Ethereal 2015!

Ethereal 2015


Ethereal” débuted this year and is closest to my heart of the trio I created.  My groups are free of rules stifling what we read and prizes are for all guests internationally.  This theme is for anything that steps beyond the black & white of life.  Titles boasting “haunted of” or “ghost of” that debunk those inside the pages?  No.  Anything else under the sun?  Bring it!

I love spirits, extra-sensory abilities, animal communication, healing, the afterlife.  My favourite ambiences are haunted houses, witches, and gothic mystery!  When I sought reading challenges along these lines;  all I saw were vampire-type themes in very young crowds.  I am providing a forum for any mystical subject!  Readers over 30 needn’t feel out of place and topics that were drowned out, have our attention.  Share your literature from Februrary 1, no matter when you join:  in any format, publication year, length, age group.  Anything you consider Ethereal belongs here.

 ~ Spiritual, mystical, paranormal:  non-fiction, fictional, religious.
~ Serious studies:  dreams, near-death experiences, miracles, astrology.
~ Novels with clergy:  Sister Carol Anne O’Marie, Caroline Roe, Margaret Frazer.
~ Books with animals talking / doing more than what society credits them.
~ Fantasy is certainly otherworldly, as well as witches and fairies.


Ethereal Levels


With your original choice of paperbacks, plant seeds, or photo prints;  a very special prize has been donated by our own member, Hazelee!  The grand prize winner in February 2016….  will also get to choose a numerology or tarot reading from her!  Thank you, profoundly!


If you’re a blogger, write a post that links this page and shares why you are joining me.  Name a participation level but you aren’t bound to it.  I have devised a prize point system for our grand finale, that ensures you are included for starters, because you joined and linked one review!

In the sign-up button, please input the URL of a post / page with no more than three other groups on it.  A media-heavy page is very hard to visit on slow speed internet.  What’s more, as a small blog:  I appreciate the promotion you’re giving me when your post goes out.


Sign-up with any public webpage (not ‘facebook’).  A place that lets you write and make lists, or the URL to your Goodreads profile would suffice.  Review URLs may come from any source, such as Amazon and Book Depository.


Watch for prize activities, share your thoughts, and drop off reviews.  A line or two is ample, to explain your star rating.  Our renewed year runs February 1, 2015 to February 1, 2016!  If you have been part of my circle since our premiere, which concludes February 28;  it is okay with me if the extra month gives you freebies.  We will all balance out soon.


See you February 1st, 2015 to February 1th, 2016!

Name @ Blog Name + (Level)

Ethereal Reviews 2015!

*  Try all of my groups!  *


At the end of our year, there will be a grand finale prize draw.  I have found a way for qualification to be easy, while simultaneously rewarding extra effort.  My guests will give their tallies and I will put their names into a bowl.  Have fun bringing creative reading to our table.  Merry Christmas and happy 2015 to us all!  Sincerely, Carolyn.


1 name in a bowl ~ You joined via linky button and left a review.
1 name in a bowl ~ You finished your original commitment level.
1 name in a bowl ~ For each level you rose higher than planned.


Choose your notification.
Subscribe to my blog to stay apprised of challenge events, or tell me you’d like an e-mail when activities are afoot: AlyshaeB(at)hotmail(dot)com.  We can only have them if there are players!  Hop aboard events that interest you and please comment on the rest, to cheer everyone along.


* Do you have an idea for “Ethereal” activities?  I would love to hear them, via e-mail.

Ethereal – April 2
Something about a book changed your life, the way you view things.

Ethereal – May 2
Ethereal – June 2
Ethereal – July 2
Ethereal – August 2
Ethereal – September 2
Ethereal – October 2
Ethereal – November 2
Ethereal – December 2
Ethereal – January 2

* I’ll put together a review page after Christmas.  Come back and look.  :-)


25 Responses to Ethereal 2015!

  1. Jessika says:

    Not to be thick headed but if I don’t have a blog and want to sign up with my goodreads account, where exactly do I keep record of the books for this challenge? Do you have a GR group for this challenge? Or do I just make a bookshelf for this challenge?

    • Thank you for getting things started, Jessika! A blog or posting space is awesome for publicity but if you don’t have one, a shelf is fine. Comment along your way here. It’ll keep chats going on great subjects. The sign-up button is used once. What you’ll be linking all year is review URLs and non-bloggers have no problem there.

