Canadian Literature 2012 / 2013

It was great to discover ‘reading challenges’ in summer 2012:  activities for a solitary endeavour.  A blog host designates a quantity and theme.  Most follow the calendar year.  The Canadian provides respite July 1 to July 1, our national holiday.
I thought I’d combine this year’s and my previous list of material.  Hop aboard.  :)


July 2012 ~ Tripled the 13-book request!

01) “Ghosts Of Nova Scotia”  Darryll Walsh  2000
02) “A Killer Read”  Erika Chase  2012

           Lyn Hamilton
03) “The Xibalba Murders”  1997
04) “The Maltese Goddess”  1998
05) “The Moche Warrior”  1999
06) “The Celtic Riddle”  2000

           Robert Sutherland
07) “Mystery At Black Rock Island”  1983
08) “The Loon Lake Murders”  1987
09) “The Ghost Of Ramshaw Castle”  1989

10) “Le Matou Marin”  Tim Wynne-Jones  1983
11) “Street Of Riches”  Gabrielle Roy  1955
12) “A War Bride’s Story, Risking It All For Love”  Cynthia J. Faryon  2004

          Christel Kleitsch
13) “Dancing Feathers”  1985
14) “A Time To Be Brave”  1985

          Charlotte MacLeod
15) “Rest You Merry”  1978
16) “The Luck Runs Out”  1979
17) “Wrack And Rune”  1982

18) “The Dragon Children”  Bryan Buchan  1975
19) “Marie-Anne Lagimodière”  Irene Turnier Gordon  2004
20) “The Hatbox Letters”  Beth Powning  2004
21) “For The Birds”  Dr. Paul Hiebert  1980

          Mordecai Richler
22) “Jacob Two-Two Meets Hooded Fang”  1975
23) “Jacob Two-Two & The Dinosaur”  1987

          Eric Wilson
24) “Murder On The Canadian”  1976
25) “Vancouver Nightmare”  1978
26) “The Case Of The Golden Boy”  1994
27) “Disneyland Hostage”  1982
28) “The Ghost Of Lunenburg Manor”  1981
29) “The Kootenay Kidnapper”  1983
30) “Summer Of Discovery”  1984
31) “Spirit In The Rainforest”  1985

32) “Forward, Shakespeare!”  Jean Little  2005
33) “Graven Images”  Audrey Thomas  1994
34) “Greenapple Street Blues”  Ted Staunton  1987

Canadian Books 2014

I achieve 34 again and sampled an educational variety.  Notable for rarity and for publishing extremely local pieces of work are:  Sheila J. Bleeks, Ann Rivkin, Mari Pineo, Peter J. Peters.  The latter two were handed to me, containing autographs and astoundingly;  a clipping of Peter’s fifty-fifth wedding anniversary with Bertha!  It took a good 14 years of being in our family, for me to dip into them at last and I enjoyed each vista very much.  Sheila’s and Ann’s wonderful, wonderful stories were respectively:  a free find and a nearly-free thrift store haul!  Shopkeepers hasty about cleaning up, don’t know what gems they discard.  Fortunately they went to a book cherisher, me and it is my pleasure to ensure all of you know about them too.

I used to feel the majority of Canadian literature was brainy:  classics, real issues, memoirs.  As a great fan of the paranormal and mystery, I lamented lack of these from our authors.  I was thrilled to discover:  Caroline Roe, Eric Wright, Welwyn Wilton Katz, and even first holder of “The Hardy Boys” penname are home grown:  Leslie McFarlane.  I encourage anyone who found earlier Eric Wilson adventures cheesy, to keep picking up his abundant titles.  Many are far superior to those I tried before, especially:  “Cold Midnight In Vieux Québec” and “The Green Gables Detectives”.  I mourn Lyn Hamilton above all and adore Charlotte MacLeod too but we need dynamic writers like them, alive and dreaming up material for us today.  I ought to forge ahead with my fictional idea.

As for classics:  I dread Manitoba’s own Margaret Laurence and Gabriel Roy (read last year) and were impressed with both.  I unhesitatingly gave 5 stars to “The Stone Angel” and Farley Mowat’s “The Black Joke” this year.  When he very recently died, I knew I ought to read one of the paperbacks I had on hand.  I’ve learned classics can be adventurous and garnered that status with good reason.  I hope browsers enjoy my carefully-written reviews.

The Gift Of The Frost Fairy”  Sheila J. Bleeks  1976
Mystery Of Disaster Island”  Ann Rivkin  1975
The Haunting At Cliff House”  Karleen Bradford  1985
Death Island”  Robert Sutherland  1994
The Black Joke”  Farley Mowat  1962
Mariana”  Susanna Kearsley  1994
Spring Floods: Poems, Short Stories, And A Play”  Mari Pineo  1990
Reflections In Poetry And Pictures”  P.J. Peters  1984
Two Moons In August”  Martha Brooks  1991
Read And Buried”  Erika Chase  2012
Kiss Me”  Andrew Pyper  1996
Copper Sunrise”  Bryan Buchan  1972

   Charlotte MacLeod
The Family Vault”  Charlotte MacLeod  1979
The Withdrawing Room”  Charlotte MacLeod  1981
Something The Cat Dragged In”  1983
The Curse Of The Giant Hogweed”  1985

   Margaret Laurence
The Tomorrow-Tamer”  1963
The Stone Angel”  1964
A Jest Of God”  1966

   Caroline Roe
Remedy For Treason”  1998
Cure For A Charlatan”  1999

   Eric Wright
The Night The Gods Smiled”  1983
Smoke Detector”  1984
Death In The Old Country”  1985

  Leslie McFarlane
The Tower Treasure”  1927
The House On The Cliff”  1927
The Secret Of The Old Mill”  1927

   Welwyn Wilton Katz
Come Like Shadows”  1993
False Face”  1987

   Eric Wilson
Terror In Winnipeg”  1979
Vampires Of Ottawa”  1984
The Green Gables Detectives”  1987
Code Red At The Supermall”  1988
Cold Midnight In Vieux Québec”  1989


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