Celtic Coasts 2018!


I have Irish and Scottish roots and had a glorious visit to Scotland in 2010.  Our trip was to England but my spouse & I insisted upon fitting in two days, zooming from southern England to northern Scotland, by car, ourselves.  We wished we could see Wales and Ireland.  So short a visit so strongly memorable, says a lot about the magic country.

If you read any connection – author, setting, strong heritage, Celtic myths such as are found in fantsy novels:  my group is for you.  Authors making a home of these countries suits me too, like Anne Perry and Mary Stewart, who weren’t born there.

How did I dream this up?
There have been reading groups for Ireland and Scotland at different times but nothing for Wales.  I disliked racing through the literature of one Celtic country, to adhere to challenge quota.  I savour Celtic literature.  I wanted a way to include Wales, as well as any book or two I read, straggling from any of these countries.  I created the ideal way, the only group that covers all three!  Let’s gather everything we read that is related to them.
This is what I matched with Celtic Coasts last year.


How to join!

(1)  Please comment that you are joining.
Make a blog post or page, including our logo and a link leading folks here.  It is all right if you combine challenges in one place but a post, or visible display of our group, is appreciated.  If you have questions, e-mail RIEDELFascination(at)gmail(dot)com.

In place of a blog, include the URL to somewhere else you will track reading for our group, like your Goodreads webpage.  Please advertize for us any way you can:  perhaps you have numerous Goodreads or Twitter followers….

(2)  Add your review URLs to our review page, categorized by author.
The entry format to is shown there.  If you don’t review, use the comment box to share a list of titles.  Save several up if you read profusely.  You may also share an URL with updates.   That is all!

Unless…. you would like to see the festivities I have in store?
The more interest from you, the more activities are worth doing!

(3)  Stay tuned for special events, via a “Headquarters” menu at the top of this blog.
Reading groups are a fun social community for book journeys.  Rules should not narrow books that qualify but motivate them.  Therefore membership is easy:  sign-up and share progress.  Games and discussions are sprinkled alongside:  like desserts you can choose.  Hehe!

This triquetra will unlock soon.  Try clicking it from time to time!  It will open a page that presents an array of activities;  like solving the mystery book cover logo.  This triquetra will appear at a “headquarters 2018” page too, when activies are available!



The format and length of literature is of no matter.
You may set a goal but there is no fretting about them, or completing a level and signing off.  Better to party all year, share where we are, and see where our reading takes us!  I also have a Goodreads forum, serving all four of my reading groups.



I award a year-end prize the first week of December!  When you join, or any time before December, add yourself to the draw by e-mail or comment box.  It is your choice of a novel from my collection, or alternatively, a choice of nice miscellaneous items.  My draws extend to everyone internationally!

Get your name in the prize bowl twice!  Everyone from all four groups, is invited to solve the logo of “My Kind Of Mystery”.  It is the cover of a book I have read, or hope to read that year.  Guesses are unlimited.  E-mail, if you think you know the author and book title.  Comment, to request fresh clues if you need a boost.  Chatting lets us know sleuthing is on!

I have drawn one year-end winner for all four of my groups, due to low participation and finances.  If membership booms, I could justify an additional prize.  If you know readers who favour similar genres, please tell them about us!


*  RIEDEL is spelled with I before E, like “Justin Bieber” and is pronounced likewise.  It rhymes with “needle”.  There is a peculiar to misspell it, ‘e’ before ‘i’, instead of following what is in front of us.  Please resist that pull.

I am glad you found my very favourite reading group.  I wish you a happy new year 2018!
Sincerley, Carolyn.


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