Good & Ills Of Objects & Technology

I saw a blog saying technology divides us and possessions make us unhappy.  We’ve heard that before, haven’t we?  Some brag “I don’t watch TV”, others claim we should fit our life into a packsack.  Exclude over-spenders and missing the meaning of Christmas, as I share the following perspective!

Spiritual health is important but objects don’t harm it.  I collect books, music, films because they captivate my spirit.  I dress pretty in public but skip make-up at home and buy nothing tested on animals.  I keep things meaningful to me, which I would take in an emergency without apology.  It’s inappropriate to downplay possessions in sweeping generalization.

I cherish artefacts from Great-Grandparents, photos of childhood cats, souvenirs from trips, stuffed animals from babyhood.  Sure, I safeguard toy faces that are over 30 years old!  “Psychometry” is the art of objects exuding vibrations from owners.  It’s special to hold things that existed before us (aka museums).  This part of our journey is physical.  If it has no place ‘in the next life’, now is the time to appreciate what we can touch.

I’m honoured the internet shows my words and leads to friends.  I type my novel into a word processor, no staining hands against paper.  Technology that ruins the effort of contact:  facebook!  Must we scour webpages for news?  My Brother went to Africa.  Instead of mail for family;  strangers heard from him.  I saw no pictures, facebook opens for members only!  When I tell ‘long-time-no-see’ pals I’ve become an Aunt, they say “I know”.  People shouldn’t GET details without contact.  My rule:  if you run into someone I dropped, don’t give them a summary of what I’m doing.  No scoop without lifting a finger!

It’s gone too far if we’re too lazy to e-mail.  I send real mail all the time, created my own greeting card line!  You bet, e-cards are faux-pas.  ;)  When a local pal said he “won’t stay in touch if you aren’t on facebook“;  that was the last straw.  Technology is great if it brings you closer, not when people insist you ‘read about them’ in a cliquish spot.  Folks can enjoy our blogs whether they belong to WordPress or not.  That’s how websites work.

Attitude curbs or ameliorates interaction.  Reciprocation of Christmas cards is proof!  ;)  I appreciate keepsakes and technology.  I use e-mail to acknowledge real mail“Your present arrived!  I love it”.  Respectful use raises the value of a communication mode.  Heartfelt thanks for reading my words!  ~CM Riedel~

My cats, the stars of my card collection.


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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