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Ian Rankin

Knots & Crosses”  1987
Hide And Seek”  1990
Tooth And Nail”  1992





Ellen Raskin

The Westing Game”  1978





Joan Ranquet

Communication With All Life:  How To Understand And Talk To Animals”  2007




Sarah Rayne

Tower Of Silence”  2003
House Of The Lost”  2010
Property Of A Lady”  2011
The Sin Eater”  2012
The Silence”  2013




Melanie Rehak

Girl Sleuth, Nancy Drew & The Women Who Created Her”  2005





Kathy Reichs

Déjà Dead”  1997




Traudl & Walter Reiner

Astrology For Cats”  1991




Seymour Reit

“The Worried Ghost”  Quentin Blake (illustrator)  1976




Ruth Rendell

“Vanity Dies Hard”  1965
“To Fear A Painted Devil”  1965
From Doon With Death”  1964
“A New Lease Of Death”  (“Sins Of The Fathers”)  1967
“Wolf To The Slaughter”  1967




Arturo Pérez-Reverte

The Flanders Panel”  1990





Edith Reynolds & Rose Audette

Brainy Baby Shapes And Colours”  2004




Ty Reynolds (editor)

Why Do Golfers Yell Fore?  That’s A Good Question”  1992





Michael Richan

The Bank Of The River”  2013




Emilie Richards

Blessed Be The Busybody”  2005
“Let There Be Suspects”  2006




Mordecai Richler

The Street”  1969
Jacob Two-Two Meets The Hooded Fang”  1975
Jacob Two-Two And The Dinosaur”  1987
Jacob Two-Two’s First Spy Case”  1995




Bernd & Susan Richter

When Grandma And Grandpa Rode The White Pass Train”  1988




Phil Rickman

Candlenight”  1991
The Wine Of Angels”  1998
“Midwinter Of The Spirit”  1999




Mary Roberts Rinehart

The Man In Lower Ten”  1909
The After House”  1914




Dr. Carol Ritberger

Your Personality, Your Health:  Connecting Personality With The Human Energy System, Chakras, And Wellness”  1998





Irene Ritter

Amos And Bertha, The Dragons Of Mount Pilatus”  1999





Ann Rivkin

Mystery Of Disaster Island”  Affie Mohammed (illustrator)  1975





Michael J. Roads

Talking With Nature” /  “Journey Into Nature”  1985 / 1990





Gillian Roberts

Caught Dead In Philadelphia”  1987
Philly Stakes”  1989
I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia”  1992




Nora Roberts

Captivated”  1992
“Entranced”  1992
“Charmed”  1992
“Divine Evil”  1992
“Hidden Riches”  1994
“Enchanted”  1999
Daring To Dream”  1996
“Holding The Dream”  1997
“Finding The Dream”  1997
“Sanctuary”  1997
Homeport”  1998
The Reef”  1998
Jewels Of The Sun”  1999
“Enchanted”  1999
“Tears Of The Moon”  2000
“Heart Of The Sea”  2000
“Dance Upon The Air”  2001
“Heaven And Earth”  2001
“A Little Magic”  2002
“Key Of Light”  2003
“Key Of Knowledge”  2003
“Key Of Valour”  2004
“Blue Dahlia”  2004
“Morrigan’s Cross”  2006
“Dance Of The Gods”  2006
“Valley Of Silence”  2006
“Blood Brothers”  2007
“The Hollow”  2008
“The Pagan Stone”  2008
“Stars Of Fortune”  2015
“Bay Of Sighs”  2016
“Island Of Glass”  2016
“Year One”  2017
“The Rise Of Magicks”  2019





Gail Rock

The House Without A Christmas Tree”  1974




Caroline Roe

Remedy For Treason”  1998
Cure For A Charlatan”  1999
An Antidote For Avarice”  1999
“Solace For A Sinner”  2000
“A Potion For A Widow”  2001




Klaus Rohmeyer (photographer) & Werner Kloos (text writer)

Bummel Durch Bremen”  1972





Helen Y. Rolfe

Women Explorers:  One-Hundred Years Of Courage And Audacity”  2003





Sinclair Ross

“As For Me And My House”  1941
“The Lamp At Noon And Other Stories”  1968





W.E.D. Ross

The Haunted Garden”  1973





Patrick Rothfuss

“The Lightning Tree”  (The Kingkiller Chronicles #0.5)  2014

“The Slow Regard Of Silent Things”  (The Kingkiller Chronicles #2.5)  2014





J.K. Rowling

“Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone”  1997
Harry Potter:  The Prequel”  2008






