*****  These reviews are by guests of my 3 newly-débuted reading themes.
They are “Ethereal“, “Gentle Spectrums“, and “My Kind Of Mystery” of 2014.  *****





To Brie Or Not To Brie”  Avery Aames  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Clobbered By Camembert”  Avery Aames  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
The Corpse With The Emerald Thumb”  Cathy Ace  (Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Turkish Gambit”  Boris Akunin  (Topcho)
The Peach Keeper”  Sarah Addison Allen  (Sue B.)
Nightmare In Burgundy” Jean-Pierre Alaux, Noël Balen  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
The Tale Of Hill Top Farm”  Susan Wittig Albert  (Sue B.)
A Wilder Rose”  Susan Wittig Albert  (Sue B.)
Thyme Of Death”  Susan Wittig Albert  (Sue B.)
The Nobelist”  Elena Alexieva  (Topcho)
Bloom And Doom”  Beverly Allen  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Bloom And Doom”  Beverly Allen  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Ripper”  Isabel Allende  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
For Old Crime’s Sake”  Delano Ames  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Dakota Gold”  John Anderson  (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
Good, Bad & Emus”  Donna Andrews  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Murder With Puffins”  Donna Andrews  (Rachelle 21)
White Thirst”  Mike Anka  (Topcho)
Hypocrisy”  D.M. Annechino  (Peggy Ann @ Peggy Ann’s Post)
Exit Actors, Dying”  Margot Arnold  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Through A Glass, Deadly”  Sarah Atwell  (Susan P. @ Book Journey 1973)



Confession”  Carey Baldwin  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Miss Dimple Picks A Peck Of Trouble”  Mignon F. Ballard  (JoAnne @ Litlequeen)
Death In Pont-Aven”  Jean-Luc Bannalec  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Wadmalaw”  Bart Bare  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Chapter & Hearse”  Lorna Barrett  (Sue B.)
Agatha Raisin And The Walkers Of Dembley”  Marion C. Beaton  (Susan Solo)
Death Of A Bore”  Marion C. Beaton  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Death Of Yesterday”  Marion C. Beaton  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Quiche Of Death”  Marion C. Beaton  (Susan Solo)
The Murderous Marriage”  Marion C. Beaton  (Susan Solo)
The Vicious Vet”  Marion C. Beaton  (Susan Solo)
Ghost Cat:  Midnight Paws”  Jessica Beck  (Rachelle 21)
Ghost Cat:  Midnight Paws”  Jessica Beck  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Death At The Medical Board”  Josephine Bell  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Adrenaline”  John Benedict  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Bittersweet”  Miranda Beverly-Whittemore  (Buckling Bookshelves)
Murder In Pigalle”  Cara Black  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Elegy For April”  Benjamin Black  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
City Of Darkness And Light”  Rhys Bowen  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Queen Of Hearts”  Rhys Bowen  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Royal Flush”  Rhys Bowen  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Blue Heaven”  C. J. Box  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Dead In Their Vaulted Arches”  Alan Bradley  (Canadian Bookworm)
The Dead In Their Vaulted Arches”  Alan Bradley  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The Darker The Night”  Herbert Brean  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
The Brief History Of The Dead”  Kevin Brockmeier  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Letters From Skye”  Jessica Brockmole  (Canadian Bookworm)
The Discourtesy Of Death”  William Brodrick  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
A Whispered Name”  William Brodrick  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Dying In The Wool”  Frances Brody  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Bluegrass Undercover”  Kathleen Brooks  (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
Pearls And Poison”  Duffy Brown  (Rachelle Lerner @Rachelle21)
Pearls And Poison”  Duffy Brown  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Case For Sergeant Beef”  Leo Bruce  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Cursed In The Act”  Raymond Buckland  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
The Fugitive Queen”  Fiona Buckley  (Christine McIver)
The Lake District Murder”  John Bude  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Appetite For Murder”  Lucy Burdette  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Death In Four Courses”  Lucy Burdette  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Topped Chef”  Lucy Burdette  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Wycliffe In Paul’s Court”  W.J. Burley  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)



