Ethereal Reviews 2018

Ethereal 2018


I am pleased to gather ETHEREAL reviews for 2018.

Please follow the format below:  titles in quotation marks, followed just by author names (no “by”).  Conclude with your name or blog name in brackets, if there is room.  If you need to abbreviate anything, please always keep author names.  It is easier to figure out who you are, than to look authors up.

Our buttons categorize author’s last names.  With triple names, let’s use the last hyphenated or additional name.  Augusta Huiell Seaman belongs with SMary Downing Hahn belongs with H.  Adjusting linky information is easy.  If entries need to be corrected, please don’t be shy about asking me and I hope we chat among comment boxes.

When I have time, I compile our reviews in a guest tab called “Yours”.  Following this format allows me to cut & paste our entries.  Most hosts collect a mix of reviews by month.  Sorting them by authors makes them easier to browse, like spotting who has read the same books.  Thank you for your Ethereal material!  :)
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**  Please visit our 2018 wrap-up post, with your updates and mine.  :)
There is a personal update preceding it, that I invite you to as well.  **


Book Title” + Author Name + (Name / Blog)
“The Girl On Legare Street”  Karen White  (Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination)


A  *  B  *  C  *  D  *  E



  F  *  G  *  H  *  I  *  J



K  *  L  *  M  *  N  *  O



P    *    Q    *    R    *    S



T  *  U  *  V  *  W  *  X  *  Y  *  Z




4 Responses to Ethereal Reviews 2018

  1. J.G. says:

    I am launched for 2018 on this challenge! Uprooted was a fine inaugural book. Onward . . . .

    • How crazy that there was no notification of your visit, Jane. Well, I am happy you wrote and loved your book, too! I will look at “Uprooted” and see what it is about. The beauty of “Ethereal” is that our theme gathers literature I am sure to like.

      • J.G. says:

        Now I am slogging through the second book, The Hero, with the end-of-the-year deadline in sight on various challenges. I would love to be in the drawing if I qualify!

  2. Jane, all you need to be is a member of any of my groups. That’s why I can draw and mail prizes by December and beat a postage increase. You can take your time finishing off until the end of January. I hope you catch my updates in your groups; particularly the two that are in essay proportions! I am definitely a girl who wants to qualify for yours. :)

    Also hoping to find out at long last where you got “Service For Two”. I haven’t dared to read it yet because Kate Kingsbury’s sequel is just as hard to get. A few more of those and then later years’ volumes are more abundant.

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