Gabrielle Roy

The Tin Flute” (“Bonheur D’Occasion”)  1945
Where Nests The Water Hen”  (“La Petite Poule D’eau”)  1950
“The Cashier”  1954
Street Of Riches”  1955
“The Hidden Mountain”  1961
“The Road Past Altamont”  1966
“Wildflower”  1970
“Garden In The Wind”  1975
“Children Of My Heart”  1977





Leslie Rule

“Coast To Coast Ghosts”  2001
Ghosts Among Us”  2004
When The Ghost Screams”  2006





Running Press

“The Literary Cat:  Quips, Quotes, And Observations”  1990





William C. Ryan

A House Of Ghosts”  2018





Joanne Ryder

The Snail’s Spell”  Lynne Cherry  (illustrator)  1982
The Evening Walk”  Julie Durrell  (illustrator)  1985





Cynthia Rylant

Cat Heaven”  1997








Felix Salten

Walt Disney’s Bambi”  1941




Dorothy L. Sayers

Whose Body?”  1923
Clouds Of Witness”  1926

“Unnatural Death”  1927





René Schmidt

Canadian Disasters”  2006





Russell K. Schroeder

The Road Runner, A Very Scary Lesson”  Phil DeLara & Bob Totten  1974





Amy Schumer

“The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo”  2016





Dr. Cheryl Swartz DMV

Four Paws, Five Directions:  A Guide To Chinese Medicine For Cats And Dogs”  1996





David M. Schwartz & Dwight Kuhn

Look Once Again:  In The Garden”  1997






A.F. Scott & René Moreu

The Gardener’s Daughter”  (A Tale From Gascony)  1968





Augusta Huiell Seaman

When A Cobbler Ruled The King”  1911
The Boarded-Up House”  1915
The Girl Next Door”  1917
The Slipper Point Mystery”  1919
“The Dragon’s Secret”  1921
The Riddle Of The Lonely House”  1935





Millicent E. Selsam

All Kinds Of Babies”  Symeon Shimin  1953





Anna Sewell

“Black Beauty:  An Autobiography Of A Horse”  1877  (1946)





Diane Setterfield

The Thirteenth Tale”  2006





Nisi Shawl

More Than Nothing”  March 8, 2017  (






Peng Shepherd

“The Future Library”  August 18, 2021  (






Kim Sheridan

Animals And The Afterlife:  True Stories Of Our Best Friends’ Journey Beyond Death”  2003





Javier Sierra

The Lady In Blue” (“La Dama Azul”)  1998
“The Secret Supper” (“La Cena Secreta”)  2004





Alfred Silver

The Haunting Of Maddie Prue”  2000





Judith Silverthorne

The Haunting Of Government House”  2011





Silvey-Jex   (Hugh Silvey & Wally Jex)

Wildlife”  (Bad Taste Book)  1981
Transplants”  (Bad Taste Book)  1985
Travel”  (Bad Taste Book)  1985
Fowl”  (Bad Taste Book)  1986





Mary Kay Simmons

Flight From Riversedge”  1975





Michelle Simms

Weird British Columbia Places”  2006





Clea Simon

Mew Is For Murder”  2005
“Cattery Row”  2006
“Cries And Whiskers”  2007





Robin Sloan

“The Writer & The Witch”  2009
The Wrong Plane”  2010

“Annabel Scheme”  2010
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore”  2012
Ajax Penumbra 1969”  2012
“Sourdough”  2016





Alexander McCall Smith

The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency”  (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #1)  1998
Tears Of The Giraffe”  (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #2)  2000
Morality For Beautiful Girls”  (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #3)  2001
The Kalahari Typing School For Men”  (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #4)  2002
“The Full Cupboard Of Life”  (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #5)  2003
“Portuguese Irregular Verbs”  2003
“The Finer Points Of Sausage Dogs”  2003
“At The Villa Of Reduced Circumstances”  2003
“In The Company Of Cheerful Ladies”  (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #6)  2004
“The Sunday Philosophy Club”  2004
Doctors, Detectives, Commonsense”  (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #6.7)  2005
“Friends, Lovers, Chocolate”  2005
“The Right Attitude To Rain”  2006
“Blue Shoes And Happiness”  (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #7)  2006
“The Good Husband Of Zebra Drive”  (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #8)  2007
“The Careful Use Of Compliments”  2007
“The Miracle At Speedy Motors”  (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency #9)  2008





