Mystery Subjects 2015!

My pioneering year concludes February 2014 and everyone’s reviews have contributed to a database in my menu atop this blog.  “My Kind Of Mystery” is renewed for 2015 and we solve riddles for prizes.  I hope you consider joining my whole trio!

My Kind Of Mystery 2015

My group is for any literature related to mystery.  True cases, investigative techniques, writing tips, biographies of authors.  If you do any mystery reading;  all of those titles work here!  My second year in, I’d like many more to hear of my themes.

Full Mystery Levels

I will easily read at least eighty-two, the level I hid last year at the sign-up page and call:  INVISIBLE FLOOR.  Here are ideas of what they might be.  Reviews will be linked to this list and in my review menu, as they’re written.  Many of the same books work for the groups to whom I’ve giving a shout-out, next.

(1) “The Palace Guard”  Charlotte MacLeod  1981
(2) “The Corpse In Oozak’s Pond”  Charlotte MacLeod  1987
(3) “Tempest In The Tea Leaves”  Kari Lee Townsend  2011
(4) “The Cat, The Quilt, And The Corpse”  Leann Sweeney  2009
(5) “Larceny And Old Lace”  Tamar Myers  1996
(6) “The Christie Curse”  Victoria Abbott  2013
(7) “The Cat Who Played Brahms”  Lilian Jackson Braun  1987
(8) “A Novena For Murder”  Sister Carol Anne O’Marrie  1984
(9) “Dyeing Wishes”  Molly MacRae  2013
(10) “Aunt Dimity Beats The Devil”  Nancy T. Atherton  2000
(11) “Mystery Of The Piper’s Ghost”  Zillah K. MacDonald  1954
(12) “Death Of A Literary Widow”  Robert Barnard  1979
(13) “The Half-A-Moon Inn”  Paul Fleischman  1980
(14) “The Riddle Of The Lonely House”  Augusta Huiell Seaman  1935
(15) “Shattered Silk”  Barbara Michaels  1986
(16) “Body Of Intution”  Claire Daniels  2002
(17) “House Of Dark Shadows”  Robert Liparulo  2008
(18) “Fool’s Gold”  Juliet Blackwell  2013
(19) “Tom’s Midnight Garden”  Philippa Pearce  1958
(20) “The Ghost Of Thomas Kempe”  Penelope Lively  1973

(21) “When Midnight Comes”  Carol Beach York  1979
(22) “The Mystery Of The Other Girl”  Wylly Folk St. John  1978
(23) “Shadows At The Fair”  Lea Wait  2002
(24) “Whose Body?”  Dorothy L. Sayers  1923
(25) “The Mystery Book Mystery”  Wylly Folk St. John  1976
(26) “Charmed”  Barbara Bretton  2011
(27) “A Vision In Velvet”  Juliet Blackwell  2014
(28) “Greystones”  Antonia Lamb  1966
(29) “Murder On Location”  Howard Engel  1982
(30) “The Unmasking Of ‘Ksan”  Eric Wilson  1986
(31) “The Lost Treasure Of Casa Loma”  Eric Wilson  1979
(32) “The Missing Chums”  Leslie McFarlane  1928
(33) “Lament For A Lounge Lizard”  Mary Jane Maffini  2003
(34) “Gold Digger”  Vicki Delany  2009
(35) “Too Hot To Handle”  Mary Jane Maffini  2007
(36) “The Sayers Swindle”  Victoria Abbott  2014
(37) “The African Quest”  Lyn Hamilton  2000
(38) “Deadly Appearances”  Gail Bowen  1990
(39) “Witchery Hill”  Welwyn Wilton Katz  1984
(40) “The Castle In The Attic”  Elizabeth Winthrop  1985