The Postman Always Rings Twice”  James M. Cain  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Dead Girls’ Dance”  Rachel Caine  (Angels Are Kids / Furkids)
Midnight Alley”  Rachel Caine  (Angels Are Kids / Furkids)
Death At The Dog”  Joanna Cannan  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
The Taste Of Murder”  Joanna Cannan  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
When Mountains Move”  Julie Cantrell  (Canadian Bookworm)
The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper”  Sally Carpenter  (Yvonne @Socrates’ Book Reviews)
India Black & The Gentleman Thief”  Carol K. Carr  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Haunt Me Still”  Jennifer Lee Carrell  (Canadian Bookworm)
Where There’s Love, There’s Hate”  Adolfo Bioy Casares, Silvina Ocampo  (Bev)
Changeless”  Gail Carriger  (Topcho)
Heartless”  Gail Carriger  (Topcho)
Murder By Misrule”  Anna Castle  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Lydia Cassatt Reading The Morning Paper”  Harriet Scott Chessman  (Canadian Bookworm)
Shen Of The Sea: Chinese Stories For Children”  Arthur Bowie Chrisman  (Sue B.)
The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding”  Agatha Christie  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Big Four”  Agatha Christie  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Endless Night”  Agatha Christie  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Five Little Pigs”  Agatha Christie  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Mysterious Affair At Styles”  Agatha Christie  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Nemesis”  Agatha Christie  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Sittaford Mystery”  Agatha Christie  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
They Do It With Mirrors”  Agatha Christie  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Command Authority”  Tom Clancy  (Laura @ Mystery Bookshelf)
Shelf Life”  Douglas Clark  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Vicious Circle”  Douglas Clark  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Two Little Girls In Blue”  Mary Higgins Clark  (Topcho)
The Shamrock Case”  Linda Weaver Clarke  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
The Purple Parrot”  Clyde Clason  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Burial Of Ghosts”  Ann Cleeves  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Crow Trap”  Ann Cleeves  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Queen’s Man”  Rory Clements  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Alaska Twilight”  Colleen Coble  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Confession Is Murder”  Peg Cochran  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Hanging By A Hair”  Nancy J. Cohen  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
The Runaway Wife”  Rowan Coleman  (Canadian Bookworm)
The House Girl”  Tara Conklin  (Sue B.)
The Brass Verdict”  Michael Connelly  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
The Reversal”  Michael Connelly  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Buried In A Bog”  Sheila Connolly  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Fundraising The Dead”  Sheila Connolly  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Death On Eat Street”  J.J. Cook  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Death On Eat Street”  J. J. Cook  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Mr. Monk Is Open For Business”  Hy Conrad  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Cause Of Death”  Patricia Cornwell  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Basil Instinct”  Shelley Costa  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
A Red, Red, Rose”  Susan Coryell  (Angels Are Kids / Furkids)
Murder By Mocha”  Cleo Coyle  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
The Golden Fleece & The Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles”  Padraic Colum  (Sue B.)
A Body In The Backyard”  Elizabeth Spann Craig  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
The Monkey’s Raincoat”  Robert Crais  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
The Coral Princess Murders”  Frances Crane  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
A Catered Murder”  Isis Crawford  (Know-it-not-so-much)
Drizzled With Death”  Jessie Crockett  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Maple Mayhem”  Jessie Crockett  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
A Finer End”  Deborah Crombie  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
And Justice There Is None”  Deborah Crombie  (JoAnne@LitlequeenRules)
Kissed A Sad Goodbye”  Deborah Crombie  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
The Sound Of Broken Glass”  Deborah Crombie  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The Sound Of Broken Glass”  Deborah Crombie  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
The Riesling Retribution”  Ellen Crosby  (Susan Solo)
The White Glove War”  Katie Crouch  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)



Green Calder Grass”  Janet Dailey  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Evidence Of Things Seen”  Elizabeth Daly  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
The Whole Enchilada”  Diane Mott Davidson  (Diana S.)
Death By The Book”  Julianna Deering  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Death By The Book”  Julianna Deering  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Death Valley”  Sandy Dengler  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
The Way Through The Woods”  Colin Dexter  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair”  Joel Dicker  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Murder Is Academic”  Lesley A. Diehl  (Yvonne@ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Sleeping With The Crawfish”  D.J. Donaldson  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
The Sea Detective”  Mark Douglas-Home  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
A Study In Scarlet”  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  (Margaret @ BooksPlease
)”Death At Wentwater Court”  Carola Dunn  (Susan Solo)
Death At Wentwater Court”  Carola Dunn  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Bloody Malaga”  Boryana Dukova  (Topcho)



