My Kind Of Mystery Reviews, 2015

My Kind Of Mystery 2015



With pleasure I invite you to add reviews, following the format.  Ensuring quotation marks aren’t apostrophes, no “by” with authors’ names;  makes cutting & pasting into our database easy.  * If an entry didn’t fit, better to shorten your name than authors.  I would re-enter your names by hand.

There is a glitch that makes “Blenza linky buttons” hard to see.  I have finally wangled a way to weave buttons into our book title images!  Click those.

Be sure to browse the selection for favourite authors and the fun of seeing who’s read the same.  Thank you for sharing your My Kind Of Mystery journies with our group!

*****   Did you catch our first event?  Comments would still very much be enjoyed, on the write-ups that covered it.  *****


Book Title” + Author Name + (Your Name Or Blog)
“The African Quest”  Lyn Hamilton  (Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination)


A  *  B  *  C

Death Of A Literary Widow



D  *  E  *  F

The Suicide Murders



G  *  H  *  I

The Tightrope Walker



J  *  K  *  L

Australian Golden Dagger



M  *  N  *  O

Wrack And Rune



P  *  Q  *  R

Borrower Of The Night



S      *      T      *      U

Uncle Robert's Secret



V  *  W  *  X  *  Y  *  Z

Blue Fire



8 Responses to My Kind Of Mystery Reviews, 2015

  1. Hello everyone! Get your blog subscriptions or e-mail requests in, because we will begin activities soon. I am *always* open to chit chat and hearing how you are personally, in books and at home. I have gotten 30 books behind in reviewing, the most I’ve ever allowed but the reading has kept on churning. I’m pleased to submit one of my own to our listings today! :) Yours, Carolyn.

  2. I am finally catching up with reviewing so have added a few. More coming when I get them typed up and added to the site. What a fun challenge, thank you for hosting!

    • Always lovely to hear from members. I am only beginning to post our first chats and activities shortly. Perhaps you’re referring to my author-organized review page, or some other atmosphere. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying yourself!

  3. Dagny says:

    How is your summer going? Or your winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere. Here in Alabama it has been hot, hot, hot. I think the hottest since I moved here in ’09. Well, maybe the second hottest, how quickly one forgets. Anyway, it makes for a lot of good reading time indoors.

    • Nice to hear from you! I’ve done a couple of check-in posts where folks could jump in but anywhere is a pleasure to me. Like us in North America, summer finds people away from technology as much as possible, better to be with flowers, grass, and trees.

      I’m Canadian of course! :) My province is above North Dakota. My southern region of Manitoba happens to be the exact centre of our continent, both longitude and latitude. Specifically, we are a prairie province both considered central and western Canada. Nice and hot here too, easily in the 90s F (or 30s C) for months.

  4. Bev Hankins says:

    I made a boo-boo. I accidentally linked up “There Hangs a Knife” under Q for Ellery Queen. That’s wrong. I’ll put it under Marcia Muller where it belongs if you could get rid of it under Q for me. Thanks!

    • Bev Hankins says:

      Okay…apparently I need to go to bed and stop trying to do things on the internet. :-)…I tried to put it under “M” and kept “Ellery Queen” in the link. Could you edit that to read Marcia Muller instead? I’ll try to be good from here on out.

      • Never a bother to hear from the special few in my little groups. Whether it’s corrections or popping in with progress; it’s a pleasure. You’ll find me figuring out my ‘Vintage Mystery’ squares and linking them, soon! With Mount TBR, I might have to leave my progress page. I’ve linked scarcely anywhere this year and can’t believe it has flown. HAPPY HALLOWE’EN!

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