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My Kind Of Mystery 2017 Summary!

  I have not forgotten about my read group quartet!  I have been preoccupied not knowing where our kitty has been for 3 months.  They are sons and daughters to us.  Conan O’Brien is named after a comedian for good … Continue reading

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My winners in 2015!

I announced this news in my tiny Goodreads sister group but it is time my blog had a nice post about the outcome of my 2015 reading group draws. I look forward to having comments recorded for posterity, as I … Continue reading

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Opportunity To Share!

Are my blog subscribers back from vacation?  In my previous post, “Where Solace Has Reached Us“, I invited everyone to share a book, film, television show, person…  any memorable moment that impacted you.  I’m utilizing this as a prize draw for … Continue reading


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My Kind Of Mystery 2014 Conclusion.

Hello readers!  May you have a happy summer!  I imagine there has been polite peeking for a post about how my other two RIEDEL challenges turned out our first year.  I’m a “better late than never girl”.  Here they are! … Continue reading

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Ethereal Grand Finale 2014!

We have come to the grand finale of my group’s very first year:  ETHEREAL 2014!!!! I’m pleased with my whole trio.  Each fufills something missing among challenges, or that I do differently.  We succeded!  There is no group like ours! … Continue reading

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For my 2014 début groups.

February 1st is here!  This is an address to my three reading challenge groups that débuted in 2014:  Ethereal, My Kind Of Mystery, and Gentle Spectrums.  Whether you met your goals, contributed reviews to our database, played the games, and … Continue reading

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Recap For “Gentle Spectrums”!

Next to our mystery theme, I am pleased with a fine first group of guests in this one!  I hope it’s clear we run February 2014 – February 2015, insteading of being caught in a December rush.  A few browsers … Continue reading

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