What is “Spectrum Spotlight”?

Spectrum Spotlight 

 I am happy to have created groups that are participatory!
Each has its own activities.  There’s no reason to drop off a link, with silence ensuing for months.  Let’s chat about books we bring to our table.  I’ve waited long to find peers who have read the same thing!

I adore trivia.  I send my teen-aged neighbours on quests for Hallowe’en.  For “Gentle Spectrums” members:  “Spectrum Spotlight” is a long-distance version!  It might be trivia, or taking a certain picture.  (I’m on dial-up internet, so go easy).  The multiple subjects of our theme give us a lot to work with.


****  Each time “Spectrum Spotlight” appears  ****

I will give 3 days for entries.
Based on the nature of each activity;
a winner might be drawn, or selected for their content.
I include all “Gentle Spectrum” members ~ world wide.
I hope you have as much fun playing this game, as I do from the creative side!


****  Prizes are a humble token  ****

Perhaps Canadian postcards, a used book of choice, an item from my own greeting card collection.  I think along the lines of Christmas;  it isn’t about expense.  It’s a delight merely to open something we might like.

Late-comers lured by these posts may sign-up for any of my three reading themes in our chronological year:  February 1, 2014 to February 28, 2015.




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