Barbara Smith

Ghost Stories Of Hollywood”  Arlana Anderson-Hale  (illustrator)  2000
Great Canadian Romances (Love, Scandal, And Passion)”  2005





Roxanne Willems Snopek

Great Cat Stories:  Inspirational Tales About Exceptional Cats”  2004





Zilpha Keatley Snyder

The Egypt Game”  1967

“The Witches Of Worm”  1972
The Truth About Stone Hollow”  1974





Donald J. Sobol

Still More Two-Minute Mysteries”  1975





Dr. Deborah Sosin & Sara Woolley

Charlotte And The Quiet Place”  2015





Elizabeth George Speare

The Witch Of Blackbird Pond”  1958





Bev Spencer

You Can’t Do That In Canada!”  2000
Made In Canada:  101 Amazing Achievements”  2003





Mark Spencer

A Haunted Love Story”  2012





Laura Spinella

Ghost Gifts”  2016






Cindy Sprigg

Is It A Ghost Story You Want?”  2011
Man’s Best Friend”  2011




Johanna Spyri

Heidi”  Desmond & Tim Marwood  (illustrators)  1881





Rochelle Staab

Who Do Voodoo”  2010




Margaret A. Stanger

That Quail, Robert”  1966





Mary Stanton

Defending Angels”  2008
Angel’s Advocate”  2009
Avenging Angels”  2010
Angel’s Verdict”  2010
Angel Condemned”  2011





Don Starkell

Paddle To The Amazon:  The Amazing Canoe Adventure”  1990





Ted Staunton

Greenapple Street Blues”  1987





Brag Steiger & Sherry Hansen Steiger

Cat Miracles:  Inspiring True Tales Of Remarkable Felines”  2003





Barbara Steiner

“Ghost Cave”  1990





Lennon, Maisy, MaryLynne Stella

In The Waves”  Steve Björkman (illustrator)  2015





Caroline Stellings

Gypsy’s Fortune”  2014





Amanda Stevens

The Dollmaker”  2007
The Devil’s Footprints”  2008
The Whispering Room”  2009
The Abandoned” (Graveyard Queen #0.5)  2011
The Restorer” (Graveyard Queen #1)  2011
The Kingdom” (Graveyard Queen #2)  2012
The Prophet” (Graveyard Queen #3)  2012
“The Visitor” (Graveyard Queen #4)  2016
“The Sinner” (Graveyard Queen #5)  2016
“The Awakening” (Graveyard Queen #6)  2017




Robert Louis Stevenson

“Treasure Island”  1883
A Child’s Garden Of Verses”  Erik Blegvad  (illustrator)  1885
The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”  1886




Mary Stewart

“This Rough Magic”  1953

Madam, Will You Talk?”  1955
“Wildfire At Midnight”  1956
Thunder On The Right”  1957
“Nine Coaches Waiting”  1958




Ron Stewart

The Mystery Of The Lost Lemon Mine”  1993




Antoine De St. Exupéry

The Little Prince”  1943




Maggie Stiefvater

“Lament”  (Books Of Faerie #1)  2008
“Shiver”  (Wolves Of Mercy Falls #1)  2009
“Linger”  (Wolves Of Mercy Falls #2)  2010
“Forever”  (Wolves Of Mercy Falls #3)  2011
A Very Declan Christmas”  (Raven Cycle #0.2)  2018
300 Fox Way Holiday Piece”  (Raven Cycle #0.3)  2014
“A Minor Raven Boys Holiday Drabble”  (Raven Cycle #0.4)  2015
“The Raven Boys”  (Raven Cycle #01)  2012




Norman Stiles & Joe Mathieu

Grover’s Little Red Riding Hood”  1975





Kathy Stinson

Seven Clues In Pebble Creek”  1987

Dark Spring (Our Canadian Girl)”  2001





Simone St. James

The Haunting Of Maddy Clare”  2012
An Inquiry Into Love And Death”  2013
Silence For The Dead”  2014
The Other Side Of Midnight”  2015
Lost Among The Living”  2016
The Broken Girls”  2018




