Recap For “Ethereal”!

Here is a recap of my present reading challenge: “ETHEREAL”.  First and foremost: I hope it’s clear we run February 2014 to February 2015, instead of being caught in a December rush. I think a few browsers only looked at “February” and interpreted this as a one month read-a-thon. All of my RIEDEL challenges most certainly run a year. I merely saw no reason to follow months into which I’d rather not squeeze last-minute reading and review-linking:  like at Christmas!

Ethereal 2014

What led me to creating “Ethereal“?  I observed that adult stories containing ghosts are scarce and they are my absolute favourite. GOOD ones, more serious and enchanting than the ‘cozy mystery’ genre, in which authors regrettably make a comedy of spirits. I’ve had to delve into a lot of ‘young adult’ fare to get my fix!  Hand-in-hand with that, I found no reading challenge for the paranormal that wasn’t inundated by zombies, vampires, or werewolves.  I made a group fitting the mystical elements that excite me and invited everyone!

Whether fictional or serious; I love the spiritual and paranormal. I am immensely grateful to the humble group who have joined me my first year.  I am clarifying what we encapsulate, so many more readers and writers find a home with us next year!  Reiki, witches, intuitives, after death communicaitons, near death experiences, miracles. Even authors featuring clergy heroines and heroes will do, such as Sister Carole Anne O’Marie, Caroline Roe, Margaret Frazer. Any ethereal inkling under the sun and beyond it!

A Nun In The Closet

This first year we excluded zombies, vampires, or werewolves. They are catered to enough. However I said their books might count if they at least include the subjects we want, like ghosts or clairsentients…. As far as I know they always do, so we might as well say there are no rules! :) If you have read books since February 2014 that step at all outside ordinary life: review it, link those URLs at our review page, and they’re in.

I hope no one has overlooked a huge category:  fantasy! It’s otherworldly by its nature and certainly magical.  If I rightly hear a lot of lightbulbs snapping on, in the minds of future participants: see you in 2015!  {GRIN} I arranged our accompanying review page into broad categories. I hope it helps you find books in your favourite subjects.  The more members we have, the more often I’ll offer prize activities!

If there weren’t many popping up to play, it was too much work to go to everyone’s blogs and let them know.  I function via dial-up telephone internet in my rural community (very slow)!  Next year the options will be:  subscribe to ‘RIEDEL Fascination‘ if you like, or instead, opt to receive an e-mail from me (solely me) when there’s a challenge activity.  There will be at least one more for “Ethereal” and “Gentle Spectrums“, before my challenge trio concludes its inaugural year in February.  However since they are the smallest groups this first time, they will be broad events that incorporate my blog subscribers and other peers jointly.

Have all of your reviews in by February 28, 2015 and since that amounts to an extra month, this date is final.  March will open with a draw for our challenge winner of the year.  Here is our prize point system, making it easy for everyone to have their name in a bowl and to earn extras!  Don’t forget to monitor the menu at the top of this blog:  “All Challenge Updates” and notice too, that your reveiws contribute to my review menu by challenge guests!  I look forward to chatting and sharing with you over our remaining months.  Uninvolved folks are always welcomed to comment too.  Tell me what you’re reading and how you are. Yours sincerely, Carolyn.


I’m neither picky nor sticky; except in watermelon season! :-) Simply, I appreciate that you were here. I want to encourage mild readers and first time challengers, as well as give heavy readers enough highway to hit a high gear and go to town. I have found a way for prize qualification to be easy, while simultaneously rewarding extra effort.  I will shortly add a linky button for wrap-up posts, or comments can be left on any “Ethereal” page to tell me how many points you accrued.  Thank you for joining.  Good luck!

1 name in a bowl ~ You joined via the sign-up linky and linked 1 review.
1 name in a bowl ~ You finished your original commitment level.
1 name in a bowl ~ For each level risen higher than you planned.

About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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3 Responses to Recap For “Ethereal”!

  1. Topcho says:

    Fantasy?!? It’s not just a bulb, I’m more like a Christmas tree now XD I think now I’ll have few more titles to aff to my list.

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