Reviews Canadian

I am listing born and resident Canadians;  not books with our country merely as a subject.



Victoria Abbott
The Christie Curse”  2013
The Sayers Swindle”  2013
The Wolfe Widow”  2014
“The Marsh Madness”  2015


L. Marie Adeline (Lisa Gabriele)
“Secret”  2013


Kelley Armstrong
“Led Astray:  The Best Of Kelley Armstrong”  2015


Tammy Armstrong
“Translations Aístreann”  2002


David Arnason
“Fifty Stories And A Piece Of Advice”  1982
The Dragon & The Dry Goods Princess”  1991
“If Pigs Could Fly”  1995
“Baldur’s Song:  A Saga”  2010


Margaret Atwood
The Edible Woman”  1969
Surfacing”  1972
Lady Oracle”  1976


Wendy Frood Auger & Les Drew
10 Drowsy Dinosaurs”  2010


Jonathan Auxier
The Night Gardener”  2014

~ ~ ~ ~



Marilyn Baillie & Brenda Clark
My Cat:  A Scrapbook Of Drawings, Photos, And Facts”  1993


Joseph S. Banel
“More Strawberries:  Reflections In Fiction”  1990


Michel Beaulac
Les Loups-Garous”  1981


Michael Bedard
The Egyptian Mirror”  2020


C.C. Benison
Death At Buckingham Palace”  1996
“Death At Sandringham House”  1996
“Death At Windsor Castle”  1998
“In Cold Type”  2005


Ron Berg (illustrator) & Edward Lear
The Owl And The Pussycat”   1984


Sandra Birdsell
Night Travellers”  1982
“Ladies Of The House”  1984
“The Town That Floated Away”  1997
“Children Of The Day”  2005


Mary Harelkin Bishop
Tunnels Of Time”  2000


Sheila J. Bleeks
The Gift Of The Frost Fairy”  1976


Vicki Blum
Wish Upon A Unicorn”  1999
The Shadow Unicorn”  2000
The Land Without Unicorns”  2001
The Promise Of The Unicorn”  2002
“A Gathering Of Unicorns”  2003


Lise Bourbeau
“Your Body’s Telling You:  Love Yourself!”  (“Ton Corps Dit:  Aime-Toi!”)  1997


Paulette Bourgeois & Brenda Clark
Franklin In The Dark”  1986
Franklin’s Hallowe’en”  1996
Franklin’s Neighbourhood”  1999


Patricia Bow
“The Ruby Kingdom”  2007


Gail Bowen
Deadly Appearances”  1990
Murder At The Mendel”  1991
The Wandering Soul Murderers”  1992
A Colder Kind Of Death”  1995
A Killing Spring”  1996
Verdict In Blood”  1998
“Burying Ariel”  2000
“The Glass Coffin”  2002
“The Last Good Day”  2004
“The Endless Knot”  2006


Karleen Bradford
“The Stone In The Meadow”  1984
The Haunting At Cliff House”  1985
Animal Heroes”  1995
“Whisperings Of Magic”  2001


Alan Bradley
The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie”  2009
The Weed That Strings The Hangman’s Bag”  2010


Ann Marie Brezovski & Patricia Trudeau
The Sunflower’s Gift”  2014


Martha Brooks
A Hill For Looking”  1982
Two Moons In August”  1991
“Bone Dance”  1997
True Confessions Of A Heartless Girl”  2002
“Mistik Lake”  2007
“Queen Of Hearts”  2010


Bryan Buchan
Copper Sunrise”  1972
The Dragon Children”  Kathryn Cole (illustrator)  1975