Genevieve St. John

The Ghost Of Channing House”  1967





Wylly Folk St. John

The Secrets Of Hidden Creek”  1966
The Mystery Of The Other Girl”  1971
The Ghost Next Door”  1971
Uncle Robert’s Secret”  1972
The Mystery Book Mystery”  1976




Penelope J. Stokes

The Wishing Jar”  2002





Jon Stone & Mike Smollin

The Monster At The End Of This Book”  1971





Rex Stout

Fer-De-Lance”  1934
The League Of Frightened Men”  1935
“The Rubber Band”  1936
“The Red Box”  1936
“Too Many Cooks”  1938




Chris Straw  (editor)

Basic Black’s Lonely Socks Club:  Tales From The Bottom Drawer”  2000





Tony Strobyl & Neil Boyle

Walt Disney’s Pluto”  1957





Gene S. Stuart

America’s Ancient Cities”  Richard A. Cook III (photographer) & H. Tom Hall (painter)  1988





Joel A. Sutherland (editor)  & Norman Lanting (illustrator)

“Haunted Canada 4:  More True Tales Of Terror”  2014




Robert Sutherland

Mystery At Black Rock Island”  1983
The Loon Lake Murders”  1987
The Ghost Of Ramshaw Castle”  1989
Death Island”  1994
If Two Are Dead”  1997




E.L. Swann

Night Gardening”  1999





Patrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi

The Time Of My Life”  2009
Worth Fighting For:  Love, Loss, And Moving Forward”  Lisa Niemi Swayze  2011





Leann Sweeney

The Cat, The Quilt, And The Corpse”  2009
The Cat, The Professor, And The Poison”  2010
The Cat, The Lady, And The Liar”  2011
“The Cat, The Wife, And The Weapon”  2012




Beverly Swerling

Bristol House”  2013




Evelyn Swetnam & Joan Allen

Baby’s First Book”  1973




Jonathan Swift

“Gulliver’s Travels”  1726




Julie Sykes & Tim Warnes

Hurry, Santa!  1998




Carol & Kristin Szuminsky

Andrew Goes Fishing In Manitoba”   Jack Brown  2008
Penny Visits Oak Hammock Marsh”  Jack Brown  2008









Bruce Talkington & Robbin Cuddy

Boo To You, Winnie The Pooh”  1996





Amy Tan

The Joy Luck Club”  1989
“The Kitchen God’s Wife”  1991
The Moon Lady”  Gretchen Schields  (illustrator)  1992
The Hundred Secret Senses”  1995
“The Bonesetter’s Daughter”  2001
“Saving Fish From Drowning”  2005




Kathy Kennedy Tapp

The Ghostmobile”  1987




Donna Tartt

“The Goldfinch”  2013





Cora Taylor

Yesterday’s Doll”  1987
“Ghost Voyages II”  2002




Lynda Taylor

Spanish Rhymes”  1996





Mary Ellen Taylor

The Union Street Bakery”  2013
“Sweet Expectations”  2013




Sarah Stewart Taylor

O’ Artful Death”  2003
“Mansions Of The Dead”  2004




Michael Teitelbaum & Ron Dias

Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty” (Little Golden Book)  1986




Josephine Tey

The Man In The Queue”  1929
“A Shilling For Candles”  1936




Edrick Thay  (editor)

“Weird Canadian Words:  How To Speak Canadian”  2004




Audrey Thomas

Graven Images”  1994




Christine Pullein-Thompson

Phantom Horse Goes To Ireland”  1972




Lauren Thompson & Buket Erdogan

Mouse’s First Christmas”  1999





Victoria Thompson

Murder On Astor Place”  1999
Murder On St. Mark’s Place”  2000
Murder On Gramercy Park”  2001
Murder On Washington Square”  2002
“Murder On Mulberry Bend”  2003
“Murder On Marble Row”  2004





Alan Titchmarsh

The Haunting”  2011





Emily Toll

Murder Will Travel”  2002
Murder Pans Out”  2003
“Fall Into Death”  2004




Ann Tompert & “Elfreda”