The Dead In Their Vaulted Arches”  Jayne Entwistle  (Canadian Bookworm)
Green Lake”  S.K. Epperson  (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
The Chase”  Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)



Frog In The Throat”  E.X. Ferrars  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
See Jane Run”  Joy Fielding  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion”  Fannie Flagg  (Diana S.)
From Russia With Love”  Ian Fleming  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
In The Bleak Midwinter”  Julia Spencer-Fleming  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Blackberry Pie Murder”  Joanne Fluke  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Gone Girl”  Gillian Flynn  (Buckling Bookshelves)
Sharp Objects”  Gillian Flynn  (Buckling Bookshelves)
Bad Boys In Black Tie”  Lori Foster et al  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Crimson Wind”  Diana Pharoah Francis  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Broken Harbor”  Tana French  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Faithful Place”  Tana French  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
In the Woods”  Tana French  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The Likeness”  Tana French  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The Secret Place”  Tana French  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)



The Cuckoo’s Calling” Robert Galbraith (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Silkworm” Robert Galbraith (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The Cellist Of Sarajevo”  Steven Galloway  (Sue B.)
The Case Of The Green-Eyed Sister”  Erle Stanley Gardner  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Moon In A Dead Eye” Pascal Garnier (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Murder And Marinara” Rosie Genova (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
For The Sake Of Elena” Elizabeth George (Christine McIver)
In The Presence Of The Enemy” Elizabeth George (Christine McIver)
Missing Joseph” Elizabeth George (Christine McIver)
Playing For The Ashes” Elizabeth George (Christine McIver)
Sun And Moon, Ice And Snow”  Jessica Day George  (Sue B.)
Silver Lady”  Linda George  (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
Inherit The Word”  Daryl Wood Gerber  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Big Money”  Jack Getze  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Ruby Red”  Kerstin Gier  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Cauldstane” Linda Gillard (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled” Dorothy Gilman (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Question Of Death” Kerry Greenwood (Mark@ Carstairs Considers)
Saigon”  Anthony Grey  (Canadian Bookworm)



Bran New Death”  Victoria Hamilton  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Muffin But Murder”  Victoria Hamilton  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
The Monogram Murders” Sophie Hannah (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Malice Domestic”  Mollie Hardwick  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Midnight Crossroad” Charlaine Harris (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Midnight Crossroad” Charlaine Harris (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Death By Chick Lit”  Lynn Harris  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
The Silent Wife”  A.S.A. Harrison  (Canadian Bookworm)
A Man Came Out Of A Door In The Mountain”  Adrianne Harun  (Canadian Bookworm)
Gone”  Mo Hayder  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Dark Tide”  Elizabeth Haynes  (Christine @ Buckling Bookshelves)
Yellowstone Heart Song”  Peggy L. Henderson  (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
Anything for A Story”  Cynthia Hickey  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Mind Me, Milady”  Ann Rothman Hicks & Kenneth Hicks  (Topcho)
The Good Suicides” Antonio Hill (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The Shadows In The Street” Susan Hill (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Summer Of Dead Toys” Antonio Hill (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Murder On Bamboo Lane”  Naomi Hirahara  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
A Hangman’s Dozen”  Alfred Hitchcock, ed  (Bev@My Reader’s Block)
The Clue Of The Leather Noose”  Donald Bayne Hobart  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
In The Orchard, The Swallows”  Peter Hobbs  (Canadian Bookworm)
The Pickled Piper”  Mary Ellen Hughes  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
The Pickled Piper”  Mary Ellen Hughes  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
North Sea Cottage” Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Grace Under Pressure”  Julie Hyzy  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)



The Perception Deception”  David Icke  (Books Are Portable Magic)
Gale Warning”  Hammond Innes  (Bev@ My Reader’s Block)



