Critical Statistics We Must Not Skip

When a Covid-19 vaccine was invented, we were relieved.  We were cautioned that it is not an antidote for the virus and does not provide immunity against it.  It does not make the vaccinated less contagious than anyone else, nor are we less likely to catch Covid-19.  It takes two injections for it to work and its potency expires every time there is a new virus variant.

In the beginning, we scratched our heads and asked why anyone would take an experimental drug that is not a cure.  Wariness was respected and understood, before media campaigns created a stigma against anyone expressing caution.  The answer is that this vaccine is “better than nothing”.  Catching the virus will not make us sick enough to die or need a hospital.

This is valuable.  Thank God there is a choice for people who cannot avoid a crowded home, public job, or who are concerned about their immunity.  Experimental chemicals are worth any advantage to them.

Reduced severity or not, we wish to avoid ever contracting Covid-19 at all!  Three methods DO PROTECT US a bit against spreading the virus. They are social-distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding public surfaces.  I was astonished to witness that some vaccinated folks are so antsy to “get back to normal”, they risk making themselves and others “a bit” sick!

I seldom leave home.  If I do, I wear a mask and avoid public surfaces.  I am as vigilant as we were warned to be in the year 2020.  A serviceman entered my home last week without a mask, who admitted having numerous children playing sports!!!!  In the summer, a neighbour stepped inside, after a cross-country tour of public campgrounds!!!!

Not everyone declining experimental drugs is “anti-vaccine”.  Laws must respect spiritual and health choices.  It is easy to push a popular point of view.  Methods like energy medicine boost immunity naturally.  Some people have a bad feeling there will be negative findings about the vaccines.  Long term reports need time to come out….  Others await bonafide immunity, instead of repeating “better than nothing” injections that expire.

This makeshift option we are grateful to have, must remain optional.  We must retain the rights to our bodies and the Canadian government is threatening them!  Imagine the trauma of forcing injections on someone who views them as poison, or too new to trust!

The perception that “the unvaccinated minority strains the health system” does not add up.  The unvaccinated are restricted to essential services.  They cannot fly, board a train, enter the United States, nor invite more than a couple of family members or friends to their private houses.

In contrast, passports clear the vaccinated for public gatherings as large as theatres and arenas.  If the vaccinated form the majority, this dominating percentage of citizens has the largest opportunity to propagate the virus!  Don’t patrons take off masks to spew popcorn and saliva, with bare hands on the armrests?  Has no one in an unmasked crowd ever sneezed or coughed?  Can Manitoba not close concession stands, instead of a body’s freedom of choice?

How much data do hospitals include?  Do they lump together every unvaccinated person, with the extreme protestor types who flout masks?  Do we know if law-abiding citizens who respectfully decline the vaccine, were ever among the sick?

Critical statistics we must not skip is the danger posed by the vaccinated who are overconfident.  Human rights are on the line!  Do we verify how many hospital patients were exposed to vaccinated people, who have abandoned masks and social-distancing?

Masks, clean hands, and social-distancing are our shields from contagion.  The vaccine is not.  We can remove masks as soon as we are in cars, or outdoors away from people.  Forcing chemical injections on anyone is wrong.  Worse, our Prime Minister and Premiers are targeting the minority who cannot go anywhere or do anything.  Do not tax Canadians for the human right to be cautious about chemicals in their bodies!

Where would penalties stop?  Once, to inoculate those not vaccinated before?  Could any government resist cashing in on a legally approved tactic, by fining the same people every time the vaccine of the day has been deemed impotent and another booster shot is ordered?  Must Canadians choose between being robbed of their earnings, or their human rights to personal beliefs about drug injections?

May we see both sides and not vilify a stance we do not personally hold.

I urge that we keep our hands clean and avoid the public as vigilantly as we did in 2020.

It is more ethical and effective to fine the largest percentage of our population, for flouting social-distancing and a removable piece of cloth


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