What Makes My Cat Purr?”  1965




Jan Thornhill

The Wildlife ABC:  A Nature Alphabet”  1988
Wild In The City”  1995




George Fyler Townsend

Aesop’s Fables”  1846




Kari Lee Townsend

Tempest In The Tea Leaves”  2011




John Rowe Townsend

The Hidden Treasure”  (“Tom Tiddler’s Ground”)  1985




Justin Trudeau

Common Ground”  2014




Jenny Tulip

Der Stall Von Bethlehem”  1993




Elsie G. Turnbull

Ghost Towns And Drowned Towns Of West Kootenay”  1988




Ann Turner

Rosemary’s Witch”  1991




Nicola Tuxworth

Farm Animals (A Very First Picture Book)”  1996






V –


Robert Van De Weyer

Celtic Praise”  1998




Carrie Vaughn

Alchemy”  2017  (March 8 “”)





Barbara Venkataraman

Death By Digeridoo”   2013
The Case Of The Killer Divorce”  2013
Peril In The Park”  2013
“Engaged In Danger”  2015




Jules Verne

“20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”  (“Vingt-mille Lieues Sous Les Mers”)  1869
A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth”  (“Voyage Au Centre De La Terre”)  1864





Steve Vernon

Haunted Harbours:  Ghost Stories Of Old Nova Scotia”  2006




Larry Verstraete

“Extreme Science”  2000
Survivors!  True Death-Defying Escapes”  2003
Lost Treasures:  True Stories Of Discovery”  2006




View-Master Ideal Group

A Day With The Animals”  1986




Doreen Virtue

Healing With The Angels:  How The Angels Can Assist You In Every Area Of Your Life”  1999











Viola Wahlstedt

A Present For Granny”  1965




Lea Wait

Shadows At The Fair”  2002




Constance Walker

The Shimmering Stones Of Winter’s Light”  1991




Pamela Wallin & Anne Bayin

The Comfort Of Cats”  2003




Darryll Walsh

Ghosts Of Nova Scotia”  2000




Jill Paton Walsh

The Wyndham Case”  1993
A Piece Of Justice”  1995




Walt Disney Productions

Mickey Mouse And The Mousketeers, Ghost Town Adventure”  1977
Donald Duck Et La Boîte Magique”  1978




Jo Walton

The Jump Rope Rhyme”  2016




Ruth Ware

In A Dark, Dark Wood”  2015





Elle Andra-Warner

The Mounties:  Tales Of Adventure And Danger From The Early Days”  2004
Robert Service:  A Great Canadian Poet’s Romance With The North”  2004




Mignon Warner

A Medium For Murder”  1976
“The Tarot Murders”  1978




James Watling & Laurie Steding

Birthstones”  1995




David Weale

Doors In The Air”  Pierre Pratt (illustrator)  2012




Phyllis Webb

Selected Poems:  The Vision Tree”  1982





Wendy Webb

The Tale Of Halcyon Crane”  2010
The Fate Of Mercy Alban”  2013
The Vanishing”  2014





Richard Webster

“Practical Guide To Past-Life Memories:  12 Proven Methods”  2001
Your Psychic Pet: Developing Psychic Communication With Your Pet”  2002





Frances Shelley Wees

Mystery Of The Secret Tunnel”  (“Mystery In Newfoundland”)  1965





Oscar Weigle  (editor)

“Kitten And Cat Stories To Read Aloud”  Elizabeth Dauber (illustrator)  1963





Lisl Weil

The Riddle Monster”  1981





Larry Weinberg

Ghost Hotel”  1994





Wendy Welch

The Little Bookstore Of Big Stone Gap”  2012




Rosemary Wells

Through The Hidden Door”  1987




Patricia Wentworth

“A Marriage Under The Terror”  1910
“Grey Mask”  1929
“The Case Is Closed”  1937




Emily & Joe West

Eerie Tales Of The Old West”  1991





Robert Westall

Ghost Abbey”  1988





June Wetherell

The House On Cabra”  1966
Night Of Secrets”  1977





Betty White

“The Leading Lady:  Dinah’s Story”  Tom Sullivan  1991
“Here We Go Again:  My Life In Television”  1995