Gayle Bunney
The Heart Of A Horse:  Poignant Tales And Humorous Escapades”  2003


Sheila Burnford
The Incredible Journey”  1960


~ ~ ~ ~



Anne Cameron
Earth Witch”   1982


Dana Cameron
Site Unseen”  2002


Canadian Heritage
Canada’s Peaceful Places”  1985


Cancer Care Manitoba
Bears On Broadway:  A Love Affair In Concrete”  2005


Emily Carroll
“The Hare’s Bride“  2010
“Out The Door“  2010
“Dream Comics”  2010
“A Question I Was Asked”  2011
“Anu-Anulan & Yir’s Daughter“  2011
Margot’s Room”  2011
“The Prince & The Sea”  2011
“The Red Knife”  2012
“Out Of Skin”  2013
“The Three Snake Leaves”  2013
“Grave Of The Lizard Queen”  2013
“The Hole The Fox Did Make”  2014
“All Along The Wall”  2014
“When The Darkness Presses”  2014
“Through The Woods”  2014
“The Groom”  2015


Arthur Carter / The Friends Of The Public Gardens
The Halifax Public Gardens”   2008


Dr. Stefan A. Carter
“Mozart:  A Meditation On His Life And Mysterious Death”  2005
From Warsaw To Winnipeg:  A Tale Of Two Cities”  2011


Emilee Carter
Firefly Time:  The Art And Poetry Of Emilee N. Horn (Carter)”  2015


Erika Chase
A Killer Read”  2012
Read And Buried”  2012


Ione J. Christensen
Whitehorse, The Wilderness City”  1989


Leonard Cohen
“The Favourite Game”   1963
“Beautiful Losers”  1966


Jay Conley
Ben The Bear And The Honeysuckle Tree”  2000


Dr. Helen Creighton
“Folklore Of Lunenburg County”  1950
Bluenose Ghosts”  1957
“Bluenose Magic:  Popular Beliefs And Superstitions In Nova Scotia”  1968
A Life In Folklore”  1975

~ ~ ~ ~




Christiane D’Aoust
Gem-Bem And The Mystery Of The Ball Of Branches”  Brock Nicol (illustrator)  2010


Andrew Davidson
The Gargoyle”  2008


Dorothy Dearborn
“New Brunswick Short Stories”  2003


Vicki Delany
“In The Shadow Of The Glacier”  2007
Gold Digger”  2009
Gold Fever”  2010
“Gold Mountain” 2012
“Gold Web”  2013


Wilma Derksen
“Have You Seen Candace?”  1981


Ramsay Derry
The Art Of Robert Bateman”  1981


Joan Dixon
Extreme Canadian Weather:  Freakish Storms And Unexpected Disasters”  2005


Richard W. Doornink
“1967:  A Coming Of Age Story”  2019


John E. Dubois
The Sandhills Of Carberry”  Manitoba Museum Of Man And Nature  1976


Christiane Duchesne (traductrice)
Georgie”  Robert Bright  1944


Helen Duncan
“Kate Rice Prospector”  1984


Philippa Dunn
Mysterious Rescue”  Larry Hall (illustrator)  1973

~ ~ ~ ~




Alison Edgson (illustrator)
“Winter Tales:  A Feast Of Christmas Animal Stories”  2008


Paul Elder
Eyes Of An ANGEL:  Soul Travel, SPIRIT Guides, Soul Mates, & The Reality Of LOVE


George Elliott
The Kissing Man”  1962


Deborah Ellis
The Girl From Turtle Mountain”  2004


The Green Book”  2010  (November “Apex Magazine”)
Wing”  2012  (December “Strange Horizons”)
The Truth About Owls”  2014  (“Kaleidoscope”)
Pockets”  2015  (January “Uncanny Magazine”)
Madeleine”  2015  (June “Lightspeed Magazine”)
Anabasis”  2017  (March “”)


Howard Engel
The Suicide Murders”  1980
The Ransom Game”  1981
Murder On Location”  1982
Murder Sees The Light”  1983
A City Called July”  1986
A Victim Must Be Found”  1988
Dead And Buried”  1990
There Was An Old Woman”  1993
“Getting Away With Murder”  1996
“The Cooperman Variations”  2001
“Memory Book”  2005
“East Of Suez”  2008

