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Corey Hart’s Winnipeg concert kept me sane.

We and all other animals are accustomed to a spectrum of emotions ranging widely from elation, to sadness or fear.  Thankfully;  secure, positive emotions rise back into place, or replace uncomfortable ones entirely.  Season-wise, as in this very month, Manitoba … Continue reading


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Turning Lemonade Into Music

I am a winter girl and love using my birthday as a friendship muster point.  Perhaps many of you have noticed the same:  as I reached my late twenties and really became an adult, visits with friends became widely spaced … Continue reading

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Call Me “Miss B-Side”!

I love a balance of music.  It’s great to find more styles we connect with, to keep alive all the eras, discuss other genres;  have more in common with a larger number of people.  Discovery through friends and acquaintances is fun, … Continue reading

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