Gentle Spectrums 2015!

Gentle Spectrums 2015


I love matching books to creative themes;  like a scavenger hunt at home!  Some challenges particularly this year have such finely-tuned criteria;  what we can include is narrow.  I thought about the kind of mixing & matching I would enjoy and last year, created “Gentle Spectrums”.
I forever appreciate the first members of my trio:  “Gentle Spectrums”, “My Kind Of Mystery,
and Ethereal.  You have my thanks.

I present broad themes, so a great deal more titles fit.  It is also important to me that if we surpass a minimum quantity, those have somewhere to go.  For our grande finale, a point system rewards everyone who keeps on reading & reviewing.  From the moment you sign-up, all Gentle Spectrums prize activities from February 2015 to February 2016, are for you!  RIEDEL Fascination prizes are for all members internationally.  It’s especially nice that your matieral for my categories may belong to any genre under the sun.


I think of you as guests in my parlour.  If you are keen on (A) or (B):  here we go!  :)  If you decide on both;  your first sign-up suffices.  Surprise me with a comment that you’re doing more.  Since my games are separate:  if a book fits them both, go ahead and use it dually!


If you blog, please give my reading challenge a post, with no more than 3 others on it.  I can’t load bogged-down webpages.  I also appreciate that your post gives our group visibility.  Input it into the linky near the bottom of this page.

If you aren’t a blogger:  use any publicly-viewable forum (not ‘facebook’) that lets you make lists and write.  Give our URL, tell people why you’re joining, and type in your progress.  Alternatively, use the URL of your Goodreads profile page for the linky further below, or contact me with any questions.


A sentence or two to explain your star rating is ample.  I complile all of them in my blog’s top menu.  Your reviews will be there for future browsers;  no efforts wasted when our year concludes.  I review at Amazon, Goodreads, and Book Depository.  Gentle Spectrums Reviews 2015!





I keep finding colour titles.  I wished to read whatever I liked;  not hold back for a year, because a colour got used.  Ask and ye shall receive!  For the first time in any circle:  choose a colour level!  Accepted now:  Colourful, colour, bright, light, iridescent, iridescence, dark, shade, hue, spectrum, rainbow, prism.

Limitless Pallet Levels



**** (B)  GENTLE SUBJECTS ****

We are going to revisit some favoured subjects and new ones I created!  Broad and easy to fulfill.  Please complete 1 each, of these 10 subjects.  Keep on adding anything that fits for extra points.


~ (1)  STONES  ~
Variations of the word, gems, jewellery, ruins, geological formations.
(“The Hidden Mountain”)

~  (2)  CHEERFUL  ~
Uplifting, positive messages;  conveys pleasant thoughts, images.
(“The Five People You Meet In Heaven”)

~  (3)  NATIONS  ~
Cultures, locations:  lakes, towns, even well-known places;  fictional included.
(“Made In Canada”)

~  (4)  PLANTS  ~
Trees, flowers, lawns, fields, grasses, grains, and gardening paraphernalia.
(“Night Gardening”)

~  (5)  WATER  ~
Water bodies, proper names, closely-connected components:  taps, sinks, pools.
(“The Lake Of Dead Languages”) 

~  (6)  SPACE  ~
The sky, its contents, spatial matter, concepts, tools.  Star Trek / Star Wars-related.
(“Clouds Of Witness”)

~  (7)  DAUNTING  ~
Any title that has you thinking:  “Oooo!  That does not sound good”!
(“If Two Are Dead”)

~  (8)  STRUCTURES  ~
A building, its rooms, proper names, any of a structure’s parts.
(“The Palace Guard”)

~  (9)  TIME  ~
Any signifiers of time, like seasons.  Any unit-measurers, like watches and calendars.
(“Night Travellers”)

~  (10 HUMOROUS  ~
Odd, or anything that gives you a grin.  I’ll accept a ‘pun laid on too thick’ grimace too!
(“The Dragon And The Dry Goods Princess”).



Questions?  Ready to roll?  The game is on:  February 1st, 2015 – February 1st, 2016!

Name @ Your Blog + (Which Game & Level)


Gentle Spectrums Reviews 2015!
*  Try all of my groups!  *




I appreciate that you are here.  I encourage mild readers, while letting heavy readers stretch.
I devised a way for prize qualification to be easy – and – reward extra effort.

1 token ~ Link 1 review, A or B.  Both = 2.
1 token ~ You finished your colour level.
1 token ~ Did each of the gentle subjects.
1 token ~ Every additional colour level.
1 token ~ Each additional 5 colours past 30.
1 token ~ Each 5 repetitions of any subjects.


Festivities are voluntary but only possible when people play.  Cheer us on with comments!  When you join, please either subscribe to ‘RIEDEL Fascination’, or tell me you’d like an e-mail when there is an activity.  AlyshaeB(at)hotmail(dot)com.  No more wondering if everyone is interested and got the info.