(41) “The Witch Lady Mystery”  Carol Beach York  1976
(42) “Look For Me By Moonlight”  Mary Downing Hahn  1995
(43) “Spinning In Her Grave”  Molly MacRae  2014
(44) “How To Tail A Cat”  Rebecca M. Hale  2012
(45) “Watcher In The Woods”  Robert Liparulo  2008
(46) “Danse Macabre”  Stephen King  1981
(47) “Guide To Fiction Writing”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1982
(48) “A Haunting Is Brewing”  Juliet Blackwell  2014
(49) “Too Many Secrets”  Betty Ren Wright  1997
(50) “The Cat, The Professor, & The Poison”  Leann Sweeney  2010
(51) “Advent Of Dying”  Sister Carol Anne O’Marie  1986
(52) “Secrets & Mysteries Of The World”  Sylvia Browne  2005
(53) “Murder Buys A T-Shirt”  Christy Fifield  2012
Lost Treasures, True Stories Of Discovery”  Larry Verstraete  2006
(55) “Artifacts”  Mary Anna Evans  2003
(56) “The Chardonnay Charade”  Ellen Crosby  2006
(57) “Murder Under Cover”  Kate Carlisle  2011
(58) “The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax”  Dorothy Gilman  1970
(59) “Murder Sees The Light”  Howard Engel  1984
(60) “The Haunting Of Maddie Prue”  Alfred Silver  2000

(61) “Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree”  Joyce Lavene  2006
(62) “Murder At The Mendel”  Gail Bowen  1991
Girl Sleuth, Nancy Drew & The Women Who Created Her”  Melanie Rehak  2005
(64) “The Boarded-Up House”  Augusta Huiell Seaman  1915
(65) “The Girl Next Door”  Augusta Huiell Seaman  1917
(66) “Poisoned Petals”  Joyce Lavene  2007
(67) “A Killer Plot”  Ellery Adams  2010
(68) “The House On Tradd Street”  Karen White  2008
(69) “The Night Of Four-Hundred Rabbits”  Elizabeth Peters  1971
(70) “Waiting For Willa”  Dorothy Eden  1970
(71) “The Haunting Of Maddy Clare”  Simone St. James  2012
(72) “The Tale Of Halcyon Crane”  Wendy Webb  2010
(73) “The Mystery Of The Stone Tiger”  Carolyn Keene  1963
(74) “Hunting For Hidden Gold”  Leslie McFarlane  1928
(75) “The Black Dudley Murder”  Margery Allingham  1929



Other groups that fit my theme are run by wonderful women in the United States:  Yvonne and Bev.  I aim to grow my membership!  Here are their logos.  Forty of these titles above, fit as “cozy myseteries”.  Yvonne and other visitors, I hope you enjoy having a look!

The very specific literature I have strategized for Bev’s head-scratcher, is below.


Stay tuned for the way I work out the bingo instructions….  for both the GOLDEN and SILVER board game squares!  Seventy-two of them?  That’s a number dear to my heart, along with the eighty-two in my challenge.  It’s on!!

All year I treated myself to reading what I wished, in every instance and enjoyed that immensely.  It has made tallying time-consuming (the Jan 1 – Dec 31 span must go)!  Of course there was no strategizing but it was about time I indulged what I prefer to read.  I have succeeded at 5 bingos in the SILVER category!  Here they are.

Greystones”, Antonia Lamb, 1966 (Colour title)
The Cat Who Played Brahms”, Lilian Jackson Braun, 1987 (First lines)
Murder On Location”, Howard Engel, 1982 (Film-making at Niagara Falls)
The Lost Treasure Of Casa Loma”, Eric Wilson, 1979 (Country house)
The Unmasking Of ‘Ksan”, Eric Wilson, 1986 (Detective team)
Witchery Hill”, Welwyn Wilton Katz, 1984 (Murder Title)

Waiting For Willa”, Dorothy Eden, 1970 (In Stockholm, Sweden)
The Night Of Four-Hundred Rabbits”, Elizabeth Peters, 1971 (Quantity)
Murder Sees The Light”, Howard Engel, 1984 (A TV film)
The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax”, Dorothy Gilman, 1970 (Gives an affidavit to a judge)
When Midnight Comes”, Carol Beach York, 1979 (Time of day)
Death Of A Literary Widow”, Robert Barnard, 1979 (A secondary title)