~ ~ ~ ~



Cynthia J. Faryon
Unsung Heroes Of The Royal Canadian Air Force:  Incredible Tales Of Courage And Daring During World War II”  2003
A War Bride’s Story:  Risking It All For Love After World War II”  2004
“Unsung Heroes Of The Royal Canadian Navy:  Incredible Tales Of Courage And Daring During World War II”  2005
“A Boy, A Farm, A Dream…  The Story Of The Early Settlers In Marchand”  2008


Will Ferguson
“How To Be A Canadian”  2001
“Beauty Tips From Moose Jaw”  2004
“Beyond Belfast:  A 560 Mile Journey Across Northern Ireland On Sore Feet”  2009


Eugenie Fernandes
The Tree That Grew To The Moon”  1994


Lizann Flatt & Scot Ritchie
Let’s Go!  The Story Of Getting From There To Here”  2007


Lois Forsberg
Prairie Ghosts, True Manitoba Ghost Stories”  1988


Dorothy Foster & Alan Daniel
In Praise Of Cats, An Anthology”  1974


Michael J. Fox
Lucky Man”  2002
Always Looking Up”  2009
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Future”  2010
“No Time Like The Future:  An Optimist Considers Mortality”  2020


Frances Fraser & Lewis Parker
The Bear Who Stole The Chinook And Other Stories”  1959


Nancy Wickwire Fraser
Mysterious Brockville”  2000

~ ~ ~ ~



Dr. Biruté M.F. Galdikas
“Reflections Of Eden:  My Years With The Orangutans Of Borneo”  1995


Marie-Louise Gay
Caramba”  2005


Phoebe Gilman
L’Arbre Aux Ballons”  1984


Ed Golin & Jerry Maryniuk
Marshy Winter”  1993


Charles Gordon & Graham Pilsworth
“A Fearless Look At Canada’s Summer Obsession”  1989


Giles Gordon (editor)
Prevailing Spirits:  A Book Of Scottish Ghost Stories”  1976


Irene Turnier Gordon
Marie-Anne Lagimodière:  The Incredible Story Of Louis Riel’s Grandmother”  2004


Sarah Gordon
The Dangerous Dollhouse”  1988


Warren Gordon
The Cabot Trail”  1997


David Greer & Chum McLeod (illustrator)
White Horses And Shooting Stars:  A Book Of Wishes”  1994

~ ~ ~ ~



Keith Halliday
Aurore Of The Yukon:  A Girl’s Adventure In The Klondike Gold Rush”  2006


Lyn Hamilton
The Xibalba Murders”  1997
The Maltese Goddess”  1998
The Moche Warrior”  1999
The Celtic Riddle”  2000
The African Quest”  2001
The Etruscan Chimera”  2002
The Thai Amulet”  2003
“The Magyar Venus”  2004
“The Moai Murders”  2005


Pat Hancock
Creatures Of The Night”  Mark Thurman (illustrator)  1992
Ghosts & Other Scary Stories”  Allan Gould (illustrator)  1993
Crazy Canadian Trivia”  2000
Haunted Canada:  True Ghost Stories”  2003
Crazy Canadian Trivia 2”  2005
Haunted Canada 2:  True Tales Of Terror”  2005
Haunted Canada 3:  More True Ghost Stories”  2007


Marilyn Helmer
Three Barnyard Tales:  The Little Red Hen / The Ugly Duckling / Chicken Little”  Laura Watson (illustrator)  2002
That’s What Bears Are For”  Sonia Nadeau (illustrator)  2012


Pamela Hickman & Heather Collins
The Kid’s Canadian Bird Book”  1995


Dr. Paul Hiebert
For The Birds”  1980


Faye Reineberg Holt
Threshing:  The Early Years Of Harvesting”  1999


Catherine Hunter
The Dead Of Midnight”  2001

~ ~ ~ ~




Tim Wynne-Jones & Eric Beddows (illustrator)
Le Matou Marin”  1983
Zoom Upstream”  1992

~ ~ ~ ~




Welwyn Wilton Katz
Witchery Hill”  1984
False Face”  1987
Come Like Shadows”  1993


