contents any old way;  the best way to afford as many as we have is to seek far and wide for second-hand deals!  This is … Continue reading

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Where to buy music albums nowadays!

How do you play music at home?  It’s great to have a little Ipod when you’re on a bus or plane, to tune out the random public, or brighten your commute.  Anyone can play music on a PC but that … Continue reading

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Manitoba’s April Magic!

We are already seeing our way through the magical month of April.  Although I call my birthday month, November, magical because I feel like it belongs to me and powerfully marks when I was born:  March and April in Manitoba … Continue reading

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Etiquette Of Carrying Our Cell Phones!

When I began to find it uncomfortable that friends were consulting their gadgets, even if it was to show a picture, or look up trivia….  I thought carefully about why.  They are very good about establishing a new courtesy after … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s “Global Reading” 2017!

  Hello from a warm winter week-end in Manitoba’s marshland and forestland!  I am passionate about our adored cats, the plants we grow, and books and music I have gathered all my life.  You hear about my reading most because … Continue reading

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Dread And Read 2017

I have wanted to write about giving authors another try, if we didn’t enjoy a book at first.  I’ve wondered under what circumstances people are gracious and would love stories about this turning out well. Unless I can’t bear the … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s “Birth Year Reading”!

  I have been happy to discover the wonderful J.G. (whose given name I must ask), the rewarding kind of hostess I strive to be, who takes interest in your contributions and makes you glad you put in the energy … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s “Mount To Be Read”

I have belonged to Bev’s reading challenges for years and she to mine, in their fourth year.  My newer, fourth theme is “Celtic Coasts“, reprising for its second year!  She wracks our brains with some crazy criteria and particularly this … Continue reading

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Reading Naturally

Now that my groups are started February 1, including colourfully-decorated review pages and my participation posts:  I turn towards other bloggers as a guest!  The distinction of my first this 2017 goes to a new discovery and her year creating … Continue reading

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