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Witi Ihimaera

The Whale Rider”  1987





Lesley Anne Ivory

Cats Know Best”  Colin Eisler (illustrator)  1988
Meet My Cats”  1989“Glorious Cats:  The Paintings Of Lesley Anne Ivory”  Lesley Anne Ivory  1989










Henry James

The Turn Of The Screw”  1898




Miranda James

Murder Past Due”  2010
Classified As Murder”  2011
“File M. For Murder”  2012
“Out Of Circulation”  2012




P.D. James

“Cover Her Face”  1962
“A Mind To Murder”  1963
“Unnatural Causes”  1967
“Shroud For A Nightingale”  1971
An Unsuitable Job For A Woman”  1972




Rebecca James  (James Elroy)

Storm’s End”  1974




Simon James

Dear Mr. Blueberry”   1991




Kathleen Jamie

“Sightlines”  2015




Mary C. Jane

“The Ghost Rock Mystery”  1956




Maureen Jennings

Shipwreck”  (Murdoch Mysteries #0.5)  2010
Except The Dying”  (Murdoch Mysteries #1)  1997
Under The Dragon’s Tail”  (Murdoch Mysteries #2)  1998
Poor Tom Is Cold”  (Murdoch Mysteries #3)  2001
“Let Loose The Dogs”  (Murdoch Mysteries #4)  2003
“Night’s Child”  (Murdoch Mysteries #5)  2005
“Vices Of My Blood”  (Murdoch Mysteries #6)  2006
“Season Of Darkness”  (Tom Tyler Mystery #1)  2011




Jacky Jeter

The Cat And The Fiddler”  Lionel Kalish (illustrator)  1969




Lisa Jewell

“One Hit Wonder”  2001
The Night She Disappeared”  2021




Billy Joel

Goodnight, My Angel”  Yvonne Gilbert (illustrator)  2004




Jane Johnson

The Tenth Gift”  2008
“The Salt Road”  2010




Maureen Johnson

Truly Devious”  2018




Velda Johnston

The Late Mrs. Fonsell”  1972
Masquerade In Venice”  1973
A Room With Dark Mirrors”  1975
“A Presence In An Empty Room”  1980
“Voice In The Night”  1984




Charlotte Foltz Jones & John OBrien

Mistakes That Worked:  40 Familiar Inventions And How They Came To Be”  1991




Tabitha Jones

“Cat Facts”  2001





Tim Wynne-Jones & Eric Beddows (illustrator)

Le Matou Marin”  1983
Zoom Upstream”  1992




Ophelia Julien

Haunted”  2012









Welwyn Wilton Katz

Witchery Hill”  1984
False Face”  1987
Come Like Shadows”  1993




Guy Gavriel Kay

The Summer Tree”  1984
The Wandering Fire”  1986
The Darkest Road”  1986
“Tigana”  1990
“A Song For Arbonne”  1992
“Sailing To Sarantium”  1998




Bill Keane

More Channel Chuckles”  1971




Susanna Kearsley

Mariana”  1994
The Splendour Falls”  1995
The Shadowy Horses”  1997
“Named Of The Dragon”  1998
“Season Of Storms”  2001




Janice Kulyk Keefer

The Green Library”  1996




Carolyn Keene  (Harriet Adams)

Mystery Of The Stone Tiger”   1963




Sofie Kelly

Curiosity Thrilled The Cat”  2011
Sleight Of Paw”  2011




Alexander Key

The Forgotten Door”  1965
“Escape To Witch Mountain”  1968




Alice Kimberly

The Ghost & Mrs. McClure”  2004
The Ghost & The Dead Deb”  2005
The Ghost & The Dead Man’s Library”  2006
“The Ghost And The Femme Fatale”  2008
“The Ghost And The Haunted Mansion”  2009




Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

In The Stone Circle”  1998
“School Spirit”  (Suddenly Supernatural #1)  2008
“Unhappy Medium”  (Suddenly Supernatural #3)  2009




Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

“Braiding Sweetgrass:  Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, And The Teachings Of Plants”  2013