Elwyn Brooks White

Stuart Little”  1945
Charlotte’s Web”  1952
“The Trumpet Of The Swan”  1970





Karen White

The House On Tradd Street”  2008
The Girl On Legare Street”  2009
“The Lost Hours”  2009
The Strangers On Montagu Street”  2011
Return To Tradd Street”  2014
“Flight Patterns”  2016
The Guests On South Battery”  2017
“The Christmas Spirits On Tradd Street”  2019

“”  2019

“”  2019




Lucie Whitehouse

The House At Midnight”  2008





Bron Whitley

Layla Learns To Be Brave”  2015





Phyllis A. Whitney

The Red Carnelian”  1943
Mystery Of The Strange Traveler”  1949
The Mystery Of The Gulls”  1949
Linda’s Homecoming”  1950
Step To The Music”  1953
Mystery Of The Black Diamonds”  1954
The Quicksilver Pool”  1955
Mystery On The Isle Of Skye”  1955
The Trembling Hills”  1956
Mystery Of The Green Cat”  1957
Skye Cameron”  1957
“The Moonflower”  1958
Secret Of The Samurai Sword”  1958
“Mystery Of The Haunted Pool”  1960
“Secret Of The Tiger’s Eye”  1961
Blue Fire”  1961
Mystery Of The Golden Horn”  1962
“Mystery Of The Hidden Hand”  1963
Sea Jade”  1964
Black Amber”  1964
“Mystery Of The Angry Idol”  1965
“Columbella”  1966
“Secret Of The Spotted Shell”  1967
“Secret Of Goblin Glen”  1968
“Silverhill”  1967
“Hunter’s Green”  1968
“The Mystery Of The Crimson Ghost”  1969
“Secret Of The Missing Footprint”  1969
“The Winter People”  1969
“Lost Island”  1970
“The Vanishing Scarecrow”  1971
“Listen For The Whisperer”  1971
Nobody Likes Trina”  1972
“Snowfire”  1973
“Mystery Of The Scowling Boy”  1973
“The Turquoise Mask”  1974
“Spindrift”  1975
The Golden Unicorn”  1976
“The Stone Bull”  1977
“Secret Of The Stone Face”  1977
“The Glass Flame”  1978
“Domino”  1979
“Ponciana”  1980
“Vermilion”  1980
Guide To Fiction Writing”  1982
“Emerald”  1983
“Rainsong”  1984
“Dream Of Orchids”  1985
“Flaming Tree”  1985
“Silversword”  1987
“Feather On The Moon”  1988
“Rainbow In The Mist”  1989
“The Singing Stones”  1990
“Woman Without A Past”  1991
“The Ebony Swan”  1992





Tanneke Wigersma & Nynke Mare Talsma

Baby Brother”  2005




Lady Jane Francesca Wilde

Irish Cures, Mystic Charms”  1991





Mike Wilkins & Jeff Wakefield

Je Suis Un Canard”  1975





Linda Williams

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything”  Megan Lloyd (illustrator)  1986





Marta Williams

Learning Their Language:  Intuitive Communication With Animals And Nature”  2003
Beyond Words:  Talking With Animals And Nature”  2005





Carolyn Wilson

The Scent Of Lilacs”  1966





Eric Wilson

Murder On The Canadian”  1976
Vancouver Nightmare”  1978
Terror In Winnipeg”  1979
The Lost Treasure Of Casa Loma”  1979
The Ghost Of Lunenburg Manor”  1981
Disneyland Hostage”  1982
The Kootenay Kidnapper”  1983
Summer Of Discovery”  1984
Vampires Of Ottawa”  1984
Spirit In The Rainforest”  1985
The Unmasking Of ’Ksan”  1986
The Green Gables Detectives”  1987
Code Red At The Supermall”  1988
Cold Midnight In Vieux Québec”  1989
The Ice Diamond Quest”  1990
The Prairie Dog Conspiracy”  1992
The St. Andrews Werewolf”  1993
The Case Of The Golden Boy”  1994
The Inuk Mountie Adventure”  1995
Escape From Big Muddy”  1997
The Emily Carr Mystery”  2001




Graham Wilson

The Klondike Gold Rush:  Photographs From 1896 – 1899”  1997




John Wilson

Ghosts Of James Bay”  2006




Serge Wilson

Mini Finfouin Et La Mère Crochu”  1982




Corvus Winchester

The Monsters Within”  2013





Elizabeth Winthrop

The Castle In The Attic”  1985





Mildred A. Wirt  (Carolyn Keene)

