My Kind Of Mystery 2019


I have run it since 2014 and am happy you found it.  This is the first group to cover every kind of story and book about mysteries, even biographies and tutorials, in any demographic.  If you read any mystery material at all:  this group is for you.

I created My Kind Of Mystery, in answer to excessive focus on the crime type.  Because many think that genre is a synonym for mystery, rather than one branch;  my favourites were excluded by the wording of challenges.  I love solving MYSTERIES, far better than solving crimes.  When hosts funnelled criteria into bingo cards, or capped publishing dates;  the books I could qualify got squeezed out.  I created a place that covers every type!

I learned a lot from the women who have hosted longer than me.  I no longer have time to break-up genres and groups without prizes, feel like fruitless work.  My criteria is simply to join and share, with optional festivities.  Whether you would enjoy a place to tally your dabbling, or one home base for everything you read;  I have been happy to contribute to the wonderful mystery community, for six years!



  ~  DETAILS  ~

(1)  Joining, via the linky button below and advertizing us, is the sole qualifier.  Please make a page or post linking to this home base.  Tracking challenges in one place is fine, if we are promoted in some way.  If you do not have a blog, please use a public URL (not facebook).  A Goodreads shelf would do.  I am an active member, with an optional companion group.

(2)  Participation is as relaxed or active as you like.  Fill the accompanying review page with the books you read.  There is no quota.  Let’s see how we fare!  If you write reviews:  use the alphabetized buttons.  If you do not review:  save a bit of a list and type those titles, or your URL, into the comment box.  You need not pop in a book at a time, unless your pace is a modest quantity per year.

(3)  Watch for activities and conversations at my blog and contribute whenever the mood strikes.  Solving each year’s My Kind Of Mystery logo, derived from a book I intend to read, is an on-going riddle.  The more members we have, the better I can offer festivities!  However, if all you just work away in our review buttons or comment box, that is all right.

Sometime in the year, before December:  please tell me if you would like to be in my year-end prize draw.  Since membership is the only criteria for eligibility, I like to draw and mail the treats the first week of December, to avoid raised postage rates each new year.  Questions that occur to you, may be posed by comment or e-mail:  RIEDELFascination(at)Gmail(dot)com.

(4)  No matter when you join, count all relevant books from January to December 2019.
We run from FEBRUARY 1, 2019 to JANUARY 31, 2020!

We like seeing how many books we finish right up to December 31.  We don’t have time to review and update websites on New Year’s Eve;  nor do we want to be rushed at Christmas.  It makes far better sense to catch-up in January, when we have breathing room.  I keep my review buttons open a few months.
~ ~ ~ ~


JOIN!  ~

I hope the many people who read a vast spectrum of My Kind Of Mystery literature, join me this 2019 and tell others about us!

~ ~ ~ ~


It is my pleasure to visit everyone’s participation.  I can’t get through standard Blogspot comment boxes, if you use a captcha.  Commenting at my blog is best, if you don’t use WordPress.  You can count on me to reply.

* The headquarters page will be made soon.


29 Responses to My Kind Of Mystery 2019

  1. Sheri says:

    Count me in!

    • I sure will, Sheri! Are you new to blog challenges? I will enjoy interacting with you here. Copy the URL of your Goodreads shelf and add yourself to the sign-up button. When I make the review page for my four groups; you go to town adding reviews of everything you have already read in 2019, to the ones you are in.

      When I confirm a good many are joining each of my groups, I will know which scope of activities, conversations, festivities I can roll out. You noticed at Goodreads, I am excited about every participant. We get to know friends in a more close-up way than Goodreads traffic affords. More members make the work this takes worthwhile and allows me to offer more fun! Here we go!

  2. I’m in. Looking forward to seeing mysteries that aren’t about crimes. I’m sure I’ve read some, maybe? But don’t recall any specifically so this will be fun plus research! Also, I hope what I did is use an email address to log in. If I didn’t, somebody let me know and I’ll change it.

    • I am thrilled you are joining me for this group, Patricia! I loved being your guest in “Embarrassment Of Riches” years ago. You know how it works: please put a page or post specific to my groups in the sign-up button. It allows me to see your list and quite important to my blog, it gives me a plug among your subscribers. New and returned faces will make this run great!

      You commented with a Twitter URL. I will tweak that too, when you are back. I hope it is as clear as I think I made it: this theme is all-encompassing. I founded it to ensure non-crime mysteries are not overlooked. But I exceed other challenges by including all kinds and what’s more, books about authors and writing, too. Anything mystery-related. Here we go! :)

  3. Laura Pond says:

    I am looking forward to the challenge. Last month I was feverishly looking for historical fiction at the library to finish that reading challenge but only found mysteries so I was about 6 books short of my goal for that challenge. Having goals is counterproductive for me. That’s why I like this challenge. I will read more mysteries without the goal.

    • Hi Laura! I am happy to have you back! We need more people to know about our awesome, relaxed themes, which your blog post helps. :) If you peeked at last year’s updates, headquarters, or game pages, you know we have participation-type stuff optionally: including solving each year’s book-derived logo!

      Whichever of my four groups you join this year, joining is all it takes to qualify for all the fun and finish whatever pans out. “Gentle Spectrums” has various categories you might like, for variety. Sincerely, Carolyn.