The Mystery Of The Other Girl”, Wylly Folk St. John, 1978 (There is no crime)
“The Mystery Of The Stone Tiger”, Carolyn Keene, 1963 (Animal)
A Novena For Murder”, Sister Carol Anne O’Marrie, 1984 (Amateur detective)
The Mystery Book Mystery”. Wylly Folk St. John, 1976 (Others have read it)
The Palace Guard”, Charlotte MacLeod, 1981 (Free space: locked-room mystery)
The Half-A-Moon Inn”, Paul Fleischman, 1980 (Size was no problem for me, either year!)

Witchery Hill”, Welwyn Wilton Katz, 1984 (Murder Title)
Death Of A Literary Widow”, Robert Barnard, 1979 (A secondary title)
The Half-A-Moon Inn”, Paul Fleischman, 1980 (Size was no problem for me, either year!)
The Ghost Of Thomas Kempe”, Penelope Lively, 1973 (There are historical portions)
Shattered Silk”, Barbara Michaels, 1986 (A pseudonymous author)
The Corpse In Oozak’s Pond”, Charlotte MacLeod, 1987 (We begin with festivities)

Greystones”, Antonia Lamb, 1966 (Colour title)
The Night Of Four-Hundred Rabbits”, Elizabeth Peters, 1971 (Quantity)
A Novena For Murder”, Sister Carol Anne O’Marrie, 1984 (Amateur detective)
Advent Of Dying”, Sister Carol Anne O’Marie, 1986 (Outside my zone)
The Witch Lady Mystery”, Carol Beach York, 1976 (Set in the USA)
The Corpse In Oozak’s Pond”, Charlotte MacLeod, 1987 (We begin with festivities)

Bev flips her mission around every two years, with marvellous creativity.  A change I would love to see is dissolving the line between “silver” and “golden”.  If we could combine any mysteries up to 1989, oh, would it make a difference.  I read fewer pre-1960 oldies because of the division.  I strive for a balance of well-varied literature, along with looking forward to numerous new mysteries.  There is no time for a second category, forcing me to skip the oldies in adherence of the present setup.  I would indulge in more of them if permitted any combination.

My vintage mystery total is six bingos.  I finished several golden novels, enough for a bingo on this card too.  It’s a shame two or three old novels wind up in superfluity;  in this group anyway.  I have a nice home for them all.  :)  Here are the ones that amounted to 1 golden bingo!  Bev, thank you yet again for exercising my grey cells.  Your ideas sure do get them pumping and with the possibility of a prize!  God bless and happy new year to your family.

The Missing Chums”, Leslie McFarlane, 1928 (Free space: a detective team)
The Boarded-Up House”, Augusta Huiell Seaman, 1915  (A place in the title)
The Riddle Of The Lonely House”, Augusta Huiell Seaman, 1935 (A secondary title)
The Girl Next Door”, Augusta Huiell Seaman, 1917  (A historical mystery)
Hunting For Hidden Gold”, Leslie McFarlane, 1928  (A pseudonymous author)
Mystery Of The Piper’s Ghost”, Zillah K. MacDonald, 1954  (There are festivities).


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2 Responses to Mystery Subjects 2015!

  1. Bev Hankins says:

    Thanks for joining me in the Bingo Hall! And congrats on the six Bingos. I hope to see you joining me for the Scavenger Hunt in 2016.

    I’m sorry, but you won’t be seeing a combined Silver and Golden challenge….my preference is actually for what I consider Vintage/Gold (pre-1960) and I only added a Silver category because I had many folks tell me they enjoyed that period as well. But separate they will stay.

    • I would go far if we could blend but I understand: silver is a concession on your part. I enjoy both but make sure I fit in a little poetry, essays, non-fiction… well, you have my Mount To Be Read report. :) If vintage nudged up to, say, 1976, I’d be in my wheelhouse and that would be just about as good. Didn’t have time to fill a card but am close. Thanks for your praise on six bingos! I hope my Christmas card has been brightening your livingroom door.

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