Ethereal 2014 Reviews

Welcome to the review page for the first ever,
“ETHEREAL” reading theme!

Rather than pour all of our books into one stream, I’d like to organize them into categories that will be likelier for us to reference.  Please fit your reviews into one of the following three headings.  If you have questions, contact me but I’m happy for you to judge whence they belong.  :)

Tally your points (the recap summary is below;  the same format as “Ethereal” / “My Kind Of Mystery” 2015.  Give the sum in a comment (wrap-up links are voluntary) by February 28, 2015.  We’ll draw the finale prize!  Points get everyone who joined at least one name in the bowl, for participating even a little.  :)

Read About Prize Activity #1!

Recap Summary For Ethereal!

** See you for Ethereal 2015! **


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Hubble Nebula 2010

Deer Stream

Velvety Planet Sky

Enchanting Blue Space

A flock of stars


I’m not going to set a wrap-up linky this close to our finale.  Tell me in a comment how many prize points you accrued.  If you have a wrap-up post, please paste that on any “Ethereal” page too.  See the recap summary for your prize draw tabulation.  The firm deadline, since our pioneering year is running an extra month, is February 28, 2015.


2 Responses to Ethereal 2014 Reviews

  1. I’m excited about the first people who have reviewed in these categories. I hope you like the layout. Believe me, anything here, I’m gonna be tempted to read. :) The possibility of our abilities beyond the physical, are my very favourite subjects.

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