Carolyn’s “Global Reading” 2017!


Hello from a warm winter week-end in Manitoba’s marshland and forestland!  I am passionate about our adored cats, the plants we grow, and books and music I have gathered all my life.  You hear about my reading most because hosting and joining “reading challenges” generates posts.  I fell in love with them because they give me somewhere self-competitively and if there are prizes, competitively to direct the private reading I do.  These furnish an activity for a pastime that was for a long time solitary.  Their main attraction and function is giving me a creative way to categorize the books I choose to read in a year.  This one is one of my favourites, which places authors and the contents of their books according to countries in the world.

I quickly saw that most hosts stop at the most inconvenient time of year to choose:  December 31st.  Too many times, these precious weeks were spent busily filling-in links to my posts and reviews at numerous nost websites, when anyone would rather focus on Christmas and all of the activities that surround that.  I continue to recommend running groups February 1 to January 31 like I do.  It is one month that makes a difference.  I began prioritizing prize opportunities but the most futile thing is hosts who seldom or never read the posts we spent precious enthusiasm preparing!  Of highest importance is hosts who care when we share what we finished.

I search for this unadvertized group every year, which I hope makes her feel appreciated.  The layout is detailed and surely took a lot of time.  Goodness knows the review pages alone for my four groups took a lot of care.  Filling in my reading by continent is one of my most satisfying ways to play.  I pay attention to where settings are and whence authors come and the other part that appeals to me is that a few of the continents are tricky;  outside my reading norm.  It pushes me to read something South American (my hardest!), Australian / New Zealander, and Asian.  Phyllis A. Whitney saves me there, with her abundance of books, because she was born in Japan.  I have almost all of Amy Tan’s books and a few other Asian selections so I will use some of that this year.

I meet challenges with books we have, books plentiful enough that my spouse &  I shop within our own home store.  I seek no books elsewhere;  the point for me is to read-up our own supply.  You might find my weak continent odd because I have a huge selection of Hispanic literature.  I studied Spanish, speak and read it in fact, since grade 9 through to universitiy.  It doesn’t seem I built this collection however, for a love of this literature but because I learned who the greats are and wanted to try them as a grown-up.  I only dug into it a couple of years ago and must not think that finding those two or three oeuvres depressing means all South American literature is like that.  There must be funny, exciting, or spooky books among them too.  Thanks to the “Global Reading Challenge“;  I invest a few days reading three such books and see.

 I hope starting this year, my posts and articles are read and commented on!  This theme is one of my favourite mental scavenger hunts, which is what reading challenges are.  I concur with what must have been her thought:  it is well worth acquainting the settings and arts of other countries.  Either the site used to say, or Kerrie acknowledged that our choices can be based on an author’s residence or birthplace.  This year’s post doesn’t elaborate but I reiterate that many of my items are checked-off via an author’s origins.

Fictional is requested and is usually what I bring.  A reason is not evident, except preference so I’m not going to stress about hopping over that in a few instances.  Margaret Laurence’s writings on her work in Africa are special and important enough to share and one of my Hispanic items might be poetry.  I want to count the tough items on my list;  South America being a culture I read seldom.  We aren’t competing for prizes and our hostess lives too far to smack me.  Hehe!  Please revisit these categories to see how I match them.  I aim for triplicates but will keep recording the books I like best.



The Prophet’s Camel Bell”  Margaret Laurence  1963  SOMALILA
The Jackal’s Head”  Elizabeth Peters  1968  EGYPT
“The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency”  Alexander McCall Smith  1998  BOTSWANA



The Red Carnelian”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1943  Born in JAPAN



A Question Of Murder”  Eric Wright  1988  Toronto, Ontario
A City Called July”  Howard Engel  1986  St. Catherine’s, Ontario
The Girl On Legare Street”  Karen White  2009  Charleston, South Carolina



Ghost Behind Me”  Eve Bunting  1984  Born in IRELAND
“Sense And Sensibility”  Jane Austen  1811  ENGLAND



“The Distant Hours”  Kate Morton  2010  Born in AUSTRALIA



“One-Hundred Years Of Solitude”  Gabriel García Márquez  1967  COLUMBIA



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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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8 Responses to Carolyn’s “Global Reading” 2017!

  1. Great list! Good luck on your challenge for this year. I try to stick to a book a month; however, I’m just at the start of the 3rd Outlander, and because I only get a few minutes a day to write and those books are 600-800 pages, they take me way longer than a month. Lol.

    • If you feel like logging them with ETHEREAL, it would be lovely. You know I set no quotas, just list what you finish. I might read a lot, my bedtime “must”, however your book sizes daunt me! I should perceive them the same as several small books but 300 is my average. I have a few large ones coming and I’m going to attempt Jane Austen! If anything is good, pages should fly.

      • I’ll check it out! And yes, I’m too daunted with Outlander. I like to stick to more like 250 pages or under. Lol. But being addicted to the TV show, I just had to read the books.

      • I would love having you in any of my yearly themes! I wonder if the “Outlander” novels aren’t doing for you what the show does. While I am initially put off by long novels, pages fly surprisingly fast if I love them. I zoomed through Maeve Binchy’s “Light A Penny Candle” in less than three days. Despite not being one for general fiction and it being 550 pages!

      • Oh no, I’m enjoying them immensely, but by the end of my full plate day, I usually only have about 10-15 minutes to read as I’m lying in bed. Lol.

      • Oh…. The trick is definitely to go to bed a little earlier than you need to so you get reading down and don’t just sleep. I only read on my way to sleep as well. The key is to choose that instead of TV or some other winding-down.

  2. Teano says:

    “The factor of love” Anna Lacina – Poland :) Ups… it is not translated into english, yet

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