Manitoba’s April Magic!

We are already seeing our way through the magical month of April.  Although I call my birthday month, November, magical because I feel like it belongs to me and powerfully marks when I was born:  March and April in Manitoba are diverse in a way you couldn’t believe if you didn’t visit or live here.  The proverb about March is:  “In like a lamb, out like a lion” or the reverse and I can tell you that it is true!  If it starts out warm, even with snow melting; temperatures dip later.  Spring and summer enthusiasts hope for the reverse.

I love warm weather and am a garden-lover but wildlife-lovers appreciate and treasure all months.  There are birds and tableaux we only see in winter and we have to say, a reduction in neighbour’s dogs and kids being out.  We value quiet.  Rain and any inclement weather protects us similarly, freeing us to open windows, be outside, and read in peace.  We believe our neighbour is convinced to finally try anti-bark training collars so we are never blasted again, when we chat aloud and step out our doors.

April has the final word on the metamorphosis of our seasons, capable of surprising us even more.  We awaken to different sketches of the landscapes of our home every day!  We have hit +20C, which is already summer weather and I have indeed sat in the sun wearing shorts.  Pine siskens are still with us and purple finches and juncos were only away briefly.  The robins and black birds are back too, perennial flowerbed plants have been growing, the grass was well on its way to being green.  Our earliest three kinds of frogs have been singing strongly right until last night: wood frogs, peepers, and Borealis chorus frogs.  Today?  Have a look at this beautiful, graceful surprise and sparkling energy.  One more time, the birds, cats, and I can play and delight in this very special blanket.


A north east view of what is a back yard to us, from the east door of our house.


You are seeing a dry, budding Manitoba receive 30 centimetres of snow in one day!  This is the magic and surprise of April’s final word on winter changing to spring.  How does it look where you live today?  Share a link to small or medium phographs (this is slow-speed internet).  Explain the climate and geography of your home! I am in Southern Manitoba, in central Canada but also called Western Canada or the prairies.  Prairieland and marshland abound, even in our cities but there is lots of forestland too and that is where I live.  Our hardiness zone for gardening is 3, which means we dare not plant gardens before mid-May but we go ahead with cool weather or early-blooming vegetables, like peas, the first week.


North:  space between our house and library, which is west of our house and front door.


In the country and in the forest, there is always a beautiful animal to welcome and a beautiful scene to see.  We keep our property free of a junk-looking environmen that we see elsewhere.  We established one place for piling and storing things out-of-doors.  It is behind our second building, our workshop & library.  You see no clutter unless you walk up to our one storage zone.  We’re striving to eventually say the same about our small house but all around us outside, I am so proud and inspired by how free and natural it stays.

This week is Earth day and this spring, Ron & I will again plant extra flowers to help strengthen our province’s colonies of bees.  Gladdening your heart and helping little creatures has a much more powerful purpose than smelling and looking lovely.  Any of your own love and colour that you add to the world, even in pots that you can set upon doorsteps or apartment balconies;  matters a great deal.

In apartment life before we left the city, Ron & I took tremendous pleasure in leaving a tin pie plate full of birdseed for the house sparrows common to cities and our two elder cats, who have moved with us, were thrilled to see them too.  Give city kitties something to look at and don’t worry about them catching birds if you let them rush outside to the balcony.  Sparrows are fast!  :)  I visited and brought as much nature as we could to our city life and am thrilled to be where nature densely lives now.  I would love to hear about the nature you protect and boost around your homes.

I am loving this weather today and the junkos and other birds seem to be playing around in it delightedly.  Our six cats are sticking indoors!  Go figure:  they were born and raised in this province as much as us and our eldest is a snowshoe Siamese, no less!  McCartney is hanging out with me and peeking at the door with me frequently while I take pictures and enjoy the view.  Our sixteen year-old always has been our most playful kitty, although I did encourage Spirit, Marigold, and Petal to relax in our library building;  which meant walking down our snowy sidewalk.  Happy spring, whatever it’s stage at your place!


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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5 Responses to Manitoba’s April Magic!

  1. Beautiful pictures. We are still in our drought. They said it’s one of the driest periods we’ve had in this area in recorded history over a six month period.

    The birds sound cute – we have a stray outdoor cat who kills the local birds so we don’t dare have a birdfeeder here, but they can be interesting to watch when spotted.

    • I keep at our cats every day to steer them from our birdfeeders. If I chase six a million times a day, it can be done! They are allowed to zoom over there if I shout “Squirrel!” They do chase those little guys without touching them. Chase your local stray a few times and all you will have to do is say “Get out” or “Leave the birds” and he’ll get it. I would send you water if I could. We have a well we can run as much as we want (as long as the electricity is on to pump it) and well water is free; ours.

      So happy you looked at those photographs of my home and commented here! A lot of nice, naturaly space, isn’t it? :) We are already green and blooming now. That is part of the magic.

  2. Carolyn,

    You’re an excellent writer. Your vivid descriptions make me want to visit! I love the pictures you chose–especially the kitties walking along the snow-covered path.

    Although I was born and raised in Massachusetts and, therefore, familiar with late season snow, I currently reside in central Florida and LOVE it! It’s pretty much summer all the time. Of course, we do have a few days here and there during the winter months where I need to wear jeans and my zip-up hoodie but, thankfully, I mostly live in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops.

    Because of the weather and the blessing of our little plot of land’s many trees and bushes, I don’t need to put out food for the birds, squirrels, lizards or any other creatures that are plentiful around our home. Nuts and berries and blossoms and water are abundant, so we are constantly entertained by the antics of all those who nest in the trees or seek shelter on our front porch.

    I took a couple of pictures to share with you, but I don’t see how I can attach them to this post. Maybe I need a wordpress account? Anyway, you can be sure that there is plenty of greenery in central Florida in May! :)

    I have favorited your blog so I can check back from time to time. Thank you!

    Your goodreads friend,

    • I want to also say I am happy you noticed the kitties along the path: my blog’s principal banner for 6 years. There is an anniversary post in which I show the whole photograph from whence it comes. An appreciative subscriber means the world for all these things. My babies were on their first snow outing, which is why their tails look electrified with excitement! The white is Love that December 2010, who at least became an adult for nearly 4 years. The orange is his young Mom, Marigold. I think we also see sister Petal, orange. Missing from the left of this banner’s limitations is Siamese, McCartney, now 16. One of my favourite memories is how they walked around with me and still do. I am glad I got that incredible photograph of it.

  3. Bonnie, thank you for a sweet message! Having you to chat with at Goodreads makes my sharing gratifying and I look foward to comments or “likes” daily. I do book- and challenge-related articles from time to time but I’m glad you’re here because you will find I compose general articles about whatever comes to mind. You have me longing to visit where YOU live! If you don’t run a blog, you can make a free account at and store pictures there, then leave me the links. You could also add photos to your Goodreads profile and tell me when they’re there.

    In summer food and water are abundant for birds and deer here too. But while we take a break from deer to preserve our four food gardens (the Mothers stick close to their babies until August anyway), we feed birds year round. We love a close look at them. I wish we had a huge acreage away from neighbours. However we do our best to live in harmony and certainly are among forest dwellers. It’s wonderful to live in the place where others consider it a special drive to camp! I’m happy to make a friend of you too, Bonnie! Carolyn

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