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I am an ongoing member of the Canadian reading challenge run by my friend, Shonna, in Ontario.  I love acquainting and supporting the Canadian arts and frequently find names I had never heard of, at book charity sales.  Some are local to me, self-published, and old.  Canadian work is wonderfully unique and well worth hearing about.  My blog review menu is the place to seek a variety of rare, oddball, and famous authors in a great mix.

Shonna, your portrait of your husband in the north is beautiful and exotically inspiring!  Oh, to stand in such a wondrous place!

In my quartet of reading themes, I always host a Canadian category.  This year 2020, I am taking a break from my groups for the first time since I built them.  My dear Mom has ascended to Heaven.  I need to heal and reflect, when I miss her the most and adjust to the biggest change of a family’s life.  Here is to you, my precious Mom!

~ ~

The books I finished.

The Halifax Public Gardens”  Arthur Carter / The Friends Of The Public Gardens  2008
The Dangerous Dollhouse”  Sarah Gordon  1988
The Sandhills Of Carberry”  John E. Dubois  1976
Anne Of Avonlea”  L.M. Montgomery  1909
Pockets”  Amal El-Mohtar  2015
The Truth About Owls”  Amal El-Mohtar  2014
Regretfully Invited”  Jan L. Mayes  2018
The Weed That Strings The Hangman’s Bag”  Alan Bradley  2010
Wing”  Amal El-Mohtar  2012
(10)  “Madeleine”  Amal El-Mohtar  2015

The Green Book”  Amal El-Mohtar  2010
The Egyptian Mirror”  Michael Bedard  2020
Murder At Malenfer”  Iain McChesney  2013
A Trick Of The Light”  Louise Penny  2011
Extra-Ordinary:  Stories Of Manitobans With Down Syndrome”  Jordan Power & Darnell Collins (photography)  2015
Sleight Of Paw”  Sofie Kelly  2011
Threshing:  The Early Years Of Harvesting”  Faye Reineberg Holt  1999
While The Clock Ticked”  Leslie McFarlane  1932
Anabasis”  Amal El-Mohtar  2017
(20) “Great Canadian Women:  Nineteen Portraits Of Extraordinary Women”  Lisa Wojna  2005

Margot’s Room”  Emily Carroll  2011
Crazy Canadian Trivia 2”  Pat Hancock  2005
The Green Angels”  Nicky Millard  1985
Anne Of The Island”  Lucy Maud Montgomery  1915
Mr. Thursday”  Emily St. John Mandel  2017
Back To The Future:  The Story”  Robert Loren Fleming  1985
The Cat Psychologist:  Understanding Your Cat”  Mardie MacDonald  1990
The Convivial Codfish”  Charlotte MacLeod  1984
Made In Canada:  101 Amazing Achievements”  Bev Spencer  2003
(30) “Burying Ariel”  Gail Bowen  2000

Where Nests The Water Hen”  Gabrielle Roy  1950
Why Do Golfers Yell Fore?  That’s A Good Question!”  Ty Reynolds  1992
Your Body’s Telling You:  Love Yourself!” (“Ton Corps Dit:  Aime-Toi!”)  Lise Bourbeau  1997
The Alpine Path:  The Story Of My Career”  Lucy Maud Montgomery  1917
Bathroom Book Of Cat Trivia:  Humorous, Heartwarming, Weird, & Amazing”  Diana MacLeod & Peter Tyler (illustrator)  2007
Windward Island”  Karleen Bradford  1989
Shipwreck”  (Murdoch #0.5)  Maureen Jennings  2010
The Themis Files Archive File No. 002” (Themis Files #0.5)  Sylvain Neuvel  2017
The Hare’s Bride”  Emily Carroll  2010
(40)  “Ancient Lights”  Algernon Blackwood  1914

~ ~

Previous participation

I used to use my Canadian review menu for this reading challenge.  Here, I will make an ideal place to browse Canadian books I read previously, by year:  beginning with 2019.  I hit upon all of our provinces and territories, except the new geographic division of Nunavut!

