Participants Reveal, 2019

Dear Participants:  I am your hostess, Carolyn, from Manitoba!

Thank you for joining my four themes!  I work hard to make them clear, a pleasure, and pretty.  An unresolved problem prevented me from posting updates and activities regularly.  I watched for comments every time I could load my blog, looked at reviews in the linky buttons, and commented;  if you use WordPress or Goodreads.  I am always available to you by e-mail (RIEDELFascination(at)Gmail(dot)com).

My largest concern was my Mom’s health issues.  Praise God that we have honed in on the right problem:  mini-strokes, from one small blood vessel blockage, thankfully.  Instead of going back & forth from independence, to loss of mobility;  a great hospital staff is treating the right thing.  Our Mom is on her way to mending.  :)

There were no comments and some of you missed the review pages.  However, it is up to me to generate interest.  It is not too late.  I am showing the answer to our “My Kind Of Mystery” logo in this post!  I guess I did not parcel out enough clues to solve it.  However, two participants sent a “like button” on this bookcover at Goodreads, when I read this mystery last month.  Perhaps they forgot to e-mail me the title, author, and year.

No one e-mailed by December 1 that they wanted to be in our year-end prize draw.  I will offer another chance in this post.

Next year, I will ask for e-mail addresses, to alert participants of posts.  There are hosts that do it on a monthly basis and I like it.  Games and information need to be seen, to be of use.  It is too much work to search for places to leave messages at Goodreads and I cannot get comments through Blogspot blogs, if you use a captcha.  Please leave a comment to let me know you have read this end-of-year summary.  I love hearing from you anyway!

****  How Is Your Reading?  ****

I am thrilled by the larger number of return guests and new folks who found me this year:  thank you!  Here are my four progress lists.  My “Gentle Spectrums” categories are filled with at least 4 books, most of them double or treble that sum.  I aim to finish with 18 “Celtic Coasts” books.  There are 48 “Ethereal” and 73 “My Kind Of Mystery” books.

Most of us follow the January to December calendar but our groups run February 1 to January 31.  We are freer in January, aren’t we?  If you want to add reviews to our databases, visit other reviews, and add wrap-up links from your blog or Goodreads shelves;  I leave them open well past January.  Toggle the challenge menus at the top of this blog.  For your convenience, here they are.

CELTIC COASTS review and wrap-up links
GENTLE SPECTRUMS review and wrap-up links
ETHEREAL reviews review and wrap-up links
MY KIND OF MYSTERY review and wrap-up links


****  The “My Kind Of Mystery” 2019 logo reveal!  ****

Are you ready for the 2019 logo answer?  You had a good chance of seeing me read it at Goodreads and it is also in my A to L review menu, at the top of this blog.  Here is the clue I provided, upon which I intended to build.

This novel is by an American authoress of gothic mysteries, largely in the 1970s and 1980s.  She died in 1997.  They are set internationally in unique places:  sometimes modernly, sometimes as historic fiction.  I have read three.  Last year’s was published in my birth year and this one was published the year after.

Here are the book’s name, cover, and authoress:  which was published in 1973!


****  Year-End Prize Draw  ****

In the sign-up posts, I said I would draw a prize, among everyone who e-mailed by December 1 to confirm interest.  No one did.  I believe this was an oversight and most of you would enjoy choosing a second-hand book or other treat, from a list of goodies I will send to the winner.

I will give interested parties a second chance to win a prize!  However I want to avoid next year’s postage increase, so this turnaround is short.  PLEASE E-MAIL BY CHRISTMAS EVE.  This will work fine if you choose and reply quickly.  I live out-of-town and will send the winner her mail by December 28.


****  May We All Have A Blessed, Happy New Year!  ****

I will renew my group themes next year.  I’ll be darned if technical issues stop something we enjoy.  I constantly read mysteries, a colourful spectrum of subjects, and things that are ethereal and Celtic.  I love furnishing a place to share them.  Please look for new posts in January, after most hosts roll groups out.  I do not have time before then but am not to be missed.  I think e-mails are the key to keeping each other informed and motivated.

Merry Christmas, happy new year, and God bless you!
Please stay tuned for a Christmas riddle that is a lot of fun, in my next post!
Yours truly:  Carolyn and my family, including our Kitties.


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to Participants Reveal, 2019

  1. Beata says:

    Dear Carolyn,
    I’d love to take part in your End-Year Prize Draw :) I seem to be lost a little though as I am not sure what or where I should click to enter the draw :)
    Thank you for your lovely e-mail!! When I saw the calendar, I immediately thought of you and your Babies, and I knew you’d like the pics :)
    I promise to write a ‘proper’ e-mail very, very soon.
    I wish you again a very Good Christmas time, may it be fllled with love and relaxation :)

    • Hi Beata! I meant to send you “Christmas Clue” by e-mail. “Particpants Reveal, 2019” is a prize draw I offer for people who have spent the year in any of my four reading challenge themes. All they do is send me e-mail that they want to be in the draw.

      The most recent post, “Christmas Clue”, is the prize opportunity that is open to everyone. E-mail when you solve as many Christmas song titles as you can, by the deadline. :)

      E-mail is best. I could not get into WordPress for two days. Access comes and goes, a problem with my internet service provider, who will not respond to e-mail or voicemail. The glitch has been present for half a year. I hope you join my reading challenges next year and solve the Christmas clues this year! Love, Carolyn.

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