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Reading Naturally, Summary 2018

I rejoined “Reading Naturally” with pleasure and it merits a fresh page of updates, since we have arrived all the way to my birth month:  November!  Jane is generous, inclusive of Canadians, which I know as her first year’s winner!  Our … Continue reading


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Praying for a safe return.

There is always a lot I want to write about and something to get out.  My last post tells of the anxiety of salvaging everything of personal value from our family home, which my parents had to sell.  It needed … Continue reading

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Relieved At Thanksgiving, Last Year.

In autumn, so that trees shed each year’s leaves, the wind is strong.  Last year, it caught up a huge sheet of plastic, twirled high into a tree.  It was attached so tightly, it only loosened this week!  That Friday, before Thanksgiving last … Continue reading

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