Guy Gavriel Kay
The Summer Tree”  1984
The Wandering Fire”  1986
The Darkest Road”  1986
“Tigana”  1990
“A Song For Arbonne”  1992
“Sailing To Sarantium”  1998


Susanna Kearsley
Mariana”  1994
The Splendour Falls”  1995
The Shadowy Horses”  1997
“Named Of The Dragon”  1998
“Season Of Storms”  2001


Sofie Kelly
Curiosity Thrilled The Cat”  2011
Sleight Of Paw”  2011


Christel Kleitsch & Paul Stephens  (illustrator)
Dancing Feathers”  1985
A Time To Be Brave”  1985


Cat Klerks
Emily Carr:  The Incredible Life And Adventures Of A West Coast Artist”  2003


Henry Kojima
Shaku Of Wondrous Grace:  Through The Garden Of Yoshimaru Abe”  Art Miki & Sylvia Jansen  2007


Lynne Kositsky
A Mighty Big Imagining (Our Canadian Girl)”  2001


Paul Kropp
Ghost House”  2003


Rick Kunelius
“Animals Of The Rockies”  1983


William Kurelek
A Northern Nativity”  1976


Michael Kusugak & Vladyana Krykorka
A Promise Is A Promise”  1988
Hide And Sneak”  1992


Tanya Lloyd Kyi
Niagara”  2000
Nova Scotia”  2003

~ ~ ~ ~




Lisa Murphy-Lamb
Dinosaur Hunters:  Uncovering The Hidden Remains Of Canada’s Ancient Giants


Tonya Lambert
Hallowe’en Trivia:  Ghosts, Ghouls, Skeletons, Vampires, Witches, Graveyards, Spiders, Zombies, Haunted Houses”  2010


Margaret Laurence
This Side Jordan”  1960
The Tomorrow-Tamer”  1963
The Prophet’s Camel Bell”  1963
The Stone Angel”  1964
A Jest Of God”  1966
The Fire-Dwellers”  1969
“Jason’s Quest”  1970
“A Bird In The House”  1970
“The Diviners”  1974
Six Darn Cows”  Ann Blades (illustrator)  1979
The Olden Days Coat” Muriel Wood (illustrator)  1979
“Heart Of A Stranger”  1984
“Dance On The Earth”  1989


Julie Lawson
Ghosts Of The Titanic”  2011


Pauline Lawson
Darling, Pass The Darjeeling”  2004


J.R. Léveillé
The Setting Lake Sun”  2001


Jean Little
“Mine For Keeps”  1962
From Anna”  1972
“Mama’s Going To Buy You A Mockingbird”  1984
Different Dragons”  1986
His Banner Over Me”  1995
Forward, Shakespeare!”  2005
“Somebody Else’s Summer”  2006


Caroline Llewellyn
“False Light”  1997


Alec Lucas  (editor)
“Great Canadian Short Stories”  1971


Janet Lunn
“Phénomènes Inexpliqués”  Claudine Azoulay (traductrice)  2008

~ ~ ~ ~




Kendall James MacDonald
Patrick The Diesel”  1974


Zillah K. MacDonald
Mystery Of The Piper’s Ghost”  1954


Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon
Tiktala”  László Gál  (illustrator)  1996


Hugh MacLennan
Barometer Rising”  1941


Alistair MacLeod
“As Birds Bring Forth The Sun And Other Stories”  1986


Charlotte MacLeod
Rest You Merry”  1978
The Luck Runs Out”  1979
The Family Vault”  1979
The Withdrawing Room”  1981
The Palace Guard”  1981
Wrack And Rune”  1982
The Bilbao Looking Glass”  1982
Cirak’s Daughter”  1982
Something The Cat Dragged In”  1983
“The Convival Codfish”  1984
“The Plain Old Man”  1985
The Curse Of The Giant Hogweed”  1985
“The Recycled Citizen”  1987
“The Silver Ghost”  1987
The Corpse In Oozak’s Pond”  1987
“The Gladstone Bag”  1989
Vane Pursuit”  1989
“An Owl Too Many”  1991