Robert Kinerk & Steven Kellogg

Clorinda”  2003




Lyn King

“Walking Into The Night Sky”  2002




Madison King

Energy Medicine For Your Cat:  An Essential Guide To Working With Your Cat In A Natural, Organic, Heartfelt Way”  2015





Stephen King

“Carrie”  1974
“Salem’s Lot”  1975
“The Shining”  1977
“The Stand”  1978
“The Dead Zone”  1979
“Firestarter”  1980
Danse Macabre”  1981
“The Gunslinger”  1982
On Writing:  A Memoir Of The Craft”  2000





Kate Kingsbury

Room With A Clue”  1993
Do Not Disturb”  1994
Service For Two”  1994
Eat, Drink, And Be Buried”  1994
“Check-Out Time”  1995




Allison Kingsley

Mind Over Murder”  2011




Barbara Kingsolver

“The Bean Trees”  1988
“Homeland And Other Stories”  1989
“Animal Dreams”  1990
“Pigs In Heaven”  1993




Amelia Kinkade

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth”  2001
The Language Of Miracles”  2006




Thomas Kinkade

The Garden Of Friendship”  2000




Jo Kittinger

The Joy Of Cats”  1999




Christel Kleitsch & Paul Stephens  (illustrator)

Dancing Feathers”  1985
A Time To Be Brave”  1985




Cat Klerks

Emily Carr:  The Incredible Life And Adventures Of A West Coast Artist”  2003




Professor Steven Knight  (editor)

Australian Golden Dagger Mysteries”  1988




Andrew Knowles & Gordon Stowell

Hippity Dog And The Groover’s Fling”  1979




Lori Knutson

The Ghost Of Northumberland Strait”  2008




Henry Kojima

Shaku Of Wondrous Grace:  Through The Garden Of Yoshimaru Abe”  Art Miki & Sylvia Jansen  2007



Matthew Komus

Haunted Manitoba:  Ghost Stories From The Prairies”  2019




David Korr & Joe Mathieu

Cookie Monster And The Cookie Tree”  1977




Irina Korschunow

The Foundling Fox”  1982




Lynne Kositsky

A Mighty Big Imagining (Our Canadian Girl)”  2001




Nora Kramer & George Wilde

Arrow Book Of Ghost Stories”  1960




Naomi Kritzer

Cat Pictures Please”  2005




Paul Kropp

Ghost House”  2003




Kevin A. Kuhn

Do You Realize?”  2017
“Ten Tales Of A Dark Tomorrow”  2019




Rick Kunelius

Animals Of The Rockies”  1983




William Kurelek

A Northern Nativity”  1976




Michael Kusugak & Vladyana Krykorka

A Promise Is A Promise”  1988
Hide And Sneak”  1992




Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Niagara”  2000
Nova Scotia”  2003









Antonia Lamb

Greystones”  1966




Lisa Murphy-Lamb

Dinosaur Hunters:  Uncovering The Hidden Remains Of Canada’s Ancient Giants



Tonya Lambert

Hallowe’en Trivia:  Ghosts, Ghouls, Skeletons, Vampires, Witches, Graveyards, Spiders, Zombies, Haunted Houses”  2010




Lake Winnipeg Writers Group

Voices:  Volume Ten, Number One”  2010




Jane Land

The Stranger In The Mirror”  1974




Mabel Guinnip La Rue & Maud & Miska Petersham (illustrators)

The F-U-N Book For Canadian Boys And Girls”  1930




Margaret Laurence

This Side Jordan”  1960
The Tomorrow-Tamer”  1963
The Prophet’s Camel Bell”  1963
The Stone Angel”  1964
A Jest Of God”  1966
The Fire-Dwellers”  1969
“Jason’s Quest”  1970
“A Bird In The House”  1970
“The Diviners”  1974
Six Darn Cows”  Ann Blades (illustrator)  1979
The Olden Days Coat” Muriel Wood (illustrator)  1979
“Heart Of A Stranger”  1984
“Dance On The Earth”  1989





Victoria Laurie

What’s A Ghoul To Do”  2007
Demons Are A Ghoul’s Best Friend”  2008
“Ghouls Just Haunt To Have Fun”  2009
“Ghouls Gone Wild”  2010




