A RIEDEL Clue 3 – Updated!

Guests of “My Kind Of Mystery“:  this is for you!  Everybody else, stay tuned.  November is my birth month (November 18th)!  There will be special events accessible to all of my subscribers!  Who knows if my prizes contain gifts you’d like to give for Christmas?  Therefore I will roll out celebratory festivities early enough to mail them to winning parties.  :)


I’ll give until the evening of Wednesday, November 5th to wager as many guesses as you like, by e-mail:  AlyshaeB[at]hotmail[dot]com.  Your answers are secret because you’re in competition to be the among the solvers, with each batch of clues!  A winner will be drawn among correct guessers…  or a single correct guesser!

If you can’t fathom the answer, comment by saying ‘hint‘.  This does not prohibit placing a guess if an answer occurs to you.  Our game is flexible.  Absence of a correct guess in the first round, would result in a second clue and an additional 48 hours to solve that one.

Please note:  there is never any harm in tossing me a guess.  I’ll tell you if you’re off the mark and if no one got it;  I would draw a prize winner from among all who tried.  Have fun!

****  The winner is Bev!  We didn’t add another round of clues because she guessed the answer with these.  Congratulations!  I’m always thrilled folks had a look and played along.  An event for everyone, not only challenge guests, will be posted shortly.  ****


They, with permission, were a character in my favourite youth mystery series.
Born in England, died in the United States at the opening of a colourful decade.
This person’s last name should cause snickering but elicits fear!

Crow & Alfred Hitchcock


My very favourite youth series is “Alfred Hitchcock & The Three Investigators“.  Robert A. Arthur (see my review menu) had worked with Alfred.  He obtained permission to give him a cameo and a pretend foreward in new books he was writing in 1969.  Robert thought it was time to give us something much more updated and exciting than “The Hardy Boys” and he did.  The only problem is their name was big.  He needed a plug.  He died several volumes after his series began and his daughter is campaigning to reprint them all.

Unusual for me, I borrowed these from my school library instead of buying them.  I need this volume (and others)!  If you have it, please contact me about a trade.  Yours truly, Carolyn.

Mystery Of Stuttering Parrot

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1 Response to A RIEDEL Clue 3 – Updated!

  1. Have we stricken a nice balance? Clue 1 about Conan Doyle was found easy. Clue 2 about Agatha was tricky, if you stuck on any one hint. We have a correct answer for our present clue 3! That means we won’t need another round. Ply me with as many guesses as you wish, so our sleuth has company in a draw. :)

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