Carolyn’s Canadian Reading 2022


This March of 2022, our precious McCartney suddenly went to the afterlife at nearly age 22.  Our cats are our Sons & Daughters.  In this major event, we publically honour and miss our dearest McCartney with all our love.


I read 34 books of Canadian themes in session #15.
I hope all captchas are removed so I can participate fully with rural internet at Shonna’s blog.

Here is what I am reading during our 2022 & 2023 Canadian session.

Poor Tom Is Cold”  Maureen Jennings  2001
Franklin Is Lost”  Paulette Bourgeois & Brenda Clark  1992
Death At Sandringham House”  CC. Benison  1996
The Ghost Rock Mystery”  Mary C. Jane  1956
Who Is Frances Rain?”  Margaret Buffie  1987
Yesterday’s Doll”  Cora Taylor  1987
Double Spell”  Janet Lunn  1968
(08)  “Seven Clues In Pebble Creek”  Kathy Stinson  1987

“Letters To Jennifer:  Oliver & Maudie Gray”  Sharon Gray  2002
The Ghost Of Northumberland Strait”  Lori Knutson  2008
“Basic Black’s Lonely Socks Club:  Tales From The Bottom Drawer”  Chris Straw (editor)  2000
“Céline Dion:  My Story, My Dream” (“Céline Dion:  Ma Vie, Mon Rêve”)  Céline Dion & Georges-Hébert Germain & Bruce Benderson (translator)  2000
Northwestern Ontario Journeys And Vistas”  Dale F. Burmaster  1994
This Marvellous Terrible Place: Images Of Newfoundland And Labrador”  Yva Momatiuk & John Eastcott  1988
The Cashier”  Gabrielle Roy  1954
The Recycled Citizen”  Charlotte MacLeod  1988
Heart Of A Stranger”  Margaret Laurence  1984
“Bathroom Book Of Canadian Quotes:  Humorous, Witty, Ridiculous, & Inspiring”  Lisa Wojna  2005


Here are authors of our home province, Manitoba.

“Mozart:  A Meditation On His Life And Mysterious Death”  Dr. Stefan A. Carter  2005
“Paddle To The Amazon”  Don Starkell  1990
“Who Is Frances Rain?”  Margaret Buffie  1992
“My Mother’s Ghost”  Margaret Buffie  1992
“Dance On The Earth:  A Memoir”  Margaret Laurence  1989
“The Hidden Mountain”  Gabrielle Roy  1961
“The Road Past Altamont”  Gabrielle Roy  1966
“Wildflower”  Gabrielle Roy  1970
“Garden In The Wind”  Gabrielle Roy  1975
“Children Of My Heart”  Gabrielle Roy  1977
“A Dry Spell”  Susie Moloney  1997
“The Darkest Road”  Guy Gavriel Kay  1986
“The Dragon & The Dry Goods Princess”  David Arnason  1991


Miscellaneous Canadians.

“False Light”  Caroline Llewellyn  1997
“Canadian Animals Are Smarter Than Jack”  Jenny Campbell  2004
“Weird Canadian Words:  How To Speak Canadian”  Edrick Thay  2004
“Journeys Into The Unknown:  Mysterious Canadian Encounters With The Paranormal”  Richard Palmisano  2006
“Owls In The Family”  Farley Mowat  1961
“The Magyar Venus”  Lyn Hamilton  2004
“Reflections Of Eden:  My Years With The Orangutans Of Borneo”  Biruté M.F. Galdikas  1995
“Great Canadian Short Stories”  Alec Lucas (editor)  1971
“Translations Aístreann”  Tammy Armstrong  2002
“Celestial Steam Locomotive”  Michael G. Coney  1983
“1967:  A Coming Of Age Story”  Richard W. Doornink  2019
“Led Astray:  The Best Of Kelley Armstrong”  Kelley Armstrong  2015
“Lost In The Barrens”  Farley Mowat  1956
“The Silver Ghost”  Charlotte MacLeod   1987
“The Gladstone Bag”  Charlotte MacLeod  1989
“Mistletoe Mysteries”  Charlotte MacLeod  1989
“An Owl Too Many”  Charlotte MacLeod  1991
“Solace For A Sinner”  Caroline Roe  2000
“Lady Oracle”  Margaret Atwood  1976

“Settlers Of The Marsh”  Frederick Philip  1925
“The Lamp At Noon And Other Stories”  Sinclair Ross  1968
The Mysterium”  Eric McCormack  1992
“New Brunswick Short Stories”  Dorothy Dearborn  2003
“Into The Fire”  Jodi McIsaac  2013
The Favourite Game”  Leonard Cohen  1963
“Beauty Tips From Moose Jaw”  Will Ferguson  2004
More Strawberries, Reflections In Fiction”  Joseph S. Banel & Linda Bishop & James A. MacNeill & Glen A. Sorestad  1990
“Ghosts:  An Investigation Into A True Canadian Haunting”  Richard Palmisano  2009
“The Trickster”  Muriel Gray  1994


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