Diana MacLeod
“Bathroom Book Of Cat Trivia:  Humorous, Heartwarming, Weird, & Amazing”  Peter Tyler (illustrator)  2007


Mary Jane Maffini
Lament For A Lounge Lizard”  2003
Too Hot To Handle”  2007


Lynn Manuel
Mystery At Cranberry Farm”  1981
Return To Cranberry Farm”  1990


Jan L. Mayes
Regretfully Invited”  2018


Iain McChesney
Murder At Malenfer”  2013


Leslie McFarlane  (Franklin W. Dixon)
01.  “The Tower Treasure”  1927
02.  “The House On The Cliff”  1927
03.  “The Secret Of The Old Mill”  1927
04. “The Missing Chums”  1928
05.  “Hunting For Hidden Gold”  1928
06.  “The Shore Road Mystery”  1928
07.  “The Secret Of The Caves”  1929
08.  “The Mystery Of Cabin Island”  1929
09.  “The Great Airport Mystery”  1930
10.  “What Happened At Midnight”  1931
11.  “While The Clock Ticked”  1932
12.  “Footprints Under The Window”  1933


Jodi McIsaac
Through The Door”  2012
“Into The Fire”  2013
“Among The Unseen”  2014


Sharon E. McKay
The Glass Castle” (Our Canadian Girl)  2002


Nancy Millar
Once Upon A Tomb:  Stories From Canadian Graveyards”  1997


Nicky Millard
The Green Angels”  1985


Rich Mole  (editor)
“Christmas In The Prairies:  Heartwarming Legends, Tales, And Traditions”  2004


Susie Moloney
“A Dry Spell”  1997


L.M. Montgomery
Anne Of Green Gables”  1908
Anne Of Avonlea”  1909
Anne Of The Island”  1915
“The Alpine Path:  The Story Of My Career”  1917


Farley Mowat
“Two Against The North”  1956
The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be”  1957
“Owls In The Family”  1961
The Black Joke”  1962
The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float”  1969


Robert N. Munsch
La Princesse À La Robe De Papier”  Michael Martchenko  (illustrator)  1980
Wait And See”  Michael Martchenko  (illustrator)  1993


Angela C. Murphy  (editor)
Bathroom Book Of Canadian Trivia”  2005

~ ~ ~ ~




Barbara Nichol & Scott Cameron (illustrator)
Beethoven Lives Upstairs”  1989


Dr. Helen Norrie
He Saw Himself In All His Creatures:  A Mother’s Remembrance”  2006

~ ~ ~ ~



D’Arcy O’Connor
The Secret Treasure Of Oak Island”  2004

~ ~ ~ ~




Richard Palmisano
Overshadows:  An Investigation Into A Modern Canadian Haunting”  2003
“Journeys Into The Unknown:  Mysterious Canadian Encounters With The Paranormal”  2006
“Ghosts:  An Investigation Into A True Canadian Haunting”  2009


Joan Parr  (editor)
Manitoba Stories”  1981


Shane Peacock
The Mystery Of Ireland’s Eye”  1999


Louise Penny
Still Life”  2005
Dead Cold(“A Fatal Grace”)  2006
The Cruellest Month”  2007
The Murder Stone”  (“A Rule Against Murder”)  2008
The Brutal Telling”  2009
Bury Your Dead”  2010
The Hangman”  2010
A Trick Of The Light”  2011
“The Beautiful Mystery”  2012
“How The Light Gets In”  2013
“The Long Way Home”  2014


P.J. Peters
This Land Of Ours And Other Stories”  1972
Driftwood And Other Poems”  1978
Reflections In Poetry And In Pictures”  1984

Frederick Philip
“Settlers Of The Marsh”  1925


Mari Pineo
Spring Floods:  Poems, Short Stories, And A Play”  1990


Dale Portman
Rescue Dogs:  Crime And Rescue Canines In The Canadian Rockies”  2003


