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Carolyn’s Ethereal 2019

I created ETHEREAL in 2014, after encountering no group for my most passionate subject:  spirits.  I am excited about numerous mystical subjects that had not been covered.  ETHEREAL is just the right name for the group including all metaphysical, spiritual, and … Continue reading


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Carolyn’s ETHEREAL 2017!

  Happy “RIEDEL Challenges” day!  February 1st is when my four groups renew, so here is to a fun year with EHTHEREAL 2017!  Click the banner to join me and tell others about it.  This is my post to share … Continue reading

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My Ethereal Page, 2016!

ETHEREAL is ready for 2016!  I hope even more join me than before!  This is my personal post to share what I read.  A bit of the description follows but please click on this year’s lovely logo, to see my original … Continue reading

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How armpits led to reading fantasy!

I am intelligent, compassionate, and loyal but wasn’t the highest placed pupil.  I’m not a morning person and thus not the child with trophies or a lot of gold stars!  Two things that do define who I am:  I regard … Continue reading

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Speculative fiction, a new term!

I never heard of ‘speculative fiction’.  Isn’t all fiction speculation?  After naughty peers here advertised colourful banners;  I had to ask about this one.  I admit I’m a trekkie.  (No really.  I get ALL the jokes on “The Big Bang Theory”.  ‘Comicon’ is finally coming … Continue reading

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