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Gothic And Historical!

These are what I call image-provoking banners!  Honestly, I want to call this:  “post of the gorgeous headers”!  They would draw my eye to those blogs if I weren’t already keen on their content.  Gothic mystery and paranormal literature, fictional … Continue reading


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How armpits led to reading fantasy!

I am intelligent, compassionate, and loyal but wasn’t the highest placed pupil.  I’m not a morning person and thus not the child with trophies or a lot of gold stars!  Two things that do define who I am:  I regard … Continue reading

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Speculative fiction, a new term!

I never heard of ‘speculative fiction’.  Isn’t all fiction speculation?  After naughty peers here advertised colourful banners;  I had to ask about this one.  I admit I’m a trekkie.  (No really.  I get ALL the jokes on “The Big Bang Theory”.  ‘Comicon’ is finally coming … Continue reading

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Riedel’s Recent Reads

Catchy title, huh?  “R–I–E–D–E–L” is a wonderful German name, to rhyme exactly with “needle”.  Don’t get it wrong!  hehehe  Man, people frequently mispronounce or misspell my first name too and there’s nothing foreign there.  Through my school days, it was a … Continue reading

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The Gothic Mystery

It is my all time favourite because I count on elements I love, with surprise and variation.  Prevalent in North America through 1900 to 1980:  they feature strong, independent, females.  Protagonists are 18-30, making it easy to start this genre as … Continue reading

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