Jordan Power
Extra-Ordinary:  Stories Of Manitobans With Down Syndrome”  Darnell Collins (photography)  2015


Beth Powning
The Hatbox Letters”  2004


Andrew Pyper
Kiss Me”  1996
“Lost Girls”  1999

~ ~ ~ ~




Mordecai Richler
The Street”  1969
Jacob Two-Two Meets The Hooded Fang”  1975
Jacob Two-Two And The Dinosaur”  1987
Jacob Two-Two’s First Spy Case”  1995


Ann Rivkin
Mystery Of Disaster Island”  Affie Mohammed (illustrator)  1975


Caroline Roe
Remedy For Treason”  1998
Cure For A Charlatan”  1999
An Antidote For Avarice”  1999
“Solace For A Sinner”  2000
“A Potion For A Widow”  2001


Helen Y. Rolfe
Women Explorers:  One-Hundred Years Of Courage And Audacity”  2003


Sinclair Ross
“As For Me And My House”  1941
“The Lamp At Noon And Other Stories”  1968


W.E.D. Ross
The Haunted Garden”  1973


Gabrielle Roy
The Tin Flute” (“Bonheur D’Occasion”)  1945
Where Nests The Water Hen”  (La Petite Poule D’eau”)  1950
“The Cashier”  1954
Street Of Riches”  1955
“The Hidden Mountain”  1961
“The Road Past Altamont”  1966
“Wildflower”  1970
“Garden In The Wind”  1975
“Children Of My Heart”  1977

~ ~ ~ ~




René Schmidt
Canadian Disasters”  2006


Alfred Silver
The Haunting Of Maddie Prue”  2000


Judith Silverthorne
The Haunting Of Government House”  2011


Michelle Simms
Weird British Columbia Places”  2006


Barbara Smith
Ghost Stories Of Hollywood”  Arlana Anderson-Hale  (illustrator)  2000
Great Canadian Romances (Love, Scandal, And Passion)”  2005


Roxanne Willems Snopek
Great Cat Stories:  Inspirational Tales About Exceptional Cats”  2004


Bev Spencer
You Can’t Do That In Canada!”  2000
“Made In Canada:  101 Amazing Achievements”  2003


Cindy Sprigg
Is It A Ghost Story You Want?”  2011
Man’s Best Friend”  2011


Don Starkell
Paddle To The Amazon:  The Amazing Canoe Adventure”  1990


Ted Staunton
Greenapple Street Blues”  1987


Caroline Stellings
Gypsy’s Fortune”  2014


Ron Stewart
The Mystery Of The Lost Lemon Mine”  1993


Kathy Stinson
Dark Spring (Our Canadian Girl)”  2001


Simone St. James
The Haunting Of Maddy Clare”  2012
An Inquiry Into Love And Death”  2013
Silence For The Dead”  2014
The Other Side Of Midnight”  2015
Lost Among The Living”  2016
“The Broken Girls”  2018


Tony Strobyl & Neil Boyle
Walt Disney’s Pluto”  1957


Robert Sutherland
Mystery At Black Rock Island”  1983
The Loon Lake Murders”  1987
The Ghost Of Ramshaw Castle”  1989
Death Island”  1994
If Two Are Dead”  1997


Carol & Kristin Szuminsky
Andrew Goes Fishing In Manitoba”   Jack Brown  2008
Penny Visits Oak Hammock Marsh”  Jack Brown  2008

~ ~ ~ ~




Edrick Thay  (editor)
“Weird Canadian Words:  How To Speak Canadian”  2004


Audrey Thomas
Graven Images”  1994


Jan Thornhill
The Wildlife ABC:  A Nature Alphabet”  1988
Wild In The City”  1995


Justin Trudeau
Common Ground”  2014


Elsie G. Turnbull
Ghost Towns And Drowned Towns Of West Kootenay”  1988

~ ~ ~ ~


V –


Steve Vernon
Haunted Harbours:  Ghost Stories Of Old Nova Scotia”  2006


Larry Verstraete
“Extreme Science”  2000
Survivors!  True Death-Defying Escapes”  2003
Lost Treasures:  True Stories Of Discovery”  2006