Joyce & Jim Lavene

Pretty Poison”  2005
Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree”  2006
Poisoned Petals”  2007
“Perfect Poison”  2008
“A Corpse For Yew”  2009




Martha C. Lawrence

Murder In Scorpio”  1995
The Cold Heart Of Capricorn”  1997
“Aquarius Descending”  1998
“Pisces Rising”  2000




Julie Lawson

The Ghost Of Avalanche Mountain”  2000
Ghosts Of The Titanic”  2011




Pauline Lawson

Darling, Pass The Darjeeling”  2004




George Laycock  (editor)

Mysteries, Monsters, And Untold Secrets”  1978




Reverend Bryan Jeffery Leech

It Must Have Been McNutt”  1974




Ursula K. Le Guin

“The Beginning Place”  1938





Madeleine L’Engle

A Wrinkle In Time”  1962
A Wind In The Door”  1973
“A Swiftly Tilting Planet”  1978




Josephine Aimee Campbell Leslie

The Ghost And Mrs. Muir”   1945




J.R. Léveillé

The Setting Lake Sun”  2001




Hailey Lind

Feint Of Art”  2006




Robert Liparulo

“Comes A Horseman”  2005
House Of Dark Shadows”  2008
Watcher In The Woods”  2008
Gatekeepers”  2008
“Timescape”  2009
“Whirlwind”  2009
“Frenzy”  2010




Holly Lisle

“Midnight Rain”  2004
“Last Girl Dancing”  2005
“I See You”  2006
“Night Echoes”  2007
“The Ruby Key”  (Moon & Sun #1)  2008




John Lithgow

Micawber”  C.F. Payne (illustrator)  2002
I’m A Manatee”  Ard Hoyt (illustrator)  2003
Marsupial Sue”  Jack E. Davis (illustrator)  2011




Jean Little

“Mine For Keeps”  1962
From Anna”  1972
“Mama’s Going To Buy You A Mockingbird”  1984
Different Dragons”  1986
His Banner Over Me”  1995
Forward, Shakespeare!”  2005
“Somebody Else’s Summer”  2006




Freya Littledale  (editor)

Stories Of Ghosts, Witches, And Demons”  Jerry Contreras (illustrator)  1971




Penelope Lively

The Ghost Of Thomas Kempe”  1973




Caroline Llewellyn

“False Light”  1997




Norah Lofts

Gad’s Hall”  1977
The Haunting Of Gad’s Hall”  1978




Jonathan London & Frank Remkiewicz

Froggy Goes To Bed”  2000




Stephanie Longfoot

Baby Animals” (A Tiny Tots Board Book)  2004




Suzanne Lord

“Our World Of Mysteries:  Fascinating Facts About The Planet Earth”  1991




Rob Lowe

Stories I Only Tell My Friends”  2011
Love Life”  2014




Alec Lucas  (editor)

“Great Canadian Short Stories”  1971




Margaret Lucke

House Of Whispers”  2008




Janet Lunn

Double Spell”  1968
The Root Cellar”  1981
“The Unseen:  Scary Stories”  1994  (editor)
“The Unexplained”  2008
“Phénomènes Inexpliqués”  Claudine Azoulay (traductrice)  2008











Kendall James MacDonald

Patrick The Diesel”  1974




Mardie MacDonald & Kathryn Adams

The Cat Psychologist:  Understanding Your Cat”  1990




Zillah K. MacDonald

Mystery Of The Piper’s Ghost”  1954




Janet MacDonnell & Diana Magnuson

Celebrating Earth Day”  1994




Robert MacFarlane

“The Gifts Of Reading”  2016




Helen MacInnes

The Salzburg Connection”  1968




Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon

Tiktala”  László Gál  (illustrator)  1996




Hugh MacLennan

Barometer Rising”  1941
“Return Of The Sphinx”  1959
“The Watch That Ends The Night”  1967




