RIEDEL Challenges 2015

I am excited to re-open my groups, which premiered this year!  Blog subscription, or e-mail notification are wise because there are regular events!  It is worth coming back to look.

Here is an easy place to find our pages, pose questions, say hello.  Like a bulletin board, I’ll tack any information or links added to my individual pages, here.

Everyone who joins a group and links one review, is eligible for our year end prize draw.


Click my logo to see “Ethereal“!
Ethereal 2015

 Any hint of the spiritual, mystical, animal sentience, paranormal, witches, new age, fantasy,
novels featuring clergy, the power of nature…

Ethereal Reviews 2015!


With your original choice of paperbacks, plant seeds, or photo prints;  a very special prize has been donated by our own member, Hazelee!  The grand prize winner in February 2016….  will also get to choose a numerology or tarot reading from her!  Thank you, profoundly!


Click my logo to see “Gentle Spectrums“!
Gentle Spectrums 2015

 My two title-matching games;  books of any genre.  (A)  10 easy subjects
(B)  For the first time anywhere;  CHOOSE A COLOUR LEVEL!

Gentle Spectrums Reviews 2015!


Click my logo to see “My Kind Of Mystery“!
My Kind Of Mystery 2015

 Anything related to mystery, not solely fictional stories.  Include author biographies, their writing tips, and any books that you see fit!

Mystery Reviews 2015!


10 Responses to RIEDEL Challenges 2015

  1. thebookdate says:

    Hi, getting back to you Carolyn about the Amazon.ca I am not sure how the gift vouchers work across Amazon stores. I live in New Zealand but belong to the USA Amazon store and have had no experience of buying across from one Amazon store to the other. Do you know if it can be done? I could email and ask them. Other than that you could use the Book Depository option if you won. Just answer me here, I will tick the box so as I get an email back when you comment here.

    • Hi! You order a gift certificate the same way, except you use the “.ca” Canadian page instead of “.com”; that’s all! No difference to you but a huge difference to us. Can’t use an American voucher at the Canadian warehouse, so we’d lose most of your gift in unnecessary cross-border postage. Type Amazon.ca and see for yourself; same process. :) If we’re cool, I think you have two themes I’m keen on joining!

  2. KerrieS says:

    Hello Carolyn. Global Reading Challenge 2015 is here: http://globalreadingchallenge2015.blogspot.com.au/

    • I’ll be there with pleasure. If all groups didn’t end Dec 31 (mine go February to February), I would have that last book done and ace it. I’m glad I have next year to do just that! I love your theme and would be thrilled if you find your books fitting mine. :)

  3. abookdragon says:

    All the links should work now and the verification is suppose to be off now. Signs up are here. LEt me know how it goes.

    Gina, a book dragon
    at Book Dragon’s Lair

  4. astrid.lim says:

    Hi Carolyn, I can’t find the review page for gentle spectrum.. did i miss it somewhere? grateful for any direction :) Thanks!

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