Ethereal Reviews 2015

Ethereal 2015



With pleasure I invite you to add reviews, following the format.  Ensuring quotation marks aren’t apostrophes, no “by” with authors’ names;  makes cutting & pasting into our database easy.  * If an entry didn’t fit, better to shorten your name than authors.  I would re-enter your names by hand.

There is a glitch that makes “Blenza linky buttons” hard to see.  I have finally wangled a way to weave buttons into our book title images!  Click those.

Be sure to browse the selection for favourite authors and the fun of seeing who’s read the same.  Thank you for sharing your Ethereal journies with our group!


****  Our first draw entails story-sharing, about unexpected outlets of solace.  Please share your input here.  ****

Book Title” + Author Name + (Your Name Or Blog)
“The African Quest”  Lyn Hamilton  (Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination)


A  *  B  *  C  *  D  *  E

Bluenose Ghosts~


  F  *  G  *  H  *  I  *  J

How To Wash A Cat~


K  *  L  *  M  *  N  *  O

Mysteries, Monsters, & Untold Secrets~


P    *    Q    *    R    *    S

Ghosts I Have Been~


T  *  U  *  V  *  W  *  X  *  Y  *  Z

Ghosts Nova Scotia


24 Responses to Ethereal Reviews 2015

  1. I have my first book review in! Now to choose a second. I think I may grab something about witches!

  2. One more review logged in under “H” and I did choose something about witches!

  3. There’s a new book under “M”. First review thus far, but I’m sure more will definitely follow! This time though, I’ve started off with some ghosts~~ :)

    • My favourite subject! I’m going to look now. What I’m finding most meaningful to me is that the folks belonging to Ethereal & Gentle Spectrums this year, are very participatory. There are returning faces and new faces and even though these groups are small; I’m loving the comments and reviews coming in from you.

  4. Quick question, would a play about gods and goddesses (it’s Prometheus Bound) work for this challenge? I’m not sure, and I don’t want to mistakenly add something that isn’t actually acceptable for this challenge.

  5. Haze @ Haze in a Happy Daze says:

    Oh, were we supposed to do a separate review for each book we read? I did a wrap-up post instead because I didn’t want to do long reviews! Maybe I’ll just add the link to my post here:

    • The buttons (book covers) on this page comprise each book individually. They aren’t mandatory but I’m compiling all of them into a guest review database, in a menu at this blog! Listing titles in comments from time to time, or a write-up like yours is lovely. If there are books you would like in our review database for posterity; the few lines of feedback you gave about each is ample, Haze. You could take those blurbs to Amazon / Book Depository, then enter those URLs.

      Inputting reviews, of any length, or simply sharing what we read are among our options. However the wind takes us! So is changing our mind and adding URLs later. I love the way you laid out your thoughts on your selection and how it’s going! It reflects your goals and enjoyment of our group, whereas a review wouldn’t pertain to us personally.

      • Haze @ Haze in a Happy Daze says:

        Thanks so much, Carolyn. I’m so glad you liked my write-up, I was worried that I had gone about the challenge the wrong way and was thinking that I might have to update with individual reviews later. I do prefer doing the write-ups at the end of each month though, it helps me see my progress on the challenge. =)

      • Offering review buttons is the usual way for hostesses to give guests a purpose that keeps us active. Otherwise one signs-up and disappears. My database / menu for your reviews is a unique twist that doubly makes you feel you’re contributing.

        If one doesn’t review, or is as colourfully creative as you are: periodic visits mean as much to me. More, because one can drop off reviews without commenting. You are doing everything right, if you keep returning to the blog with pleasure and sharing your journey with us! I for one love that you reinvent your own wheel.

  6. Just linked up another review under “H” – Shadow of Night, the second book in Deborah Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy.

    • It’s wonderful to see regular sharing: instantly a change from last year. So it doesn’t matter how many we are, it there are updates and nice notes like this. :) I have been unsure Deborah’s witch stories are to my taste but I’ll read your reviews.

  7. I just linked my first Ethereal Review under T!

  8. Looking for a review I can reblog or do you want to reblog.

  9. I just linked a slew of reviews! I think I messed up on at least one. I put Sapphire the Shielded Realms in two places one under the title and one under author because I don’t know how to follow directions. Just wanted to FYI about that one I hadn’t realized that I had already input it until I was already putting in others so I couldn’t delete it! If you need to check them I have them up at Thanks!!

    • You’re very funny. I’ll be sure to correct it next chance. In case you didn’t spot it, there is a recent post that would enjoy your 2c, called (serendipitously) “Gentle Spectrums: Bargains”. I *love* the time you took to share such great paragraphs in our Ethereal discussion and couldnt wait to reply. Carolyn.

  10. neer says:

    Dear Carolyn

    Have finished the challenge successfully. Here’s my wrap-up post:

  11. Vincent says:

    Hi Carolyn; Just ran across this old post when searching for a decent image of Mysteries, Monsters and Untold Secrets by George Laycock. Just this very morning I successfully identified it as a book I had ordered from Tab/Arrow catalog (& I would pay real money to have some of those old catalogs in hand!) in elementary school in Grade 5 (1980/81). I just ordered a copy from Abebooks and am excited to see what I remember, as the only thing I am sure of was that it was my first encounter with the Oak Island mystery!

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