Alistair MacLeod

“As Birds Bring Forth The Sun And Other Stories”  1986




Charlotte MacLeod

Rest You Merry”  1978
The Luck Runs Out”  1979
The Family Vault”  1979
The Withdrawing Room”  1981
The Palace Guard”  1981
Wrack And Rune”  1982
The Bilbao Looking Glass”  1982
Cirak’s Daughter”  1982
Something The Cat Dragged In”  1983
“The Terrible Tide”  1983
The Convivial Codfish”  1984
The Plain Old Man”  1985
The Curse Of The Giant Hogweed”  1985
The Corpse In Oozak’s Pond”  1987

The Recycled Citizen”  1988
“The Silver Ghost”  1988
Vane Pursuit”  1989
“The Gladstone Bag”  1989
“Mistletoe Mysteries”  1989
“Christmas Stalkings”  1991
“An Owl Too Many”  1991
“The Wrong Rite”  1992
“The Resurrection Man”  1992
“Something In The Water”  1994
“The Odd Job”  1995
“Exit The Milkman”  1996




Diana MacLeod

Bathroom Book Of Cat Trivia:  Humorous, Heartwarming, Weird, & Amazing”  Peter Tyler (illustrator)  2007




Jilly MacLeod & Joanne Cowne

The Life Story Of The Butterfly”    1996




Rita MacNeil

On A Personal Note”  1998




Molly MacRae

Last Wool And Testament”  2012
Dyeing Wishes”  2013
Spinning In Her Grave”  2014
“Plagued By Quilt”  2014




Mary Jane Maffini

Lament For A Lounge Lizard”  2003
Too Hot To Handle”  2007




Margaret Mahy

The Changeover”  1984
The New House Villain” Elizabeth Fuller  1987





Sarah Maine

The House Between Tides”  2014




Marianne Malone

The Sixty-Eight Rooms”  2010




Emily St. John Mandel

Mr. Thursday”  2017  (March 8 “”)




Kwok Man-Ho  (editor)

Chinese Horoscopes Library:  Rat”  1994




Lynn Manuel

Mystery At Cranberry Farm”  1981
Return To Cranberry Farm”  1990




Francesco Marciuliano

I Could Pee On This And Other Poems By Cats”  2012




Margaret Maron

“One Coffee With”  1981
The Bootlegger’s Daughter”  1992
Southern Discomfort”  1993
“Shooting At Loons”  1994




Gabriel García Márquez

No One Writes To The Colonel”  1961
“One-Hundred Years Of Solitude”  1967




Ngaio Marsh

A Man Lay Dead”  1934
“Enter A Murderer”  1935




Lisa Ann Marsoli

Does It Float?”   Adam Devaney  (illustrator)  2005




Bill Martin Junior

The Ghost-Eye Tree”  John Archambault & Ted Rand  1985





Awakening Your Chakras”  2014
Exercises & Meditations For Awakening Your Chakras”  2014




Elizabeth May

Who We Are:  Reflections On My Life And Canada“  2014




Anne Maybury

“Green Fire”  1963
“The Midnight Dancers”  1973
“Jessamy Court”  1974




Jeni Mayer

The Mystery Of The Turtle Lake Monster”  1990





Jan L. Mayes

Regretfully Invited”  2018




Iain McChesney

Murder At Malenfer”  2013




Eric McCormack

The Mysterium”  1992




Lisa McCourt & Laura J. Bryant

Yummiest Love”  2009





R.W.R. McDonald

The Nancys”  2019





Susan Chernak McElroy

Animals As Teachers And Healers:  True Stories And Reflections”  1996
Animals As Guides For The Soul:  Stories Of Life-Changing Encounters”  1998
Heart In The Wild:  A Journey Of Self-Discovery With Animals Of The Wilderness”  2002





Leslie McFarlane  (Franklin W. Dixon)

01.  “The Tower Treasure”  1927
02.  “The House On The Cliff”  1927
03.  “The Secret Of The Old Mill”  1927
04. “The Missing Chums”  1928
05.  “Hunting For Hidden Gold”  1928
06.  “The Shore Road Mystery”  1928
07.  “The Secret Of The Caves”  1929
08.  “The Mystery Of Cabin Island”  1929
09.  “The Great Airport Mystery”  1930
10.  “What Happened At Midnight”  1931
11.  “While The Clock Ticked”  1932
12.  “Footprints Under The Window”  1933
13.  “The Mark On The Door” 1934
14.  “The Hidden Harbour Mystery”  1935
15.  “The Sinister Signpost”  1936
16.  “A Figure In Hiding” 1937





