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Yes, a fresh author challenge!

I’m a city girl turned country in the Canadian forest.  It’s lovely.  My capital city is famous for things that will surprise you.  I cherish gardening.  I filled the windowsills and balcony of our apartment.  Cats are my babies but I protect all animals.  Why say … Continue reading


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Riedel’s Recent Reads

Catchy title, huh?  “R–I–E–D–E–L” is a wonderful German name, to rhyme exactly with “needle”.  Don’t get it wrong!  hehehe  Man, people frequently mispronounce or misspell my first name too and there’s nothing foreign there.  Through my school days, it was a … Continue reading

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Discovery Of Legends

There are legendary people and enchanting events.  We attach the adjective to someone well known for a craft:  like English author Beatrix Potter, one of the earliest best-sellers of children’s stories.  If her name is unfamiliar to you, how about the most famous book:  “The Tale Of … Continue reading

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