Christmas Clues!

Merry Christmas, my dear blog subscribers, group members, visitors, and friends!

Because I love mysteries and run four reading group themes, I looked for games or riddles to play.  In the internet age, I am excited to have found one that does not reduce the resourcefulness of effort and brainteasing fun, to an instantaneous internet search.

Last year, at Ron’s work Christmas party, I was pleasantly surprised to find a stack of written and pictoral games at our table.  Even though our late arrival resulted in occupying a table to ourselves and thus not having team input;  I was excited to see that I have a good mind for clue-solving in real life!  It was a mystery lover’s delight, for this girl!  We came in third place, without the advantage of working through the large stack as early as others, nor of having teammates.  I love using my brain and not looking anything up on the internet.  I was stumped by a few that evening but worked them all out in the next day or two.

I knew right away that I wanted to share this game with family, friends, and peers alike and took a copy home!  My parents, who know Christmas songs as well as I do, did very well at this clue-solving.  It is nice to know that keen minds run in the family, as well as in the nature of mystery buffs.  Now, the season is here for me to share one with you, dear readers!

This is open to all!  You need not be in any of my reading groups and I am always inclusive internationally.  What’s a little postage between friends?

I offer:  a list of second-hand books and a list of other treats, should the books not be to your taste.  I mainly have mysteries, go figure but other types as well.  The alternatives are cute and useful things like:  greeting cards, Canadian postcards, plant seeds, photo prints, or perhaps a second-hand CD or DVD.

If this sounds like fun and if you know Christmas carols well:
I hereby present 12 fun visual Christmas clues!
Identify these Christmas song titles and e-mail them to me.


Solve as many as you can by December 27.  We live out-of-town and will mail the prize by December 30, ahead of Canada Post’s increase.  Don’t be shy to try!  If entries are gratifyingly high:  I will draw among those who solve them all.  If entrants were few, I would draw among whomever solved the most.  A for effort.  :)  Sincerely, Carolyn.


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2 Responses to Christmas Clues!

  1. Lynn Oatman says:

    This is the first year I have participated and I am woefully ignorant of how to do what. For example, I know I’m not replying to your email address but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Life has been a challenge this past year. If I can enter the drawing this way, please enter me. If I’ve trod all over something in my usual heavyfooted manner I apologize.

    • Please to meet you, Lynn: a cat-lover! I am sorry you had a difficult year. With our precious Mom in the hospital, we understand. Thankfully she is recovering from mini-strokes and being treated for them. Lack of mobility off and on this year have an answer and a remedy! Our other prayer is for a son-like cat, with a tattoo, missing two years; upon whom we are not giving up.

      I explained above that I am offering this game for the first time. You are first to play. My e-mail address is in the message above, below the puzzle. You certainly had best reply to me by e-mail for two reasons. 1. Technical difficulties make my accessibility to WordPress random! For instance, it took me a day to see this. 2. You e-mail the titles of the 12 Christmas songs when you solve the clues, or as many as you can name by the deadline, because you mustn’t give the answers away publically. You have solving to do, dear Lynn; it isn’t a name draw.

      I hope you are game and wish your family happy days, along with our family! Sincerely, Carolyn.

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