Norm McGary

Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty” (Tell-A-Tale)  1959





Ann McGovern

If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln”  1966
Shark Lady:  True Adventures Of Eugenie Clark”  1978





Seanan McGuire

Persephone”  2017  (March 8 “”)





Jodi McIsaac

Through The Door”  2012
“Into The Fire”  2013
“Among The Unseen”  2014




Sharon E. McKay

The Glass Castle” (Our Canadian Girl)  2002




David McKee

“Elmer’s Special Day”  Stefan Wendel (translator)  1994




Paige McKenzie

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl”  2015




Cliff McNish

“The Doomspell”  2000
Breathe:  A Ghost Story”  2006
“Angel”  2007
“Savannah Grey”  2010
“The Hunting Ground”  2011




Ellen Meredith

The Language Your Body Speaks:  Self-Healing With Energy Medicine”  2020




Metropolitan Museum Of Art  (editor)

Cat Alphabet”  1994




Amy Meyerson

The Bookshop Of Yesterdays”  2018




Barbara Michaels

Ammie, Come Home”  1968
Prince Of Darkness”  1969
“The Dark On The Other Side”  1970
The Crying Child”  1971
Greygallows”  1972
“House Of Many Shadows”  1974
Shattered Silk”  1986
“Stitches In Time”  1990




Andrew Mikolajewski

Stoppel”  2017




Kate Milford

Greenglass House”  Jaime Zollars (illustrator)  2014
The Ghosts Of Greenglass House”  2017
“Bluecrowne”  2018




Nancy Millar

Once Upon A Tomb:  Stories From Canadian Graveyards”  1997




Nicky Millard

The Green Angels”  1985




Arthur G. Miller

Bambi Gets Lost”  1941




Mark Mills

The Scariest Stories You’ve Ever Heard”  1988




Alan Alexander Milne

Christopher Robin Leads An Expotition”  Ernest H. Shepard  (illustrator)  1926
Un, Deux, Winnie A Le Ventre Creux”  Ernest H. Shepard  (illustrator)  2002




Paula Minton

Fog Hides The Fury”  1957




Rich Mole  (editor)

“Christmas In The Prairies:  Heartwarming Legends, Tales, And Traditions”  2004




Susie Moloney

“A Dry Spell”  1997





Colleen & Michael Monroe

A Wish To Be A Christmas Tree”  2000




Santa Montefiore

“Last Voyage Of The Valentina”  2005
“The Italian Matchmaker”  2009
“The Summer House”  2012
Secrets Of The Lighthouse”  2013
“Songs Of Love And War”  2015




L.M. Montgomery

Anne Of Green Gables”  1908
Anne Of Avonlea”  1909
Anne Of The Island”  1915
The Alpine Path:  The Story Of My Career”  1917
“The Blue Castle”  1926
Anne Of Windy Poplars”  1936
“Anne’s House Of Dreams”  1917
“Anne Of Ingleside”  1939
“Rainbow Valley”  1919
“Along The Shore”  1989
“Among The Shadows”  1990




Clement C. Moore

The Night Before Christmas” Corinne Malvern  (illustrator)  1949




Emma V. Moore

Manu’s Ark”  2012




Patti Morelli

Shielded Past”  2015




Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus”  2011
“The Starless Sea”  2019




Kate Morton

House At Riverton”  2006
The Forgotten Garden”  2008
We Were From The Mountains”  2009
“The Distant Hours”  2010
“The Secret Keeper”  2012
“The Lake House”  2015




Jeffrey Moss & Leon Jason

People In Your Neighbourhood”  1977




Lloyd Moss & Marjorie Priceman

Zin Zin Zin! A Violin”  1995




Natasha Mostert

The Midnight Side”  2000
“The Other Side Of Silence”  2001
Season Of The Witch”  2007
“Keeper Of Light And Dust”  2009




A.S. Mott (editor)