The Goodreads companion group, to facilitate picture activities and sharing, is here.
Gentle Spectrums Group


My review pages are open year-round, organized by author or theme but a monthly recap together is nice.  When each post is made, the links below will be filled in.  I wish us all a joyous 2015!
Merry Christmas to one and all, from central Canada!  Yours warmly, Carolyn.



Gentle Spectrums – April 2
Your home in winter.

Gentle Spectrums – May 2
Gardens where you live:  what do they look like?  (Part I)

Gentle Spectrums – June 2
Gentle Spectrums – July 2
Gardens where you live:  what do they look like?  (Part II)

Gentle Spectrums – August 2
Gentle Spectrums – September 2
Gentle Spectrums – October 2
Gentle Spectrums – November 2
Gentle Spectrums – December 2
Gentle Spectrums – January 2

*  A review page will be up after Christmas.  Come back and check.  :)


21 Responses to Gentle Spectrums 2015!

  1. kentuckygal50 says:

    This seems a really, really creative challenge. Count me in! :O)

    • Hello you! I recall you took a look last year but wondered if you were seeing a one month read-a-thon, when I went Feb 1/14 to Feb 28/15. I find a year brief enough for all I wish to read! I’d love to have you.

  2. I’m going to do both again this year! Last year I didn’t do so well with this one, or really any of mine, lots of life changes, but this year life should be pretty settled I hope! I’m looking forward to seeing what other people read!

    • You may have caught the news that my young cat died a few months ago, for no reason and whom I regard as my child (all 7 of them). I’m sorry for whatever you faced, Cassandra. Please remember our groups conclude in February, because I think rushing reviews at Christmas time is ludicrous. So you might still finish reading & linking what you wanted; for me anyway! **HUG**

      • I have my new post up for this challenge HERE. I’m very sorry about the loss of your cat. :( I moved several states away in the middle of the year, and I had to find homes for my 2 which was incredibly hard to do. I know how special they are. I hope you have a wonderful year.

  3. tizzypotts says:

    This sounds like a really fun challenge. Here’s my sign up post:

    Looking forward to starting in February!

    • I’m so glad you found me! Add that URL and name / blog into the linky sign-up button, unless you need my help of course and let me know if you’d rather subscribe or get an e-mail when prize activities are on. Welcome!

      • tizzypotts says:

        Ah, I didn’t see the linky but I’ve signed up now. I’d rather get an email about the activities please. Thanks.

      • You will have it! I’ve removed the e-address from the comment in case you would prefer privacy. :) I’ve also sent a friend request to Goodreads. It’ll be such fun to start, with new guests like you, Anstice!

  4. I want to thank you for joining The In the Middle Challenge this year and surpassing your goal. Unfortunately I’m not able to offer a prize for the challenge this year. You just get the joy of participating. This challenge looks interesting. I already joined the monthly keyword challenge for 2015 and I have trouble completing that challenge. I think I will watch from the sidelines this year and I will think about joining in 2016.

    • Thank you Rachel! A fun time is good enough for me. For “Gentle Spectrums”, you only need to do the colour part you know. If you are already doing another one like it, use the same books – except in mine, you can repeat any colours! That’s why I thought you might fit it in. No hurry. :)

  5. astrid.lim says:

    Hi Carolyn! Thanks for joining Lucky No.14 last year. I missed a chance to do yours last year but I plan to join for 2015. Wish me luck! I’ll write a master post soon :)

  6. geraniumcat says:

    Hi Carolyn, I’ve just signed up. I’ll try to do a blog post at the weekend, but I may do most of my reviewing at Goodreads, with an occasional sum-up of progress on the blog, as I don’t have a lot of time. It looks a great challenge, though.

    • Hello! Are you speaking of time to link reviews, or where you compose them? You might see I use Amazon Canada for reviews, then keep those links in a menu for all to browse at the top of this blog. It doesn’t matter from whence they come. :) Link me those Goodreads URLs from time to time, when our review pages are up and know they are all kept in a guest menu! If it’s linking at the review page that you’d rather skip; just drop off text titles as a comment when you have a bunch. I’m pleased to have you either way and thrilled indeed to see you subscribed!

  7. jamie says:

    Hi, I’m going to do both of these. Going to try to get the first level on Part A.

  8. jamie says:

    Hi, I’ve completed all 10 categories on Part B. Here is what I’ve read:

    • That’s fast, Jamie! I’ve done a lot of reading but am only today making my way through oodles of reviews. If you wrote reviews, I believe you know about our page for logging them: use the menu atop this blog, or links within this post, above. I can’t wait to see your list! Activities, discussions, contests haven’t begun yet but will soon. You won’t miss any because you’re subscribed. :)

      You must also know that if you find that more of your reading matches any colours or subjects, keep adding them to their categories! There are points for extra titles, for the year end prize draw. Good work!

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