Recap “My Kind Of Mystery”

Here is a muster roll for RIEDEL Fascination groups.  Use this post to share how you are;  personally or book-wise!  Vacations?  Gardens?  Peruse this F.A.Q, interspersed with plans for next year and please pose questions you might have.  Don’t miss scrolling to the end, for tabulation of prizes!  :-)

My Kind Of Mystery 2014

I hope it’s clear:  my challenges run February 2014 to February 28, 2015.  I think some thought we went 1 month.  Those are called ‘read-a-thons’;  not ‘reading challenges’.  There are 4 months in which newcomers may join us, if they find their subject matter has matched.  Anything read since February counts.  I think all of my guests are aware their material can be new, borrowed, on any format they like, and used in multiple challenges.  I didn’t state the obvious.



Our trait is accepting anything to do with mystery and authors.  Non-fiction works and so does non-crime.  I love a mystery about the thrill of solving a question;  find that most exciting.  The average person can relate to it better than a murder, hence the name I gave this group.  Some thought I only incorporated my kind of mystery, literally.  To the contrary our group is all-encompassing, including teaching books and biographies.  For instance, I look forward to reading Phyllis A. Whitney’s “Guide To Fiction Writing” and covet my crisp copy, dearly.

There is a lot of young adult literature!  It is wonderful to have relatable characters for ages under 20.  I enjoy the greats prior to 1990, like Richard Peck.  Some are deceased or out of print, like Wylly Folk St. John and Ruth Chew.  However there is a difference between making a demographic available and drowning in it.  I’m astonished this is the mainstay category for bloggers over 30!  It affects prizes for grown-up participants of groups they might host.  We are hard-pressed to find themes catering to adult.  Therefore we have one rule in a free-for-all group:  non-adult literature must be published earlier than 1991.  I’m unaware of this small twist scaring anyone away.  All of my participants have linked a wonderful supply, in boundless varities.  I might drop our sole rule next year.


Christine found a secret level, hidden on the sign-up page!
If you thought 40 mysteries was the maximum, look again.  Way to go, my friend!  Would anyone else like to rise to the invisible floor?
Find it on the sign-up page and leave a message.

Full Mystery Levels


Are you having fun with the author-based review page?  It makes my job easier, plugging your reviews into a menu at the top of this blog.  Yes, your reviews are contributing to a resource for my readers!  Your links will have a purpose after each challenge is finished.  Be sure to follow the entry format (quotation marks instead of apostrophes on titles, for instance) and help a girl out.  ;)  I thought you’d find it easier to spot peers who read the same title and browse.  I am thrilled with the turn-out our first year.  I plan to trim the alphabet to fewer letters at a time.



*  Our next “A RIEDEL Clue” will appear soon.  Keep your private eyes peeled!



I love being followed because you enjoy my content.  I don’t enforce it.  What I will suggest next year is activity updating by e-mail.  The Canadian group functions via e-mail.  It’s easy for everyone to know what’s going on, whether available or not.  It makes it a billion times easier to reach members.  Commenting on blogs is a killer with the low speed internet I use and it’s crazy to go back, peering for replies.  Exchanging messages at Goodreads takes too many hoops to get in & out, resulting in a redundant notification by e-mail.  We might as well e-mail.

All Challenge Updates
Subscribing to my blog is another option.  I don’t use it for reviews in post after post.  Those go to Amazon Canada and are gathered in my own review menu.  Subscribers aren’t assailed with frequent posts.  I stick to article-writing and challenge updates.  If you decline both, I hope you return often to look for news in the “All Challenge Updates” menu.  I am considering one more option.

The way to keep informed
I haven’t done monthly posts because I like review pages available all year.  Other groups use those monthly occasions as a hello and members seem to catch them.  I’ve preferred not making an appointment for the organizing of my activities.  This lets me spring surprises.  I haven’t had to worry about missing a deadline, if life throws a curveball;  like the sad death of our young cat, Love.

People appear to dump main pages, after signing up.  Mine contains that secret level and I frequently revamped my description.  Review pages are utilized but even news posted there, seemed unnoticed.  When “A RIEDEL Clue” is live, I put it on every group page.  There have been opportunities to catch up with guests at Goodreads but I’m uncomfortable, wondering whether it’ll be interpreted as harassing or enlightening!  As my groups grow, we will have ample players, whether everyone tunes in or not.  We can leave stragglers to their straggling.  ;)

Nonetheless what I will strive to do is lay out a drafted summary, by month.  It will be sketched on the main page from the start, in February.  Months will be filled in, with a post that members can click.  Perhaps they will return to look for updates, if they know a blank schedule is there.

Don’t be afraid to weigh in on contests and clues.
When we are a small group or there are few entrants for whatever reason;  I might draw winners from those who made a guess!  It isn’t about correct answers.



I’m neither picky nor sticky;  except in watermelon season!  :-)  What it boils down to is, my challenges don’t technically need to be complete!  People can’t participate as consistently as they’d like to.  Simply, I appreciate that you were here.  I want to encourage mild readers and first time challengers, as well as give heavy readers enough highway to hit a high gear and go to town.  I have found a way for prize qualification to be easy, while simultaneously rewarding extra effort.


1 name in a bowl ~ You officially joined and linked 1 review.
1 name in a bowl ~ You finished your original commitment level.
1 name in a bowl ~ For each level risen higher than you planned.


How does this grab you?  :)  I will probably put out a closing linky.  If you have a post to attach there, please tell me how many points you earned.  If you don’t have a blog post about my challenges, please tell me via comment box how many points you earned.  I literally handwrite names into a bowl and draw them personally.  It will be my pleasure to award my guests with prizes they shall choose!
Yours sincerely, Carolyn.


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to Recap “My Kind Of Mystery”

  1. Topcho says:
    And my final wrap up post. I am happy that here I reached my level. I’m aiming hugher this year, so wish me luck :D

    • Good luck! Please add to your comments, your points for each group. You see the same chart in each 2015 group. Ethereal & My Kind Of Mystery are the same. When I draw the February 28 prize, those quantity of names go in a bowl.

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