Gentle Spectrums 2019!


I have run it since 2014 and am happy you found it!  I created it after enjoying title games and finding parameters too narrow.  I love a scavenger hunt through my shelves but they need to first and foremost fit my reading;  never restrict it.  I was most dissatisfied with colour challenges:  I could only read one title containing an orange hue, in a year?  The thrill of themes is to see how many of our books match.

Six years ago, Gentle Spectrums solved that problem:  by being the first group to invite repeated colours!  This remains the only place to mix that, with an easy-to-fill range of broad headings.  I blended my favourite traits, in an inclusive way.  As always in my groups, there is no such thing as not finishing.  This is the place to contribute whatever you find, with a prize draw at the end, simply for joining.



  ~  DETAILS  ~

(1)  Joining, via the linky button below and advertizing us, is the sole qualifier.  Please make a page / post linking to this home base.  Tracking your challenges in one place is fine, if we are promoted in some way.  If you do not have a blog, please provide a public URL (not facebook).  A Goodreads shelf would do.  I am an active member, with an optional companion group.

(2)  Participation is as relaxed or active as you like.  Revisit the accompanying review page to share the books you read.  I set no quota.  Let’s see how it turns out!  If you write reviews:  use the alphabetized buttons.  If you do not review:  save a bit of a list and type those titles, or your URL, into the comment box.  You need not pop in a book at a time, unless your pace is a modest quantity per year.

(3)  Watch for activities and conversations at my blog and contribute whenever the mood strikes.  The more members we have, the more I can offer fun games and festivities!  However, if all you do is work away in our review buttons or comment box, that is all right.

Sometime in the year, before December:  please tell me if you would like to be in my year-end prize draw.  Since membership is the only criteria for eligibility, I like to draw and mail the treats the first week of December, to avoid raised postage rates each new year.  This and any questions that occur to you, may be by comment or e-mail:  RIEDELFascination(at)Gmail(dot)com.

(4)  No matter when you join, count all relevant books from January to December 2019.
We run from FEBRUARY 1, 2019 to JANUARY 31, 2020!

We like seeing how many books we finish right up to December 31.  We don’t have time to review and update websites on New Year’s Eve;  nor do we want to be rushed at Christmas.  It makes far better sense to catch-up in January, when we have breathing room.  I keep my review buttons open a few months.
~ ~ ~ ~


I hope the many people who read a vast spectrum of Gentle Spectrums literature, join me this 2019 and tell others about us!

JOIN!  ~

~ ~ ~ ~




Since they may repeat, please choose actual colours;  i.e. not “cinnamon” or “midnight”.  Include:  colourful, colour, bright, light, iridescent, iridescence, dark, shade, hue, spectrum, rainbow, prism.

Books by or about Canadians / Canada and closely-associated attributes.  Books set here work great.

A new one!
Choose titles that mention continents, any books in or from continents other than yours, atlases, geography other than your continent.

A new one!
We needn’t stop at clothing.  Include titles containing words that go with fashion or home decor and books about these things as well!

A new one!
We could call all literature informative.  Look for words associated with education.  Or they can be instructional, whatever their titles:  manuals, school readers….

A new one:  with our kitty in mind, whom we pray is returned home to us this year!
Titles or prominent contents:  it is up to you.

I always include birds, fish, and insects.  In the title, or books prominently about them.

A new one!
Title associations, or books prominently featuring natural environments.

Fine arts, photography, music, film-making, poetry.  Key words in titles, or books about these.

A new one!
One could call nearly anything a hobby.  Let’s make these well-established toys or hobbies, in title or content.

A new one!
Happy feelings, drink, food, exercise, medicine, energy:  you decide!
~ ~ ~ ~


It is my pleasure to visit everyone’s participation URLs.  I can’t get through standard Blogspot comment boxes, if you use a captcha.  Commenting at my blog is best.  You can count on me to reply.

* headquarters page will be made soon.


11 Responses to Gentle Spectrums 2019!

  1. Hi, C! I’m looking forward to the mystery challenge and intend to join the Celtic challenge, as well. In the meantime, if you’re interested, I’d love to send you an arc of my new cozy mystery, first in series. Not gentle! But fun. If you’re already loaded down with books to read, not prob. And of course if you want to see it and decide not to review, that’s not a problem, either.

    Again, looking forward to this. I wasn’t sure what exactly fit into this category, or rather, whether I have read any. But I see from your list that I have! I also see some that I have on my TBR list already. Looking forward to it!


    • Hi Patricia! If you look at the comment box for “My Kind Of Mystery”, I replied to you there the same day you posed questions. You did sign-in with Twitter instead of an e-mail address. I am happy to switch that when I know what it is. And your sign-up entries for each group / challenge page need to be a page or post for them. I will remove the general blog page as soon as you have a “My Kind Of Mystery” and “Celtic Coasts” page!