“Gothic Ghost Stories:  Tales Of Intrigue & Fantasy From Beyond The Grave”  2004




Farley Mowat

“Two Against The North”  1956
The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be”  1957
“Owls In The Family”  1961
The Black Joke”  1962
The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float”  1969




Elizabeth Mowry (artist)

To A Very Special Friend”  Georgann Gouryeb-Freeman, Judy A. Hershner, Katherine Q. Lyons, LeAnn Thieman, Katheryne Lee Tirrell  2000




H.H. Munro

The Open Window” (Saki)  1911




Robert N. Munsch

La Princesse À La Robe De Papier”  Michael Martchenko  (illustrator)  1980
Wait And See”  Michael Martchenko  (illustrator)  1993




Angela C. Murphy  (editor)

Bathroom Book Of Canadian Trivia”  2005




Tamar Myers

Larceny And Old Lace”  1996










Marion Naismith

A Dream Of Unicorns”  1968




Melissa Napier

House Of Rising Water”  1972




Sōsuke Natsukawa & Louise Heal Kawai  (translator)

The Cat Who Saved Books!”  (本を守ろうとする猫の話)  2017



Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

“The Witch’s Eye”  Joel Burleson (illustrator)  199




Caren Schnur Neile

The Cat Who Loved Christmas…  And Other Stories”  2000




Sylvain Neuvel

Sleeping Giants”  2016
Themis Files Archive File No. 002”  (Themis Files #0.5)  2017




Katherine Neville

The Eight”  1988
The Magic Circle”  1998
“The Fire”  2008




Barbara Nichol & Scott Cameron (illustrator)

Beethoven Lives Upstairs”  1989




Joan Lowery Nixon

The Hallowe’en Mystery”  1979
The Séance”  1980
The Other Side Of Dark”  1986




Michael Norman & Beth Scott

Canadian Hauntings”  1994




Dr. Helen Norrie

He Saw Himself In All His Creatures:  A Mother’s Remembrance”  2006




Sterling North

Little Rascal”  1965











Henry O.

The Gift Of The Magi”  1905



Robert C. O’Brien

The Secret Of NIMH”  1971




D’Arcy O’Connor

The Secret Treasure Of Oak Island”  2004




Elliott O’Donnell

“Ghostly Phenomena”  1910
Scottish Ghost Stories”  Tim Hunt  (illustrator)  1911




Lisa O’Donnell

“The Death Of Bees”  2013




Rosie O’Donnell

Celebrity Detox:  The Fame Game”  2007




Sister Carol Anne O’Marie

A Novena For Murder”   1984
Advent Of Dying”  1986
“The Missing Madonna”  1988




Helen Fuller Orton

Mystery In The Pirate Oak”  1949




Louise Osborne

The Satan Stone”  1977










Richard Palmisano

Overshadows:  An Investigation Into A Modern Canadian Haunting”  2003
“Journeys Into The Unknown:  Mysterious Canadian Encounters With The Paranormal”  2006
“Ghosts:  An Investigation Into A True Canadian Haunting”  2009




Argentina Palacios & Charles Reasoner

The Llama’s Secret:  A Peruvian Legend”  1993




Christopher Paolini

Eragon”  (The Inheritance Cycle)  2002




Nancy Parent & Philippe Harchy

Winnie The Pooh, Friendship Day”  2000




Joan Parr  (editor)

Manitoba Stories”  1981




Phaedra Patrick

The Library Of Lost And Found”  2019




Rebecca Patrick-Howard

Windwood Farm”  2014




Shane Peacock

The Mystery Of Ireland’s Eye”  1999




Philippa Pearce

Tom’s Midnight Garden”  1958




Kit Pearson

“A Handful Of Time”  1987




Richard Peck

The Ghost Belonged To Me”  1975
Ghosts I Have Been”  1977
“Voices After Midnight”  1989
“Here Lies The Librarian”  2006




Audrey Penn & Ruth E. Harper & Nancy M. Leak

The Kissing Hand”  1993




Louise Penny

Still Life”  2005
Dead Cold(“A Fatal Grace”)  2006
The Cruellest Month”  2007
The Murder Stone”  (“A Rule Against Murder”)  2008
The Brutal Telling”  2009
Bury Your Dead”  2010
The Hangman”  2010
A Trick Of The Light”  2011
The Beautiful Mystery”  2012
“How The Light Gets In”  2013
“The Long Way Home”  2014