  1. The Secret Of The Old Clock”  1930
    02. “The Hidden Staircase”  1930
    03.  “The Bungalow Mystery”  1930
    04.  “The Mystery At Lilac Inn”  1930
    05.  “The Secret Of Shadow Ranch”  1931
    06.  “The Secret Of Red Gate Farm”  1931
    07.  “The Clue In The Diary”  1932
    08. “Nancy’s Mysterious Letter”  (Walter Karig)  1932
    09.  “The Sign Of The Twisted Candles“  (Walter Karig)  1933
    10.  “The Password To Larkspur Lane”  (Walter Karig)  1933
    11.  “The Clue Of The Broken Locket”  1934
    12.  “The Message In The Hollow Oak”  1935
    13.  “The Mystery Of The Ivory Charm”  1936
    14.  “The Whispering Statue”  1937
    15.  “The Haunted Bridge”  1937
    16.  “The Clue Of The Tapping Heels”  1939
    17.  “The Mystery Of The Brass-Bound Trunk”  1940
    18.  “The Mystery At The Moss-Covered Mansion”  1941
    19.  “The Quest Of The Missing Map”  1942
    20.  “The Clue In The Jewel Box”  1943
    21.  “The Secret In The Old Attic”  1944
    22.  “The Clue In The Crumbling Wall”  1945




Lisa Wojna

“Canadian Inventions:  Fantastic Feats & Quirky Contraptions”  2004
Great Canadian Women:  Nineteen Portraits Of Extraordinary Women”  2005
“Bathroom Book Of Canadian Quotes:  Humorous, Witty, Ridiculous, & Inspiring”  Roger Garcia  (illustrator)  2005




Alyssa Wong

God Product”  2017  (March 8 “”)





Catherine Woolley

Ginnie & The Mystery House”  1957





Betty Ren Wright

The Dollhouse Murders”  1983
“Ghosts Beneath Our Feet”  1984
Christina’s Ghost”  1985
A Ghost In The Window”  1987
“The Pike River Phantom”  1988
The Ghost Of Ernie P.”  1990
A Ghost In The House”  1991
The Scariest Night”  1991
The Ghosts Of Mercy Manor”  1993
The Ghosts Of Popcorn Hill”  1993
“The Ghost Witch”  1993
“The Ghost Comes Calling”  1994
Too Many Secrets”  1997
“A Ghost In The Family”  1998
“Crandalls’ Castle”  2003




Eric Wright

The Night The Gods Smiled”  1983
Smoke Detector”  1984
Death In The Old Country”  1985
A Single Death”  1986
A Body Surrounded By Water”  1987
A Question Of Murder”  1988
A Sensitive Case”  1990
Final Cut”  1991
A Fine Italian Hand”  1992
“Death By Degrees”  1993
“Death Of A Sunday Writer”  1996
Buried In Stone”  1996
“Death On The Rocks”  1999
“Always Give A Penny To A Blind Man”  1999
“The Kidnapping Of Rosie Dawn”  2000
Death Of A Hired Man”  2001




Lance Wubbels

If Only I Knew:  Gentle Reminders To Help You Treasure The People In Your Life”  2002




Rose Wyler & Gerald Ames

Spooky Tricks”  1968




Sarah Wynde

A Gift Of Ghosts”  2011









Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

How Do Dinosaurs Count To Ten?”  2004
How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats?”  2010




Carol Beach York

The Ghost Of The Isherwoods”  1966
The Witch Lady Mystery”  1976
When Midnight Comes”  1979
The Secret”  1984




Gwen Randall-Young

Dancing Soul:  The Voice Of Spirit Evolving”  1995








Z –


Carlos Luiz Zafón

The Shadow Of The Wind”  (“La Sombra Del Viento”)  2001
“The Angel’s Game”  (“El Juego Del Ángel”)  2008
Two-Minute Apocalypse”  2015




Harriet Ziefert & Richard Brown

Nicky’s Picnic”  1986




Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Pooh Welcomes Winter”   Robbin Cuddy  (illustrator)  1997
Safe At Home With Pooh”  Robbin Cuddy  (illustrator)  1998




Allan Zullo

“True Tales Of Animal Heroes”  1988
Haunted Pets”  1995




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