Recap For “Gentle Spectrums”!

Next to our mystery theme, I am pleased with a fine first group of guests in this one!  I hope it’s clear we run February 2014 – February 2015, insteading of being caught in a December rush.  A few browsers only looked at “February” and interpreted this as a one month read-a-thon.  All my RIEDEL challenges run one year.  I encourage challenge hosts to avoid squeezing in reading and review-linking close to Christmas.  * See you for Gentle Spectrums 2015! *

Looking at other challenges that I call ‘word games’, where you match titles to subject matter like a scaveger hunt;  I see they garner a lot of participation. “Gentle Spectrums” is as easy as any of them and über flexible.  It’s only a matter of folks knowing we are here.  Please spread the word!  Here are clarifications that might help existing and next year’s members.  If you are uncertain about any part of my themes, reach me any way you like.  I prioritize answering people who take the time and do me the honour, of being members of my blog community and the groups I host!

 Gentle Spectrums 2014



Our colour theme, “Limitless Pallet” is separate from “Gentle Subjects“.  After you have joined one, you may do the other without signing up again.  “Gentle Spectrums” is already your home.  Also, since these games are independent, the same book can apply to both.  I’m uncertain my guests know that.

I think “Gentle Subjects#8 caused a little puzzlement, so I’m glad to clear that up.  Your selection doesn’t need to contain the spiritual.  When I say “no debunked content / no ‘Scooby Doo’ ending”, here is what I mean.  If your title is along the lines of “ghost of” or “haunted of”…  nothing bugs me more than false advertizing, so there’d better BE a ghost or haunted spot in those ones.  If you merely use an enchanting, mystical, or eerie-sounding title;  that is fine.

Ghost Of Windy Hill

To my complete pleasure, many are ignoring the 10 subject minimum and continue to fill categories with everything that matches.  There are ample flowers and stones…  that is exactly what I hoped!  There will be a reward for this in the prize draw tabulation below. The same goes for colours:  keep them coming.

As a matter of fact, I created this challenge because I keep finding a rainbow of colour titles and was determined to give them somewhere to go!  I disliked withholding books simply because one shade had been eliminated.  I worked out a broader scope. What if I accepted all colours?  I imagined you would enjoy an expanded outlet as much as I do and hope to hear it.  Are you ready for a preview peek?  My shelves are exploding with so many colours,there is going to be a new structure to “Gentle Spectrums” next year!  For the first time in the blog community:  I am going to offer colour levels!  I can’t wait to see the fun we have with them!  I will roll out my three renewed challenges shortly.  Even though our year follows February, people choose their new themes and climb aboard near Christmas;  so I shall be among them.  :)




I had a whacky variety of photo activities planned for this group and hope to crank them up next year. This year’s challenge isn’t over but guests are on the quiet side. When we are a humble few, it’s hard to get a party going if several of them aren’t chiming in.  I haven’t given up for the remainder of our February to February year.  It’s easy for anyone who catches festivities, to pop in and take part.  As my challenges become known, membership will grow and allow me to roll out the zanier contests I plotted!  I love giving away prizes, in a way that rewards participation instead of random draws.

I mentioned in the recaps for “Ethereal” and “My Kind Of Mystery“:  in 2015, I’m going to offer notification by e-mail, or by subscription to my blog.  I keep the latter voluntary because I’m excited about every subscription to ‘RIEDEL Fascination‘.  I hope it’s because you enjoy my content, or want to be apprised of goings-on.  Posts are low volume.  Review-writing goes in a header menu;  my blog doesn’t entail notice after notice about reviews being posted.  I stick to article-writing, a little personal news, and challenge activity.  Whichever you choose, you will have my appreciation for keeping tabs.  It was a lot of work, since I’m stuck with dial-up telephone internet, to leave a comment for participants and awkward too. Of course, I couldn’t tell if members knew about prize activities, preferred not to enter, or if they WERE playing along but merely didn’t write comments. This way, there’s no wondering and we’re all good. :)


I haven’t done monthly posts because my review pages are available all year, laid out by theme or author.  I’ve noticed other groups use these occasions as a hello and people seem to catch them.  I preferred not making appointments for my activities and leaving them as a surprise.  I haven’t had to worry about missing a deadline if life throws a curveball, like the sad death of our young cat, Love, in July.  That was Earth-shattering for me.  Condolences were and are, treasured.

Love Tall II, May-20-2014

It appears many people only look at a group’s main page until they are signed up.  I will strive to draft an agenda, so you know to look for an update at the first of each month.  A contest may not run but you will always be informed.  You will at least find a post inviting guests to share their progress and personal news, if they like.  Birthdays, anniversaries…  my groups are about getting to know people along with literature!  :)  This should have us covered:  subscription or e-mail notification of special events and a list of monthly links, so that you return for updates.  Please don’t forget my header menu called “All Challenge Updates” is always at your disposal.  Not least:  I welcome comments from all browsers of my posts, whether they’re in these groups or not.  This is public, so I’d like to hear from the public.


I’m not sticky, except in watermelon season!  I simply appreciate that you were here.  I want to encourage mild readers and first time challengers, as well as give heavy readers enough highway to hit a high gear and go to town.  I have found a way for prize qualification to be easy, while simultaneously rewarding extra effort.  {For “My Kind Of Mystery”, click the question mark on its main page. A higher level was hidden there and eligible folks can get more points from linking up to 82 reviews}.

1 name in a bowl ~ You joined via the sign-up linky and linked 1 review.
1 name in a bowl ~ You finished 10 colours.
1 name in a bowl ~ You finished 1 each of the gentle subjects.
1 name in a bowl ~ For every 5 additional colours.
1 name in a bowl ~ For every 5 additional subjects.

How does this grab you?  :)  Comment on any Gentle Spectrums 2014 page, for “RIEDEL Reading Themes” 2014, with your point sum.  If you have a wrap-up post, place it there too.  We’re small enough this year to all fit on there.  Name which group you’re in, if you choose a general page.  It will be my pleasure to award 2014 guests with prizes they choose!  February 28, 2015 is final, since it provides an extra month in which to catch up.  March 1st will dawn with our overall “Gentle Spectrums” theme winner!  Yours sincerely, Carolyn.


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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