Dennis Pepper (editor) & Martin Cottam (illustrator)

“Ghost Stories 2”  1994




Anne Perry

The Cater Street Hangman”  1979
Callander Square”  1980
Paragon Walk”  1981
Resurrection Row”  1981
Rutland Place”  1983
Bluegate Fields”  1984
Death In The Devil’s Acre”  1985
Cardington Crescent”  1987
Silence In Hanover Close”  1988
Bethlehem Road”  1990
“The Face Of A Stranger”  1990
Highgate Rise”  1991
“A Dangerous Mourning”  1991
Belgrave Square”  1992
“Defend And Betray”  1992
“Farrier’s Lane”  1993
“A Sudden, Fearful Death”  1993
“The Hyde Park Headsman”  1994
“The Sins Of The Wolf”  1994
“Traitor’s Gate”  1995
“Cain, His Brother”  1995
“Pentecost Alley”  1996
“Weighed In The Balance”  1996





Ellis Peters

A Morbid Taste For Bones”  1977
One Corpse Too Many”  1979
Monk’s Hood”  1980
“St. Peter’s Fair”  1981
“The Leper Of St. Giles”  1981
“The Virgin In The Ice”  1982
“The Sanctuary Sparrow”  1983





Elizabeth Peters

The Jackal’s Head”  1968
The Camelot Caper”  1969
The Dead Sea Cipher”  1970
The Night Of Four Hundred Rabbits”  1971
“The Seventh Sinner”  1972
Borrower Of The Night”  1973
“The Murders Of Richard III”  1974
Crocodile On The Sandbank”  1975
“The Legend In Green Velvet”  1976
“Devil May Care”  1977
The Street Of The Five Moons”  1978
“The Love Talker”  1980
The Curse Of The Pharaohs”  1981
“The Copenhagen Connection”  1982
“Silhouette In Scarlet”  1983
“Die For Love”  1984
The Mummy Case”  1985
Lion In The Valley”  1986
“Trojan Gold”  1987
The Deeds Of The Disturber”  1988
“The Last Camel Died At Noon”  1991
“The Snake, The Crocodile, And The Dog”  1992
“Night Train To Memphis”  1994





P.J. Peters

This Land Of Ours And Other Stories”  1972
Driftwood And Other Poems”  1978
Reflections In Poetry And In Pictures”  1984





Jan Pfloog

Animals On The Farm”  1963




Frederick Philip

“Settlers Of The Marsh”  1925




Mari Pineo

Spring Floods:  Poems, Short Stories, And A Play”  1990




Dale Portman

Rescue Dogs:  Crime And Rescue Canines In The Canadian Rockies”  2003




Beatrix Potter

The Tale Of Ginger And Pickles”  1909




Jordan Power

Extra-Ordinary:  Stories Of Manitobans With Down Syndrome”  Darnell Collins (photography)  2015




Beth Powning

The Hatbox Letters”  2004





Manjiri Prabhu

The Cosmic Clues”  2004
“The Astral Alibi”  2005




Edna Mitchell Preston  (editor)

Arrow Book Of Spooky Stories”  1962




Guillaume Prévost

“The Book Of Time”  (“La Pierre Sculptée”)  2006




Laura Purcell

The Silent Companions”  2017




Andrew Pyper

Kiss Me”  1996
“Lost Girls”  1999









Q –


Ellery Queen

The Roman Hat Mystery”  1929




Amanda Quick / Jayne Ann Krentz

“Legacy”  1985  (Jayne Ann)
“Chance Of A Lifetime”  1987  (Jayne Ann)
“The Pirate”  1990  (Jayne Ann)
“Eclipse Bay”  2000  (Jayne Ann)
“Dawn In Eclipse Bay”  2001  (Jayne Ann)
“Light In Shadow”  2002  (Jayne Ann)
Second Sight”  2006
“The Third Circle”  2008
“Tightrope”  2019
“The Girl Who Knew Too Much”  2017




Kate Quinn

“The Alice Network”  2017





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