      All of my groups are about adding ALL content that fits (all mystery-related books, all Celtic-related, all Ethereal-related). I merely wrote that I created my groups, to include everything in their themes, because my favourites were not covered. I prefer non-crime mystery but this group is for all mystery you read. I prefer spirits but if you are into supernatural ghouls, all mystical things count.

      Gentle Spectrums is a group that differs from the others by being a word and subject game. A title might match “music” and major contents might match “music”. But any genre can fit the criteria and I keep the headings really broad. Patricia, I would love to read your novel but am seldom asked by authors because I am a print girl. I am guessing there is no physical copy to mail to Canada. I don’t own a Kindle; only have a free app to sit at my desk for short things. You certainly have my interest and support.

      • Okay, I missed your reply and will go back and find it so I can correct it! As for the print book, I’d be happy to send you an ARC if I have your address. You can send it to me at patriciaburroughs at mac dot come!

      • I don’t know if “Gentle Spectrums” catches your fancy or if you happened to write here. The title refers to the spectrum of colours one category staple comprises and conveys images of beautiful nature. The words to focus on in this relaxed game are not the title. :)

  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much for hosting this challenge! :) I joined the My Kind of Mysteries and Gentle Spectrums last night. They look like fun!:) I created a spreadsheet for all my reading challenges. Thanks for the tip!:)

    • Hi Christina! You aren’t in the “Gentle Spectrums” sign-up button yet, where I am happy you intend to sign-up too. I visited your blog and thank you for including 2/4 of my groups as your 6th and 7th, which you choose sparingly!

  3. Christina says:

    Hi, I have read a bunch of books, and I just want to make sure I understand the categories correctly. These questions all relate to Gentle Spectrums.
    1) Can all the books be fictional?
    2) I would consider a library in the title fitting in with the EDUCATIONAL category. Is this ok? 3) HEALTHFULNESS- you mention food. Would pie, cake, candy work? They are food, but not healthy.
    4) HOPE & Triumph- are you talking about books that have this in their titles or books dealing with hope?
    5) CONTINENTS- I am currently reading a fictional book set in Africa. The book describes that environment, climate, and animals. It is not mentioned in the title. Can I use this book for this CONTINENTS? NATURAL ENVIRONMENT?
    6) Is quilting part of the category?
    I look forward to your response.

    • Yes to everything, as I replied at Goodreads.
      Quilting should go with “Fashion / Home Decor” or “Hobbies” but any book can fulfill “Education” if it is an instruction book. I am glad WordPress is working today, for the first time in two weeks, to enable me to say hello here! I have to go out for the afternoon but if it continues to work, look forward to catching-up on a lot here at my blog.

  4. Here is the answer to my question copy & Pasted from GoodReads. RIEDEL Fascination wants to let you know that her WordPress is malfunctioning right now. She is very excited about being your hostess, and she would love to hear from you. Right now, You can reach her by Goodreads comment box, or Gmail. She is feverishly trying to get this matter resolved. Thank you for your patience. :)

    The answer is “yes” to nearly all your questions. Our “Hope And Triumph” category is nearest to my heart, with Ron & I still faithfully awaiting the return or assisted return of our missing cat, two years now this summer. He does have a tattoo! Books ABOUT hope and triumph mean everything to us at this time, truly.

    My #1 motto is that I am not picky and that this be fun and easy, while being creative. But I believe quilting best fits “Fashion / Home Decor” and “Hobbies”. To every other query is a “yes”.

    “Healthfulness” was meant to be a wider category than the “Food” category I made previously. Were we technical, we could say that tasty and fun foods put us in high spirits, which is healthy too. Yours warmly, Carolyn.

  5. Hi, Thank you for hosting this challenge. It was fun! :) Here is the link to my completed challenge.

    • Congratulations and thank you for the smile that your happy feedback brings! That is music to my ears, when a weird technical issue prevented me from posting the number of updates and activities I wanted to. Maybe that’s why folks forgot about e-mailing to be in the year-end prize draw.

      I am surprised you do not seem to know about the review page. If you toggle each challenge menu at the top of the blog, or use the links within any page: there are buttons for all of your reviews. Reviews are voluntary but the last button is for your closing link. Please add it there.

      I am happy to get to know you, the days (or late night!) WordPress opens and at Goodreads. I might see if anyone wants in on the year-end draw if I have time. My Mom is in the hospital over Christmas but we will bring our love and cheer to her. Merry Christmas to you and God bless! Your new friend, Carolyn.

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