Dummy Of A Ghost”  Sue Ann Jaffarian  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Ghost Of A Gamble”  Sue Ann Jaffarian  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Murder At The Museum Of Natural History”  Michael Jahn  (My Reader’s Block)
Murder Past Due”  Miranda James  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Murder Past Due”  Miranda James  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Heat And Dust”  Ruth Prawer Jhabvala  (Canadian Bookworm)
Decoded”  Mai Jia  (Bev@My Reader’s Block)
Goodnight June”  Sarah Jio  (Christine @Buckling Bookshelves)
Morning Glory”  Sarah Jio  (Canadian Bookworm)
The Cabinetmaker”  Alan Jones  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)



Dead Man’s Switch”  Tammy Kaehler  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Bloodstorm”  Amber Kallyn  (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
The Rainbow Man”  P.B. Kane  (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
The Stonehenge Letters”  Harry Karlinsky  (Canadian Bookworm)
The Kabbalist”  Yoram Katz  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
The Rose Garden”  Susanna Kearsley  (Sue B.)
Two Nancy Drew Mysteries”  Carolyn Keene  (Buckling Bookshelves)
Dark Matter”  Philip Kerr  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Material Evidence”  Bill Kirton  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Blood Between Queens”  Barbara Kyle  (Christine McIver)
The King’s Daughter”  Barbara Kyle  (Christine McIver)
The Queen’s Captive”  Barbara Kyle  (Christine McIver)
The Queen’s Gamble”  Barbara Kyle  (Christine McIver)
The Queen’s Lady”  Barbara Kyle  (Christine McIver)
Saigon Laundry”  Hughes Keenan  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Of Sea And Cloud”  John Keller  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Of Sea And Fog”  John Keller  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Final Catcall”  Sofie Kelly  (Rachelle Lerner @Rachelle 21)
The Shining”  Stephen King  (Susan Solo)
River Road”  Jayne Ann Krentz  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
The Frangipani Hotel”  Violet Kupersmith  (Canadian Bookworm)



The Hidden Child”  Camilla Lackberg  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The Cursed Cup”  Lora Lazar  (Topcho @ Bla bla bla books)
Maltipoos Are Murder”  Jacqui Lane  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Murderous Matrimony”  Joyce, Jim Lavene  (Rachelle Lerner @ Rachelle21)
The Wife, The Maid, & The Mistress”  Ariel Lawhon  (Christine @ Buckling Bookshelves)
Runner”  Patrick Lee  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Alex”  Pierre Lemaitre  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Irène”  Pierre Lemaitre  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Thistle & Thyme: Tales And Legends From Scotland”  Sorche Nic Leodhas  (Sue B)
The Golden Egg”  Donna Leon  (Canadian Bookworm)
Killing Cupid”  Laura Levine  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Murder A La Christie”  Marilyn Levinson  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
Murder In The Vatican”  Ann Margaret Lewis  (Bev@My Reader’s Block)
After I’m Gone”  Laura Lippman  (Bev@My Reader’s Block)
Sense Of Entitlement”  Anna Loan-Wilsey  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
A Tale Of Two Biddies”  Kylie Logan  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
A Tale Of Two Biddies”  Kylie Logan  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Mayhem At The Orient Express”  Kylie Logan  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)



The Lonely Silver Rain”  John D. MacDonald  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
One Fearful Yellow Eye”  John D. MacDonald  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Death Runs Adrift”  Karen MacInerney  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Crucible”  S.G. MacLean  (Margaret @ Books Please)
Prime Minister’s Secret Agent”  Susan MacNeal  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Rose Harbor In Bloom”  Debbie Macomber  (Sue B.)
Blossom Street Brides” #10  Debbie Macomber  (Sue B.)
Sorrow Bound”  David Mark  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The King’s Evil”  Edward Marston”  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
‘Til Dirt Do Us Part”  Edith Maxwell  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)

The Blackhouse”  Peter May  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Entry Island”  Peter May  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Corsican Caper”  Peter Mayle  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The Girl In The Empty Dress”  Lise McClendon  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
The Wilder Life: My Adventures In The Lost World”  Wendy McClure  (Sue B.)
Little Girl Lost”  Brian McGilloway  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The Boy In The Snow”  M.J. McGrath  (Canadian Bookworm)
The Weight Of Blood”  Laura McHugh  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Death Of A Mad Hatter”  Jenn McKinlay  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Death At The Fair”  Frances McNamara  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
The Winter People”  Jennifer McMahon  (Christine @ Buckling Bookshelves)
The Winter People”  Jennifer McMahon  (Canadian Bookworm)
Dandy Gilver & The Proper Treatment Of Bloodstains”  Catriona McPherson  (Bev)
Fast Track”  Fern Michaels  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Cover Of Snow”  Jenny Milchman  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Crossing The Line”  Frédérique Molay  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Old Dogs”  Donna Moore  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Kneading To Die”  Liz Mugavero  ( Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Spirit Dances”  C.E. Murphy  (JoAnne@LitlequeenRules)
Whispers Of Vivaldi”  Beverle Graves Myers  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)



