My Kind Of Mystery 2014 Reviews

Welcome to the review page for the first ever,
“MY KIND OF MYSTERY” reading theme!

I’ve striven for a new spin.  I found I never browsed review links.  Gathered by month;  titles land every which way.  We’re building a review database!  I’ll be likelier to peruse titles if they’re filed by each author’s last name.  I hope you enjoy the twist.  :)

A RIEDEL Clue IV” is here!  I cheer and salute our last activity of our premiere season!


Don’t add “by” with author names.


Ghost Of Windy Hill
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The Celtic Riddle
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Ghost & Dead Man's Library
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Mystery Of Ireland's Eye
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Mystery On The Isle Of Skye
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My “Kind Of Mystery” Recap
See the point system for our end-of-year prizes!

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A RIEDEL Clue ~ IV * On right now. *


**  It’s here!  “My Kind Of Mystery 2015“!  **


I’m not going to set a wrap-up linky this close to our finale.  Tell me in a comment how many prize points you accrued.  If you have a wrap-up post, please paste that on any “My Kind Of Mystery” page too.  See the recap summary for your prize draw tabulation.  The firm deadline, since our pioneering year is running an extra month, is February 28, 2015.


26 Responses to My Kind Of Mystery 2014 Reviews

  1. Bev Hankins says:

    First one done! Onward….

  2. Bev Hankins says:

    Grrrr. Messed up the author’s name. It should be Death by Chick Lit by Lynn Harris

  3. I believe I linked my review up correctly????? I finished Quiche of Death by M.C. Beaton.

    • I’ll delete the entry when a tooth ache disappears. See the instructions above the book covers? This time it isn’t about your name or participation level. Only your name in brackets, at the end of the format above. You would choose button “B” for “Beaton”, the last name of the author.

  4. Finished The Vicious Vet by M.C. Beaton this morning – posted a review! I’m going to listen to one more and then move onto something different. I’m home recovering from micro fracture knee surgery, so have lots of time to read and knit. Audible comes in handy, so I can do both!!!

    • Sorry about knee surgery. Very sweet of you to ask about the tooth ache. I’ve returned from the city and fed our cats. The dentist thinks it’s nighttime grinding causing nerve pain all over. I return tomorrow (I couldn’t bear to wait in case it were serious) for a cleaning and more thorough exam. Thank the Lord we’re covered.

      I’m proud of your quick adaptation to linking, where to review, identifying and generating URLs. There was nothing dumb about your earliest query. Most people learned to use a PC at work and click routine places but don’t understand computer basics. I educated my parents from the ground up, starting with why there’s a C: drive onward but no A: and B: (anymore). It’s easy if you understand the core. Now you can go ahead and officially join Theresa’s “Cruising Through The Cozies” and link reviews for her too.

  5. ouch, I goofed!! please if you can delete my entry under the first group A, I put it a 2nd time into its S category… [author Sloan]

  6. Mr. Carstairs! :) You enjoy mainstream mystery, creating a unique opportunity to fulfill an experiment! Here’s my review for “Casting Spells” with reassurances that I write no spoilers. As I read this series, I was convinced if the covers didn’t feature knitting; fantasy elements would appeal to men. What’s more, a man becomes co-narrator. If you’re game, I’m chomping at the bit to confirm I’m right; that these are fit for a broader audience than they targeted.

    • Mark says:

      Actually, I avoid most fantasy aimed at adults. Sue Ann Jaffarian’s Ghost of Granny Apples series in the exception. I’m not the right one for your experiment.

      • Have you seen the cover? It isn’t adult fantasy either. Knowing you love Sue Ann Jaffarian keeps me thinking you’re the only candidate. It’s a weird case of a modern cozy mystery, which I’ve never seen a guy like, that bursts into moments of fantasy in the right places. You ever try “Casting Spells”: I would read your review the first second. :)

  7. ‘So much mystery going on’ sounds good, Emma. We’re collecting a wonderfully broad range. All of my groups are about flexibly enjoying the themes together. :)

  8. I linked up a review for The Murderous Marriage today, but it goes to Coast to Coast Ghost. So I redid it and #22 review is correct. Can you please delete #21? sorry about the flub :)

  9. I posted a review on “The Witch and the Gentleman” – I really enjoyed this first in a series. It was a book that worked for a few of my challenges. I heard about it on the free list for my Kindle – I’m very glad I got it!

  10. It’s lovely to see many already posting a variety, taking advantage of our inclusion of writing instruction especially. Angie and JoAnne are making very nice triple and double plays across our sister groups too!

  11. Bev Hankins says:

    My most recent read “The Poisoned Island” by Lloyd Shepherd might appeal to you, Carolyn. It has a hint of the magical about it–magic & myth from Tahiti.

    • Colour me ‘interested’, Bev! It’s nice to hear from you. I planted two more questions at your blog (enlightening of a mystery square and verification of a colour) and discreetly alerted everyone about our first game. We’ll call it a warm up. :) The prizes remain available for future, TRICKIER, riddles.

  12. rblerner2013 says:

    I have added my books from February and March and there are five of them. I love cozy mysteries.

    • Congratulations, Bev! I passed 40 too (in more ways than one, hahaha). You’re done so early, you don’t know there’s a secret portal at the main page. I planned to tell folks, if it wasn’t stumbled upon. If you wish, there is one higher level. :) The best riddles are to come, so party with us all year. Big hug! Carolyn.

  13. Peggy Ann says:

    Carolyn, the links are going to your reviews on Amazon not to the linky for us to link our reviews.

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