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Critical Statistics We Must Not Skip

When a Covid-19 vaccine was invented, we were relieved.  We were cautioned that it is not an antidote for the virus and does not provide immunity against it.  It does not make the vaccinated less contagious than anyone else, nor … Continue reading

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Funny Cornwall Arrival!

We all enjoy humour and it is the note striven for in television interviews.  Have you ever imagined which funny anecdote you would tell?  For my birthday today:  I am going to tell a light-hearted instance of ridiculous timing, that … Continue reading

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Are you an earnest listener?

We made two of our closest friends seventeen years ago.  Yes, I have a strong memory for dates, personal moments, the stories of novels and films….  details generally.  The only aspect at which I am less strong is memorizing a … Continue reading

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