Murder At Cold Creek College”  Christa Nardi  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)
The Wives Of Los Alamos”  Tarashea Nesbit  (Canadian Bookworm)
Everything I Never Told You”  Celeste Ng  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)



The Reluctant Detective”  Martha Ockley  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Witch Door”  Elisabeth Ogilvie  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
No Stranger To Death”  Janet O’Kane  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Death Walks On Cat Feet”  D. B. Olsen  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)



Up On The Roof”  P.K. Page  (Canadian Bookworm)
Natural Causes”  Michael Palmer  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
The Man With The Lead Stomach”  Jean-François Parot  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
The Phantom Of Rue Royale”  Jean-François Parot  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Gluten For Punishment”  Nancy J. Parra  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Unlucky 13”  James Patterson, Maxine Paetro  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Aoife’s Chariot”  Katherine Pathak  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
The Wind Is Not A River”  Brian Payton  (Canadian Bookworm)
Crime In The Community” Cecilia Peartree (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Sand Castle”  Frederik Peeters  (Canadian Bookworm)
A Fatal Grace”  Louise Penny  (Know-it-not-so-much)
The Beautiful Mystery”  Louise Penny  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Bury Your Dead”  Louise Penny  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Death Of A Crabby Cook”  Penny Pike  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)



Ellery Queen’s 20th Anniversary Annual”  Ellery Queen, ed  (Bev)
All Things Murder”  Jeanne Quigley  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)



The Witch & The Gentleman”  J.R. Rain  (Susan Solo)
A Question Of Blood”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Black And Blue”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
The Black Book”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
The Complaints”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Dead Souls”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Death Is Not The End”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Exit Music”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
The Falls”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Fleshmarket Close”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
The Hanging Garden”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Hide And Seek”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Impossible Dead”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Knots And Crosses”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Let It Bleed”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Mortal Causes”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
The Naming Of The Dead”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Resurrection Men”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Saints Of The Shadow Bible”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Set In Darkness”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Standing In Another Man’s Grave”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Strip Jack”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
Tooth And Nail”  Ian Rankin  (Christine McIver)
The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies Of The Apocalypse”  Robert Rankin  (Bev)
Sacred Gold – Rocky Meadow III”  Linda Rawlins  (Idaho Bluebird)
Put On By Cunning”  Ruth Rendell  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Collector”  Nora Roberts  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Glory In Death”  J.D. Robb  (Angels Are Kids / Furkids)
You Can Write A Mystery”  Gillian Roberts  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Moriarty Returns A Letter”  Michael Robertson  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
A Dedicated Man”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
A Necessary Man”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Aftermath”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
All The Colours Of Darkness”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Bad Boy”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Blood At The Root”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Children Of The Revolution”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Close To Home”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Cold Is The Grave”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Dry Bones That Dream”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Friend Of The Devil”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Gallows View”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
The Hanging Valley”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
In A Dry Season”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Innocent Graves”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Past Reason Hated”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Playing With Fire”  Peter Robinson  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Playing With Fire”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Piece Of My Heart”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Strange Affair”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Watching The Dark”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Wednesday’s Child”  Peter Robinson  (Christine McIver)
Made Up To Kill”  Kelley Roos  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Naked Is The Best Disguise”  Samuel Rosenberg  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Clammed Up”  Barbara Ross  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Boiled Over”  Barbara Ross  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
Divergent”  Veronica Roth  (Angels Are Kids / Furkids)
The Interpretation Of Murder”  Jed Rubenfeld  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Coast To Coast Ghosts:  True Stories Of Hauntings”  Leslie Rule  (Susan Solo)