  2. abookdragon says:

    I’m only going for Intuition because I don’t always review my books!

    • Happy to have you again, Gina! I hope this means my first foray is fun. Your level is a smart move. If you rise, ‘der be’ points for that! I’ll tell you what, about reviews. Truly, one sentence saying more than a cryptic star-rating is good enough. See if you find that easy. Extreme-case scenario, I don’t want anyone to discount their material. If you at least link all of your Goodreads review URLs, even if they’re blank; I simply won’t add them to my review database menu.

  3. kentuckygal50 says:

    In for the Intuition level of 5-10 books, as always hoping to move up as time permits during the year.

    • Well, make it ‘a hat trick’! That’s a hockey term for one person scoring three goals in the same game. Thank you for joining my full trio! I can’t wait to see what you say about “Ethereal” when you write your post. I’m most sentimental about this theme of them all.

  4. Count me in for this one as well! This one sounds right up my alley. I’m going for Intuition for the time being, but we’ll see what happens.

  5. I am going to give this one a go as well — don’t know how well I will do!

  6. This is pretty cool! I’ll be joining in as a Third Eye. :)

  7. I am really looking forward to this challenge. It’ll be a little slow-going for me since I’m in the midst of my Master’s thesis right now, but I’ll get a few in to at least make “Intuition”. First up will be a book from my youth that I’ve held onto and been needing a reason to re-read: “Into the Land of the Unicorns” – can’t wait!

    • Brandy, I’m thrilled to have you! I wouldn’t have known you’ve had this post a week, because it isn’t in the Ethereal linky sign-up button. It makes me wonder if membership for the theme closest to my heart is larger. Some missed the buttons this year (no technical explanation but I added the word ‘linky’ below the obscure space).

      I don’t know about “Bloodletting” but Yandie might want to know “Miraculous Cures” sounds as if it fits Ethereal. I’m grateful for everyone spreading the word about my challenges their second year. :) Blogspot comments often don’t go through for other sites. I tried at yours. However if you see this reply, we’re good here communicating here. :)

      • I am glad to communicate here! Yes, I definitely did miss the sign up button. I kept coming back to look for a new post and a linky button -oops! I see it now, but thank you for adding me! Strange about Blogspot. I did check to see if I have the robot notification turned on and I don’t so if it is making you do that, I don’t know how to stop it. I did have some issues with spamming a while back so maybe that is why. I have also subscribed to your feed as far as I know. I get email updates from your blogs so I think I’ve done it properly. Emails about prizes and such would be nice though just in case! Happy Feb. 1st – Ethereal Day!

  8. How sweet to say! I’m touched. Happy “Ethereal Day” to everyone here! You are subscribed and give permission to e-mail about events, so we’re all good! I make the effort to visit the nice blogs people have written for my groups. However yours was one that kept refreshing the screen and scrolling back to the comment form, instead of putting it through. Now that you’ve checked it, it may work. It’s -31 C in southern Manitoba this morning. I will work on the review pages for my three groups. A post will also go out about subscription details like this and welcoming everyone to our new year! Friendship and fondness to all, Carolyn.

    • I hope you can get it to work :( It’d be nice to have a new follower! I have a very small blog that I plan to grow substantially after I finish my Master’s degree. Your challenge is by far my favourite of the ones I’ve signed up for and I can’t wait to finish my first Ethereal book and post a review.

      • What? Wow! What a sweet thing to hear! I am working hard to grow too; essentially because I am a writer and want an audience for my general articles, as well as for a first book I someday manage to finish. I put a lot of thought into how I’d like my groups to be a little different and truly wish to acquaint all who are interested; so I couldn’t be more pleased to know i’m a favourite! Please tell us all about that masters and God bless you with that.

  9. jamie says:

    I’m in this one now too.

  10. This challenge looks awesome and so unique! So happy to be participating!

    • Also I forgot to include my level but I’m shooting for Intuition, hopefully I will be able to bump up though!

      • It’s wonderful to have you! Thank you for joining our group! You probably saw that rising up your levels is rewarded with end-of-year prize draw points. At the same time, you’re in the draw simply for joining; so I’ve made it easy and recognize extra input in both ways. Welcome!

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