My Kind Of Mystery 2017!



Welcome back, for MY KIND OF MYSTERY 2017, you dears who have made this hang-out your own!  If you are new, I am excited and welcome you to my fold!  This is a place to bring everything related to mystery;  not only novels and true depictions but these authors’ other work, photo books based on covers, writer’s guides, and books about the mystery-makers themselves.  If you find literature that is related to mystery, even for children, it has a home here.

If you don’t mind it being for fun, we are resuming our riddle-solving!  If there are donations or finances rise, I would enjoy giving out gifts but I think reassurance that this will be a fulfilling year of creativity, discovery, and camaraderie is top priority.  There will for certain be a year-end prize.  One draw will represent all RIEDEL challenges at the very least but if membership bursts, we could justify four draws.

I love to explain how the ideas for my groups came to me and as a writer, believe I find a better way to do it each time.  This is year number four!  Like many of you, any general fiction I read must be spectacular because normally, a story that is not shaped as a mystery feels like something is missing!  I am happy that adult ghost fiction growing, which is my absolute favourite literature, especially as mysteries but what I love best in this genre itself remains inexplicably rare.  Authors have not clued in that kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy investigations that were not fashioned by a crime.  So much more creative, are mysteries that derive from something purely mysterious!
That is My Kind Of Mystery!  What is yours?


~ JOIN US! ~
(1)  Please create a MY KIND OF MYSTERY post or page (all of my groups may be combined) and e-mail me with that URL

(2)  Name the groups you are joining and where you are.  It is fun to acquaint our peers.

(3)  Watch for discussion topics and activities across all of my themes, or for ours, like riddles!  Participate as much as you like and have fun!  E-mail me by December if you would like to be in the year-end prize draw.  There is a way to earn an extra entry….

(4)  How do you like our new mystery logo?  These all come from a book I choose with deliberation because it should be something I have read, someone I admire, or something in my queue.  You have until December to guess the author, novel, and release year and I will add hints along the way!  Here is your first clue:  this is a Canadian author I have read before, whom I recently found out passed away, the year a lot of big authors did.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


I gladly answer questions here or by e-mail:  RIEDELFascination(at)Gmail(dot)com.  Goodreads takes several screens to arrive at messages and it is hard to get comments onto Blogspot.  I enjoy tracking peers as “friends” but please contact me by e-mail or here;  not Goodreads messages.  I am on dial-up internet.


(1)  There is a review page at the ready all year, which is alphabetized,  Please follow the entry format and everyone can easily browse authors.  There are usually members reading the same books every year.

(2)  If you aren’t a review-writer:  wait until you finish a few titles and list them in the comment box of any MY KIND OF MYSTERY webpage.  If you read only about a book a month, by all means update us one by one.

(3)  An alternative is directing us to a write-up you do your own way;  at any MY KIND OF MYSTERY comment box.  All that matters is that you are compelled to stay in touch.


I run February 1 to January 31.  As a big reader, I can’t think of final reviews before January.  I encourage hosts to shift one month, that makes a helpful change.  You are welcome to use January to December, knowing you don’t need to close my groups yet.  Enjoy Christmas.

People survey challenges in December, so a post for my later groups is important and a Twitter shout-out, if you can.  I only use WordPress and Goodreads.  A great boost is to please alert folks you notice reading stuff that fits, or doing similar challenges.  There are many readers who could be stampeding this way.  Let’s help them find us.

Goodreads is handy.  A group for all challenge news is GENTLE SPECTRUMS and to chat too.  As long as we are amiable, topics are limitless.  Pet pictures, birthdays, lending a shoulder for hard times, books….  you are my community.


By December 2017, simply e-mail me to be in our year-end prize draw!
I don’t declare “Canada only”:  the nice array of gifts is for all!  Electronic donations are great but I value options for adult and physical book-readers like me.  I remember wincing about “young adult” fare.  If you don’t fancy what’s on my second-hand book list, there are neat other things:  postcards, my photo prints and greeting cards, CDs, plant seeds!

If there were fewer than 10 per group, I would hold one year-end draw.  If membership and our finances surge, I’ll try going back to a draw for each.  I could approach publishers with a 20+ person following.  There is a prize from me at least.  :)  People interested in supplying swag:  please do e-mail me.  RIEDELFascination(at)Gmail(dot)com.


I always answer.  It’s disappointing if hosts don’t visit posts and show enthusiasm for comments.  I am a writer who loves knowing I have reached people.  Every member of my groups is treated like gold.  Our review page is set year-round, however I strive for stronger contact.  My four great themes:  CELTIC COASTS, ETHEREAL, MY KIND OF MYSTERY, GENTLE SPECTRUMS assure there is something to write about every month or so.

I will e-mail you about related posts so that there aren’t riddles, great topics, photo opportunities….  that only two people notice.  This is all there is to it!  :)  Join, keep reviews and comment boxes humming, and chat about my articles.  Make yourselves at home!  Sincerely, Carolyn.




6 Responses to My Kind Of Mystery 2017!

    • Happy to see you, Bev! I put up one of my posts for you and have a draft page seeing what I can work out for others. If you got a chance to put a link in the wrap-up page, I’ll be sure to read it along with your new entry!

  1. Hi Carolyn! Thanks for the invite. I’m not 100% sure how to participate ~ perhaps you can straighten me out… I love mysteries ~ both to read and to write. Look forward to seeing your recommendations.
    Best regards,

    • Welcome Cynthia! Do you have a blog? If you do, please make me a post, with a link for others to find the Mother page, like this one. Then e-mail that link, or comment it at any page of the groups you are joining. If you don’t have a blog, simply e-mail or comment with the URL of your Goodreads profile and name the groups you are joining. :)

      Throughout the year keep visiting the accompanying review page of each group you’re in. If you write reviews, add each URL (from Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you review) into the linky buttons by author. If you don’t review, save up a list of finished books then type them into the comment box occasionally.

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