Ethereal, Gentle Spectrums: show your seasons!

It’s time for the festivities of “ETHEREAL” and “GENTLE SPECTRUMS“!
This prize activity is for all members:  whether or not you have begun posting reviews, or are finished.

There is nothing more special than learning about where our peers live.  Let’s show our seasons!  Photos don’t need to be new.  You may use a link you already have.  This is easy so everyone jumps in.  If you don’t take many, or your country doesn’t change, a current photo of your region is great.


– Comment with a link, anywhere that is membership-free.
(ie  I can’t open ‘facebook’).  In lieu of a blog, you could store shots at Photobucket and send us there.  Describe where & when your scenes are.  :-)  Mention:  “I’m from Ethereal”, “I’m from Gentle Spectrums”, “I’m from both”.

Alternatively, you could put photos on our Goodreads companion group.
It was set-up to accommodate activities just like this.

I will draw a prize winner for each group on Tuesday, July 15th, 2014!
* We aren’t adding photos directly to this page because I’m on slow speed internet.




We are prairie forestland.  It took this long for the snow to melt.  It was so deep:  see a mallard couple swimming in our field!  Compost is in the background.

Two Mallards April 25-14
SPRING:  South-Eastern Manitoba ~ April 25, 2014


This is a long, diagonal vista of our gorgeous autumn.  My “circle flower garden” is in the centre and a birdbath to the far left.  Behind it is that compost pile corner.

Richer Yard Oct-2-12
AUTUMN:  South-Eastern Manitoba ~ October 2, 2012


There is snow well through March.  My fiancé shovels a path, for our cats and us to walk our property.  The birdbath is stored so it doesn’t crack in -20 Celcius.

East Vista March-13-14
WINTER:  South-Eastern Manitoba ~ March 13, 2014


Here we are exactly last month.  In the Canadian prairies, every week is a race to flourish!  Now there is a plethora of buds, lushness, and flowers that weren’t yet in evidence here.  Thank you for visiting my home.  :)

East Lawn June 9, 2014
SUMMER:  South-Eastern Manitoba ~ June 9, 2014


Comments are welcome from everyone.  I am excited to make conversation about what I’ve shown of my home.  It’s my reward.  Ready, set?  SHOW YOUR SEASONS!



Rain Jeys shared 4 vivid seasons, where she lived (visited?) in the USA.
Nina shot a bright, urban, Black Sea vista for us from Burgas, Bulgaria.
Ladies, congratulations.  Thank you both very much for playing!


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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9 Responses to Ethereal, Gentle Spectrums: show your seasons!

  1. Topcho says:

    Cute ducky! I’m curious to see the photos of the other participants, tho I don’t have much to offer, lol XD I guess I need to go and take some photos. I’ll make a post this weekend and report back then :)

    • I’m very proud to show my home for starters. :) Use older pictures if you want. My autumn vista is from 2012 because it is really good. I look forward to whatever you show! I’ve never seen any part of your country.

      • Topcho says:

        Ah, now this is a mystery worth reading – “Where did all of my photos go?” I am a terrible photographer ( and about 90 % of the pictures I take are of crafts) and in the same time I am very messy when it comes to sorting and keeping the files. I kept postponing in hope I’d find something for the other seasons. But I better post this actual photos before I lose it too!

        So this is – a very boring, especially compared to yours – photo of what I see from the balcony! I live in Burgas, a city on the Black sea shore. We’re on the eight floor, and 15 minutes from the beach, so we got a view to the building, but we can also see the sea and ships from here.
        I will still try to make a more decent blog post, but for now it seems it will have to consist only of summer pictures. I am not that surprised – if you ask me, winter is for drinking hot tea and reading, not making photos, lol!

        P.P. Thanks for all the review links for the challenges. Wow!
        I will try to fix that link title you mentioned :)

  2. Our east field is solely space and forest, which Ron & I love. The flower hill is there and natural marsh but our vegetable gardens lie elsewhere. I would incorporate those through an activity for all my subscribers. I want to see everyone else’s as much as I will love presenting mine.

    • Great to hear from you, Rain! I can’t wait to chat about the style of your craft, the awesome Mom you mentioned, and how you are. I’ll soon do an activity specifically geared for we ladies of Ethereal. It was time I woke my two smaller groups up. :) Thanks for being first entrant! If Pennsylvania is one of your homes, good enough for me. I’ll look at those and will enjoy seeing your reviews roll in. THIS is the challenge where I will be most enticed to read what my guests bring.

  3. Nina, this is a gorgeous photo! Beautiful trees filling in space between tall buildings and water is visible. Dated this week? Am I almost seeing The Black Sea? You really live there? Wow!!!! It isn’t boring to this gal. Thank you for playing! Unless others enter by tomorrow night: Rain is the sole representative for Ethereal, which would leave Nina to represent Gentle Spectrums. I would very much like to see our other friends’ homes. We’ll see if they’re searching for photographs like you.

  4. Argh! I never check my comments in time and completely missed this. I tend to delete the buttons of short term challenges (Sorry!) if I didn’t my blog would get far too cluttered. I’ll check out what you have going on now and at the very least add you to my blogroll.

    • Our challenge theme isn’t short-term. It goes to February 28, 2015, more than a year. Most importantly, it isn’t one in which nothing happens after planting a review page. I understand about siphoning dormant ones. I love responding to chitchat and your reviews are put to use in a menu at the very top of my blog. It’s a treat to hear from you, Carolyn.

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