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Critical Statistics We Must Not Skip

When a Covid-19 vaccine was invented, we were relieved.  We were cautioned that it is not an antidote for the virus and does not provide immunity against it.  It does not make the vaccinated less contagious than anyone else, nor … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s Canadian Reading 2021

I am happy to rejoin my Ontario friend, Shonna, who is the very wonderful, creative hostess of the Canadian Reading Challenge theme.  Here is to year #15!  Human rights, animal rights, colourful cultures and lands, memory, friendship, and literature:  here … Continue reading


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Manitoba’s April Magic!

We are already seeing our way through the magical month of April.  Although I call my birthday month, November, magical because I feel like it belongs to me and powerfully marks when I was born:  March and April in Manitoba … Continue reading

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A Winter Birthday Reflection!

Happy November and in three days’ time:  happy birthday to me, Carolyn! This year 2016 has been good.  Legends like Doris Roberts (who isn’t mentioned enough), David Bowie, Glen Fry, and Leonard Cohen have departed but personally:  like a summer … Continue reading

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About gardening, from Manitoba!

Hello from the sunny spring of Manitoba!  How are you? I enjoy thinking my readers are likely gardening now as Ron & I are.  To share a little about that with you:  we live in what is called “Hardiness Zone … Continue reading

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Ethereal, Gentle Spectrums: show your seasons!

It’s time for the festivities of “ETHEREAL” and “GENTLE SPECTRUMS“! This prize activity is for all members:  whether or not you have begun posting reviews, or are finished. There is nothing more special than learning about where our peers live.  Let’s show our seasons!  Photos don’t need to be new.  You … Continue reading

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My home and native land.

I’d like a lot more people around the world to know about my country and its celebration.  Our birthday July 1st is  “CANADA DAY“!  This article’s title refers to the first line of our national anthem, originally composed in French.  Like our … Continue reading

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