I have run it since 2016 and am happy you found it.  It is the perfect name for the only group to cover all three Celtic countries!  Whatever genre your passion might be;  if you are reading an author born or residing in Celtic country, if your literature takes place among these countries, or is connected to them:  this group is for you.

I created Celtic Coasts, after the Irish group retired that I enjoyed.  Ireland is part of my heritage, as is Scotland;  the latter of which I had the thrill of seeing in 2009.  A variety of hosts renewed the Scottish theme but there was no group for Wales.  Whether you join a few groups and sum them here as your home base, or if like me, you prefer a place to mix and match these three cultures leisurely:  I am very proud to provide Celtic Coasts, as a unique and special forum.


(1)  Joining, via the button below and advertizing us, is the sole qualifier.  If you blog, please make a page or post linking to this home base.  Tracking your challenges in one place is fine, if we are promoted in some way.  If you do not have a blog, provide some kind of public URL (not facebook).  A Goodreads shelf would do.  I am an active member, with an optional companion group.

(2)  Participation is as relaxed or active as you like.  Revisit the accompanying review page all year to share the books you read.  I do not feel it makes sense to decree how many those should be.  Stay for the year and let’s see how it turns out!  If you write reviews:  use the alphabetized buttons.  If you do not review:  save a bit of a list and type those titles, or your URL, into the comment box.  You need not pop in a book at a time, unless your pace is a modest quantity per year.

(3)  Watch for activities and conversations at my blog and contribute to them whenever the mood strikes you.  The more members we have, the more I can offer fun games and festivities!  However, if all you do is work away in our review buttons or comment box, that is all right.

Sometime in the year, before December:  please tell me if you would like to be in my year-end prize draw.  Since membership is the only criteria for eligibility, I like to draw and mail the treats the first week of December, to avoid raised postage rates each new year.  This and any questions that occur to you, may be by comment or e-mail:  RIEDELFascination(at)Gmail(dot)com.

(4)  No matter when you join, count all relevant books from January to December 2019.
We run from FEBRUARY 1, 2019 to JANUARY 31, 2020!

We like seeing how many books we finish right up to December 31.  We don’t have time to review and update websites on New Year’s Eve;  nor do we want to rush at Christmas.  It makes far better sense to catch-up in January, when we have breathing room.  I keep my review buttons open a few months.
~ ~ ~ ~

~ JOIN! ~

I hope the many people who read a vast spectrum of Celtic Coasts literature, join me this 2019 and tell others about us!

~ ~ ~ ~


It is my pleasure to visit everyone’s participation URLs.  I can’t get through standard Blogspot comment boxes, if you use a captcha.  It may be our slow rural internet.  Commenting at my blog is best, if you don’t use WordPress.  You can count on me to reply.


* headquarters page will be made soon.


1 Response to CELTIC COASTS 2019

  1. Christina says:

    Hi All, RIEDEL Fascination wants to let you know that her WordPress is malfunctioning right now. She is very excited about being your hostess, and she would love to hear from you. Right now, You can reach her by Goodreads comment box, or Gmail. She is feverishly trying to get this matter resolved. Thank you for your patience. :)

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