My Kind Of Mystery Reviews

Here are our My Kind Of Mystery reviews for 2019!


Our format:  titles in quotation marks, followed by authors (no “by”), and your name / blog name in brackets.  If you need to abbreviate, keep authors’ names.  It is easier to figure out who you are, than to look authors up on slow internet.

Our buttons categorize last names.  With triple names, let’s use the last hyphenated name.  Augusta Huiell Seaman belongs with S.  Mary Downing Hahn belongs with H.  If entries need to be corrected, please don’t be shy about asking me.  Let’s keep comment boxes humming with happy chatting!

Sorting by authors makes reviews easy to browse and spotting who has read the same.  Thank you for your My Kind Of Mystery material!
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Book Title” + Author Name + (Name / Blog)
“There Was An Old Woman”  Howard Engel  (Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination)


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P    *    Q    *    R    *    S


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6 Responses to My Kind Of Mystery Reviews

  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I am looking forward to participating more in the two challenges I signed up for.
    I have included your reading challenges/blog in my Featured Bloggers in my latest post about collaboration.

    • Oh, that is sweet of you, Christina! Thank you! I see you are already, adding links. I hope you know everything read in 2019 is included, if you are measuring the calendar year, like me. I am starting out slowly but my spouse, Ron, pointed out: “You are running reading challenges”. With these organized and people acclimatized; most aspects do indeed become a self-serve buffet.

      • Christina says:

        You are welcome! I was sick and stuck in bed for a while. That is why I have read a bunch of books already. Things are severely slowing down now that I am feeling better. Also, your challenges crossover into many other challenges that people are already doing. Happy Reading!😊

      • That’s how I made them: so that we add, rather than discount! I am glad you are better, Christina. :)

  2. Laura Pond says:

    Are you hosting this challenge again in 2020?

    • Laura, I have run my groups since I started in 2014, no matter how slim the attendance. I considered a break because WordPress got difficult to access in June and my dial-up internet provider will not e-mail back and can’t be phoned directly. My new sessions don’t start until February 1.

      However, the most major event of my life has arisen. My Mom died four days ago. Friends, books, and review readers give me peace. But this loss is too major, along with slow internet and WordPress a chore to use. Thank you for asking. Don’t forget to use the wrap-up linky buttons. Sincerely, Carolyn.

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