Gentle Spectrums Reviews 2018


I am pleased to gather GENTLE SPECTRUMS reviews for 2018.

Please follow the format below:  titles in quotation marks, followed solely by author names (don’t add “by”).  Conclude with your name or blog name in brackets, if there is room.  If you need to abbreviate anything, please always include author names.  It is easier to figure out who you are, then looking authors up.

Please categorize by author’s last names.  With triple names, use the last hyphenated or additional name.  Augusta Huiell Seaman belongs with SMary Downing Hahn belongs with H.  If entries need to be corrected, please don’t be shy.

Most hosts collect a mix of reviews by month.  Sorting by authors makes them easier to browse who has read the same books.  Thank you for your Gentle Spectrums material!  :)
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**  Please visit our 2018 wrap-up post, with your updates and mine.  :)
There is a personal update preceding it, that I invite you to as well.  **

Guess the 2018 “My Kind Of Mystery” logo!  AN EXTRA, FINAL CLUE IS GIVEN HERE.


Book Title” + Author Name + (Name / Blog)
“Service For Two”  Kate Kingsbury  (Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination)


Wrap-up posts may be linked via comment.


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