Night Travellers”  Sandra Birdsell  1982
Cirak’s Daughter”  Charlotte MacLeod  1982
The Hangman”  Louise Penny  2010
A Fine Italian Hand”  Eric Wright  1992
The Night Gardener”  Jonathan Auxier  2014
The Promise Of The Unicorn”  Vicki Blum  2002
The Gargoyle”  Andrew Davidson  2008
There Was An Old Woman”  Howard Engel  1993
Tunnels Of Time”  Mary Harelkin Bishop  2000
(10)  “Verdict In Blood”  Gail Bowen  1988

The Shadowy Horses”  Susanna Kearsley  1997
Haunted Canada 3:  More True Ghost Stories”  Pat Hancock  2007
Ghost Stories Of Hollywood”  Barbara Smith & Arlana Anderson-Hale  2000
Hallowe’en Trivia:  Ghosts, Ghouls, Skeletons, Vampires, Witches, Graveyards, Spiders, Zombies, Haunted Houses”  Tonya Lambert  2010
Darling, Pass The Darjeeling”  Pauline Lawson  2004
Haunted Canada 2:  True Tales Of Terror”  Pat Hancock  2005
Caramba”  Marie-Louise Gay  2005
The Tree That Grew To The Moon”  Eugenie Fernandes  1994
Safe At Home With Pooh”  Kathleen W. Zoehfeld & Robbin Cuddy  1998
(20)  “From Warsaw To Winnipeg:  A Tale Of Two Cities”  Stefan A. Carter  2011

Dancing Soul:  The Voice Of Spirit Evolving”  Gwen Randall-Young  1995
Ghost Towns And Drowned Towns Of West Kootenay”  Elsie G. Turnbull  1988
Georgie”  Christiane Duchesne (traductrice) & Robert Bright  1944
The Wildlife ABC:  A Nature Alphabet”  Jan Thornhill  1988
Whitehorse, The Wilderness City”  Ione J. Christensen  1989
My Cat:  A Scrapbook Of Drawings, Photos, And Facts”  Marilyn Baillie & Brenda Clark  1993
Birthstones”  James Watling & Laurie Steding  1995
Canada’s Peaceful Places”  Canadian Heritage  1985
Firefly Time:  The Art And Poetry Of Emilee N. Horn (Carter)”  Emilee Carter  2015
Anne Of Green Gables”  L.M. Montgomery  1908
(31)  “Ghosts Of The Titanic”  Julie Lawson  2011

Canadian Literature 2012 / 2013


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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8 Responses to Carolyn’s Canadian Reading

  1. Elyse Walters says:

    Love it. And I hope you’re doing well Carolyn 💕

    Big super hugs. 📚❤️📚❤️

    Love Elyse

    On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 11:00 AM RIEDEL FASCINATION wrote:

    > RIEDEL Fascination posted: “I am an ongoing member of the Canadian reading > challenge run by my friend, Shonna, in Ontario. I love reading, > acquainting, and supporting the Canadian arts and frequently find names I > had never heard of, at book charity sales. Some are local to me, sel” >

  2. FictionFan says:

    There’s so much good writing coming out of Canada recently – unfortunately not all of it gets published here in the UK, but I’m always tempted by the Canadian bloggers I follow. I see you’ve not been blogging recently – will you be coming back to it, do you think?

    • Hi! I am grateful to every subscriber. Shall I call you “Fiction Fan”? I am Carolyn. Canada has long had award-winning authors and I am happy you pursue them. My answer is fourfold: yes, I am an article writer but sporadic. I post when I have something special to say.

      I tone that down by reviewing at Goodreads and making a database of my URLs here. My subscribers do not receive notifications of posts in individual book reviews. Article ideas often spring to mind, about much more than books. I will start the habit of writing them and uploading afterwards. Second, I have rural dial-up internet and WordPress has periods of not loading! I gather that taking 4 hours to download the newest version of Google Chrome might help but connection speed is limited. For years, I ran a reading challenge quartet.

      There are two poignant reasons for a pause. My dear Mom ascended to the afterlife from mini-strokes last January. To my disbelief and pain, our dear son-like cat, Spirit, ascended at home this January, from stomach cancer. Like most of our blogs, I share part personal, part topical and always reply earnestly. I love making friends and opening up about life. Sincerely, Carolyn.

      • FictionFan says:

        Most people call me FF – I started using FictionFan online so long ago now that it’s more or less become my name!

        So sorry to hear about your recent losses. It’s always hard, but even harder when you haven’t had time to fully grieve for one before having to face another.

  3. I am grateful for the respect and kindness of your condolences. I cling to kindness, warmth, and respect; with two of my brightest lights no longer on Earth with me. Our Moms are monumental changes to deal with and our son-like Spirit is the dearest cat and son you can imagine. He should have had 10 more years without cancer. May mini-strokes and cancer be cured fast. Gratefully, Carolyn.

  4. shonnaf says:

    Glad to have you back with the challenge again this year. I always see books in your choices that are different and interesting as well as some favourites. Enjoy!

    • Dear Shonna, it is lovely to see another photograph of you and to receive your compliment about my wide variety. Thank you for paying a visit to my post from the last year, of Canadian reading.

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