    • P.S. I looked for you at Goodreads. Let me now which profile you are using, or if you deleted it. I can’t comment on Blogspot pages if people use a captcha (my slow rural internet or something). It’s nice to have a way to praise your progress and appreciate your continued membership in my various four groups. :)

    • Could you remove robot “captcha” testing from your blog pages? Authorizing comments should be enough control of spam and at least I could get comments through. I was trying to welcome you. :)

  4. Hi, I am really excited about joining this challenge!💖 Is it ok if I link up after Feb. 1? I have the flu, and I will have to update my Reading Challenge post on my blog to include you before I will link.

    • How nice to find your sweet comment right at my blog! Yes, take your time. I hope to entice you to join the others, if you find they fit your reading as well. Get well soon, Christina, as I wrote at Goodreads! I am over a cold that took too long and am slowly getting over an out-of-whack swollen neck. Here is to a 2019 of answered prayers, health, and fun!

      • Thank you so much for being so flexible. I will add you to my Reading Challenges page. May I make a copy of your photo and your rules with your blog link and invite others to join the fun, and paste these items to my post? I hope you feel better, too.
        Best, Christina/The Blog for Teachers, Readers, & Life! 😊

      • Yes, I appreciate it! My quartet has been running for years but my late start misses the main traffic. I don’t have time to put them up in November and December, my busy months, as ideal as they would be for these fun & games. Thank you, Christina!

  5. Sheri says:

    I found the review page for My Kind of Mystery but I don’t know what to do next. Do I add a review by providing the link to my Goodreads review or do I copy and paste it somewhere? Thanks for the help, Carolyn!

    • A natural, sneaky sleuth; I knew it! My welcome speech and opening day are tomorrow: yay!!!! I discreetly made 3 review pages and am making that of “Gentle Spectrums” now. I didn’t announce them because you aren’t supposed to see them. Hehe! This is what I recommend doing, to make organizing easy and which is half the fun for me; just like putting away books we have bought.

      Make a notepad or word document of everything you have read and plan to read, that fits my groups. If there are reviews, paste the links (from wherever you review) along with them all year. Every time I write mine, they go into notepad pages for my four groups. When it comes time to use the review pages: let those titles, authors, and links fly, in the buttons! The format to follow is there. This is going to be in my welcome aboard speech. The early enthusiasm makes my day!

  6. Peggy Kaiser says:

    Sign me up.

    • I hope you found my reply in the Goodreads “event” comment box. Simply click the “linky button” on this page. It asks for your name and a website; which can be the link of your own blog post, or a Goodreads bookshelf.

  7. Hi,
    Thank you so much for hosting this challenge! :) I joined the My Kind of Mysteries and Gentle Spectrums last night. They look like fun!:) I created a spreadsheet for all my reading challenges. Thanks for the tip!:)

    • Can’t wait to see you in the “Gentle Spectrums” linky button and I am thrilled you are in “My Kind Of Mystery”. If I may suggest a point: people love itemized instructions and you nicely cover that I have a prize, special events, where to sign-up, a page for reviewing….

      The part that wasn’t pasted is how my groups are special, from the multitude of “key word” and “mini-genre” mystery challenges. I wonder if you think it’s worthwhile to delineate that I have run for 6 years (haven’t popped up among one-time fads) and am the only mystery challenge for ALL MYSTERY CONNECTIONS: author bios, writers’ how-to; beyond what anyone else offers. Whichever mystery groups anyone is in, they can collate in mine.

      “Gentle Spectrums” goes beyond the usual scavenger hunt by providing broad, easy categories instead narrowing a target to a key word. It is hard not to fit whatever you are reading. You need only fill in the categories you can and keep adding whatever matches in your home selections.
      In particular, I am the only group to repeat colour titles. Traditionally, groups like this limited you to one hue a year.

      I think what you copied makes my flexibility clear but I wonder if we could add a line each, emphasizing my originality: how I am a different option from the norm. :)

  8. sunshine says:

    I know I’m really late to the party but I did sign up! TY for this challenge!

  9. Christina says:

    Hi All, RIEDEL Fascination wants to let you know that her WordPress is malfunctioning right now. She is very excited about being your hostess, and she would love to hear from you. Right now, You can reach her by Goodreads comment box, or Gmail. She is feverishly trying to get this matter resolved. Thank you for your patience. :)

  10. Hi All, I finished! :) Woot! Thank you so much for hosting this challenge! Here is a link to the Challenge. I will most likely do this challenge again next year if offered! :)

    • Hi Christina! Well done, even though you have until January 31! I like following the calendar year myself. But I think you missed all references to our review page! The last linky button and book cover is for close-out posts, or a repeat of the one you were using for your progress. Do add the link there. You have ample time to add book review links if you wished, now that you know of the reivew page.

      I have had the technical difficulties you know about but want to continue. I did not offer activities and updates as often as I wanted to but will continue to try. I got no comments to the ones I posted, nor an entry by e-mail into the year-end draw by December 1. Comments let me know folks are intereted: so thank you very much for verbalizing yours, Christina!

  11. Hi Again, I think I forgot to post my link to this reading challenge. Done! :)

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