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My blog’s seventh anniversary!

My blog spends a lot of time on the subject of literature and the four related groups I run but the original purpose remains, that it is my place to write:  publically.  As a matter of fact it is my … Continue reading

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RIEDEL Fascination’s Anniversary!

Five and a half years ago, Ron & I moved to this country town because our apartment complex would stop accepting pets after renovating.  Our cats, McCartney (15 today) and Spirit (11 today) are our lives, our sons.  Promising to … Continue reading

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Where solace has reached us.

I’ve been graced with solace from time to time and am eager to know my readers’ stories too.  I’m going to use this as a drawing opportunity for members of Ethereal (please note your participation below) but my intention is to share this discussion … Continue reading

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2014 had ‘glass full’ people scraping.

What was with 2014 and the period approaching it?  For me, a bad two years exploded into the worst loss for us personally.  I wonder if anyone was elated this year, or noticed a grim quality.  Any year of a death … Continue reading

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