About C.M. Riedel

Hello!  I’m an animal person and mystery lover since childhood.  I got into a little fantasy accidentally ~ a hilarious story!  Count on great recommendations but I won’t clog your subscription with reviews.  They go to Amazon Canada and are never, ever detail spoilers.

  I love introducing my favourite music, specializing in overlooked gems.  You might be familiar with an artist’s cliché hit…  I change public impressions, showing how much other music shines.  Great musicians continue to release albums, long after you hear of them on TV.

Breaking assumptions is important to me, especially for Canada.  It’s bemusing the USA knows little about their larger neigbhour.  Look to me for fun facts to solve that:  like how Thanksgiving falls in October.  :)


Generally I share what I’m doing.  If you relate to a person, it’s fun to follow their personal story.  Watch for blogs about my transition to country life and compare notes with a new gardener!  Indeed it is also a pleasure to know YOU.


17 Responses to About C.M. Riedel

  1. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    It’s even more amusing to me that Americans don’t realise Australians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving LOL

    • I know! A friend in Mackay kindly sent greetings, appreciated even after October. We’re animal people and it horrified her to not find images without a sacrificed turkey. Surely we can think of other things!

  2. John says:

    Cute cat! (I’d say I’m a cat person, but not indiscriminate as far as all animals– I like other peoples’ dogs for instance, but I’ll never adopt one!)

    • John – I appreciated this on all sides. Dogs are too noisy but I am fond of all critters. Yes, ‘Conan’ & his personality are cute beyond belief! Sometimes he prances sideways like a crab. He’s named after comedian Conan O’Brien.

  3. Your cat is beautiful!

  4. KerrieS says:

    With the Global Reading Challenge – you decide how the continents work – can be the Author nationality, where the book is set etc.

  5. Melwyk says:

    Hello! Thanks for the note on the Postal Reading Challenge… hope you will join in! It’s very broad as to book choice: you can choose real letters, epistolary fiction, or stories that have something to do with letter-writing, the postal system etc. Some connection to a postal theme — so if someone wrote a novel based on letters, as long as those letters have some role in the book, it fits.

  6. Rain Jeys says:

    Ooh n orange kitty! I have two of those, one who is orange and white like that. I’ve been to Canada once (Vancouver area) and it was amusing seeing how many misconceptions I’d had. Although everyone DID keep saying “eh”. :)

  7. Please send me your e-mail address. I seem to have lost it.

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  9. kaceey says:

    Hi Carolyn! Sorry took me a bit to figure out how to contact you! Lol!! Still not sure this is the right place!:) I am originally from Alberta!
    Love how you reach out to authors and how much that is a[appreciated. I always love hearing back once I’ve posted a review! You will love this new book Broken Girls! The further I get into it…it only gets better!
    If there is a better place/way to contact you please let me know! I know you don’t like the private message on GR. Kaceey:)

    • Kaceey, now that you have commented, I know where to e-mail you. Definitely easier than Goodreads private messages. Communication at my blog is a thrill and happy surprise too! Indeed, communication people like us are thrilled to hear back about reviews and all else. A great surprise that you have visited, fellow prairie girl! Hugs, Carolyn!

  10. da-AL says:

    am much enjoying your lovely site :-)

  11. Toni Summers says:

    Hey Carolyn, I tried to email the old email address I had but I never got a response. So much has changed over the last few years. I had gotten into an old email address after I left FL and noticed you had been sending christmas cards to FL for me… but I had already left :( email me so we can catch up. <3

    • Toni, I use Prairie e-mail now but you can reach me here as well. We are still on slow rural internet and Hotmail hardly loads. It is too difficult to work with. I did see your e-mail a couple of years ago but it felt like a general group message, not directed at me. I did not know that your contact stopped unintentionally and am pleased that is not the case.

      I have not felt myself since one of my precious cats, one of our sons, vanished July 14, 2017: the one in this picture. However we have not given up this whole year and instead, have stepped up our efforts and widened our range to get our precious Conan back! Please add to the prayers for his safety and return to us. I know they are working and will keep up my faith as long as I need to. Our Conan is worth it.
      Love, Carolyn.

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