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No time period excuses any behaviour.

Just as I am in awe of Chuck Berry, as the pioneer of rock and pop music I have loved, I sample mystery classics.  If not for demanding its own writing criteria, like ensuring scenes apply to the plot and … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s MY Kind Of Mystery 2017

  Happy “RIEDEL Challenges” day!  February 1st is when my four groups renew.  Here is to a fun year with MY KIND OF MYSTERY 2017!  Do you read them?  Millions do, so I hope you click the banner to join me … Continue reading

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Does your kind of mystery exist?

Everyone who has discussed books with me for a minute knows my plea:  authors need to fill a gaping void of ghostly fiction for adults!  Rather than it be an easily buried sidenote;  new acquaintances (clearly unwary that asking me … Continue reading

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Gothic And Historical!

These are what I call image-provoking banners!  Honestly, I want to call this:  “post of the gorgeous headers”!  They would draw my eye to those blogs if I weren’t already keen on their content.  Gothic mystery and paranormal literature, fictional … Continue reading


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Daring to host! How to join.

Reading challenges are Olympics for book-lovers.  They aren’t difficult.  They’re an outlet to go wild with our passion!  We sign-up because we like recommendations, or some of us have enough stock at home to last a decade of blizzards.  We exit charity … Continue reading

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Vintage Mysteries 2013 & 2014

I have loved mystery all of my life.  Just this Hallowe’en (which I spell the old way), I wrote a fun “Find the next envelope” quest for my neighbour’s children!  I was dearly rewarded they found it exhilirating.  I will … Continue reading

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Vintage and I’m talking old!

January 1  ~  December 31   Wow, I joined ‘a hat trick’ of demanding circles but what’s the hockey term for a fourth!?  I think of Robin Williams’s parody on the impossibility of golf.  A vintage mystery challenge requests 8 books.  Easy – … Continue reading

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Riedel’s Recent Reads

Catchy title, huh?  “R–I–E–D–E–L” is a wonderful German name, to rhyme exactly with “needle”.  Don’t get it wrong!  hehehe  Man, people frequently mispronounce or misspell my first name too and there’s nothing foreign there.  Through my school days, it was a … Continue reading

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What I Like To Read

I love stories that are mysterious, plot-driven, and suspensefully magical.  No lame sagas about vampires and inter-species affairs.  Eerie, believable fiction.  Put a ghost, or at least a secret passageway, into an ancient mansion and I’ll read all night!  I treasure out-of-print novelists, … Continue reading

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