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My Kind Of Mystery


With pleasure, I invite your reviews!  There’s a format because I save our work into a menu.  It is easy to cut & paste if this is followed:  use quotation marks instead of apostrophes and please do not add “by” with author names.  Quotation marks differentiate titles from authors, as parenthesis identify us.  :)

If a title or author name is long and your entry does not fit, better to shorten your name.  I can determine who you are, easer than waiting for links to load on pesky dial-up internet.

Do browse our growing selection:  for favourite authors and the fun of seeing who has read the same as you.  Thank you for sharing your My Kind Of Mystery journeys!

Book Title” + Author Name + (Name / Blog)
“The Union Street Bakery”  Mary Ellen Taylor  (Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination)

A  *  B  *  C  *  D  *  E
Keeper Of The Castle


  F  *  G  *  H  *  I  *  J
The Etruscan Chimera


K  *  L  *  M  *  N  *  O
Service For Two


P    *    Q    *    R    *    S
Inquiry Into Love


T  *  U  *  V  *  W  *  X  *  Y  *  Z

The Union Street Bakery


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