Gentle Spectrums Reviews

Our format:  titles in quotation marks, followed by authors (no “by”), and your name or blog name in brackets.  If you need to abbreviate, keep authors’ names.  It is easier to figure out who you are, than to look authors up on slow internet.

Our buttons categorize last names.  With triple names, let’s use the last hyphenated name.  Augusta Huiell Seaman belongs with S.  Mary Downing Hahn belongs with H.  If entries need to be corrected, please don’t be shy about asking me.  Let’s keep comment boxes humming with happy chatting!

Sorting by authors makes reviews easy to browse and spotting who has read the same.  Thank you for your Gentle Spectrums material!
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“Book Title” + Author Name + (Name / Blog)
“The Burnt Orange Sunrise”  David Handler  (Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination)


Include:  colourful, colour, bright, light, iridescent, iridescence,
dark, shade, hue, spectrum, rainbow, prism.


(2)  CANADIAN ~ Books by, about, or in Canada / Canadians!


(3CONTINENTS ~ Titles or books about continents, atlases, geography;
books from, or in continents besides yours


Titles that go with fashion or home decor, books about these things!


(5EDUCATIONAL ~ Words associated with education,
instructional books: manuals, readers


With our kitty, Conan, in mind, whom we pray is home this year!
Titles or books prominently denoting hope and triumph!


2 Responses to Gentle Spectrums Reviews

  1. Sheri says:

    Okay, I posted a review here to try it out… but it just shows my name, not the book title/author. Maybe I was supposed to put that info in the name box?? If you could please fix it, and provide this clueless book reader a bit more guidance, I would most appreciate it! Thanks, Carolyn!

    • Yes, you type titles and authors: just like the written directions say on every review page. One thing: if you have joined “Gentle Spectrums” as well as “My Kind Of Mystery”; please sign-up with a “Gentle Spectrums” shelf in the joining linky button. :-) Lord, does my delayed welcome post ever need to go out. Hahaha!

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