An Inquiry Into Love And Death”  Simone St. James  (Canadian Bookworm)
Arms Of Nemesis”  Steven Saylor  (Christine McIver)
Catilina’s Riddle”  Steven Saylor  (Christine McIver)
Dream Of The Dead”  M. G. Scarsbrook  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
A Conspiracy Of Alchemists”  Liesel Schwarz  (Canadian Bookworm)
The Low Road”  A.D. Scott  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Unraveled”  Maggie Sefton  (Susan Solo)
Ghana Must Go”  Taiye Selasi  (Canadian Bookworm)
Where’d You Go Bernadette”  Maria Semple  (Buckling Bookshelves)
“Bellman & Black”  Diane Setterfield  (Sue B.)
Blue Twilight”  Maggie Shayne  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
The Poisoned Island”  Lloyd Shepherd  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
The Heiresses”  Sara Shepard  (Buckling Bookshelves)
Killer”  Sara Shepard  (Know-it-not-so-much)
Black And Blue”  Gena Showalter  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
The Rosie Projeck”  Graham Simision  (Buckling Bookshelves)
The Story Of Beautiful Girl”  Rachel Simon  (Canadian Bookworm)
Under Shifting Glass”  Nicky Singer  (Christine @ Buckling Bookshelves)
The Blue Fox”  Sjon  (Canadian Bookworm)
The Secret Of The Orange Cat”  Z.K. Slaby  (Topcho)
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore”  Robin Sloan  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Brown House”  Christy Sloat  (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
Crimson Key”  Christy Sloat  (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
Lost Chronicles Of Sherlock Holmes”  Denis O. Smith  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Death Under Sail”  C. P. Snow  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
The Riverman”  Aaron Starmer  (Buckling Bookshelves)
The Unquiet Bones”  Mel Starr  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
The Day Of First Sun”  Sheryl Steines  (Angels Are Kids / Furkids)
The Cairo Affair”  Olen Steinhauer  (Canadian Bookworm)
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde”  Robert Louis Stevenson  (Buckling Bookshelves)
Gambit”  Rex Stout  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
The League Of Frightened Men”  Rex Stout  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
The Lost Army Of Cambyses”  Paul Sussman  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)



White Aura”  Felicia Tatum  (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
The Office Of The Dead”  Andrew Taylor  (Margaret @ BooksPlease)
Dead In The Water” Aline Templeton (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Lamb To The Slaughter”  Aline Templeton  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
Lying Dead”  Aline Templeton  (Amy @ A Bookish Girl)
The Man In The Queue”  Josephine Tey  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Thousand Dollar Tan Line”  Rob Thomas, Jenn Graham  (Mark @ Carstairs Considers)
To Kingdom Come”  Will Thomas  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
The Cat And The Black Daffodil”  Al Toro  (Topcho)
Tut, Tut!  Mr. Tutt”  Arthur Train  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Stolen Remains”  Christine Trent  (Peggy Ann’s Post)
Three Times Lucky”  Sheila Turnage  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)






The Tulip Eaters”  Antoinette Van Heugten  (Canadian Bookworm)
Baudelaire’s Revenge”  Bob Van Laerhoven  (Emma @ Words And Peace)
Bed Of Nails”  Antonin Varenne  (Emma @ Words And Peace)



Fatal Instinct”  Robert W. Walker  (Christine McIver)
Killer Instinct”  Robert W. Walker  (Christine McIver)
What Are Ghosts”  Tony Walker  (Susan Solo)
Dorothy Dixon And The Double Cousin”  Dorothy Wayne  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)
Truly, Madly”  Heather Webber  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Hunter’s Green”  Phyllis A. Whitney  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
A Matter Of Trust”  Lis Wiehl  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Saving Allegheny Green”  Lori Wilde  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Innocent In Las Vegas”  A.R. Winters  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
The Secret Of The Old Clock”  Mildred A. Wirt  ( Susan P. @ Bookjourney1973)
Doing Hard Time”  Stuart Woods  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)
Unintended Consequences”  Stuart Woods  (JoAnne @ LitlequeenRules)



Enigma Of China”  Qiu Xiaolong  (Laura @ Mystery Bookshelf)



Dyed And Gone”  Beth Yarnall  (Yvonne @ Socrates’ Book Reviews)



 “The Lady Of Sorrows”  Anne Zouroudi  (Bev @ My Reader’s Block)


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