~ ~ ~ ~




Pamela Wallin & Anne Bayin (photographer)
The Comfort Of Cats”  2003


Darryll Walsh
Ghosts Of Nova Scotia”  2000


Elle Andra-Warner
The Mounties:  Tales Of Adventure And Danger From The Early Days”  2004
Robert Service:  A Great Canadian Poet’s Romance With The North”  2004


James Watling (illustrator) & Laurie Steding
Birthstones”  1995


David Weale
Doors In The Air”  Pierre Pratt (illustrator)  2012


Phyllis Webb
Selected Poems:  The Vision Tree”  1982


Mike Wilkins & Jeff Wakefield (illustrator)
Je Suis Un Canard”  1975


Eric Wilson
Murder On The Canadian”  1976
Vancouver Nightmare”  1978
Terror In Winnipeg”  1979
The Lost Treasure Of Casa Loma”  1979
The Ghost Of Lunenburg Manor”  1981
Disneyland Hostage”  1982
The Kootenay Kidnapper”  1983
Summer Of Discovery”  1984
Vampires Of Ottawa”  1984
Spirit In The Rainforest”  1985
The Unmasking Of ’Ksan”  1986
The Green Gables Detectives”  1987
Code Red At The Supermall”  1988
Cold Midnight In Vieux Québec”  1989
The Ice Diamond Quest”  1990
The Prairie Dog Conspiracy”  1992
The St. Andrews Werewolf”  1993
The Case Of The Golden Boy”  1994
The Inuk Mountie Adventure”  1995
Escape From Big Muddy”  1997
The Emily Carr Mystery”  2001


Graham Wilson
The Klondike Gold Rush:  Photographs From 1896 – 1899”  1997


John Wilson
Ghosts Of James Bay”  2006


Serge Wilson
Mini Finfouin Et La Mère Crochu”  1982


Lisa Wojna
“Canadian Inventions:  Fantastic Feats & Quirky Contraptions”  2004
Great Canadian Women:  Nineteen Portraits Of Extraordinary Women”  2005
“Bathroom Book Of Canadian Quotes:  Humorous, Witty, Ridiculous, & Inspiring”  Roger Garcia  (illustrator)  2005


Eric Wright
The Night The Gods Smiled”  1983
Smoke Detector”  1984
Death In The Old Country”  1985
A Single Death”  1986
A Body Surrounded By Water”  1987
A Question Of Murder”  1988
A Sensitive Case”  1990
Final Cut”  1991
A Fine Italian Hand”  1992
“Death By Degrees”  1993
“Death Of A Sunday Writer”  1996
Buried In Stone”  1996
“Death On The Rocks”  1999
“Always Give A Penny To A Blind Man”  1999
“The Kidnapping Of Rosie Dawn”  2000
Death Of A Hired Man”  2001

~ ~ ~ ~




Gwen Randall-Young
Dancing Soul:  The Voice Of Spirit Evolving”  1995


4 Responses to Reviews Canadian

  1. John says:

    Great mix of well-known and lesser-known (at least to me) authors!

    • I truly take tremendous pleasure in highlighting less-known, out-of-print, or local works so that more people can appreciate them. Charity fundraisers, garage sales, thrift stores; I am so glad if my reviews and inputting of titles at Goodreads show people books that are well worth seeking.

  2. I’m impressed at the variety on this list! We only overlap on two authors – Margaret Atwood and Steve Vernon, but none of the same books.!

    • I am happy you found my Canadian reviews, Stephanie! It makes sense that there are a plethora of new-to-you books. But herein are the truly rare, too. It is impressive that you know of Steve Vernon and a different book than I have. You might next like the two “Mine” menus of the alphabet, which comprise all of my reviews so far: Canadian and other literature combined. Yours Sincerely, Carolyn.

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