Funny Cornwall Arrival!

We all enjoy humour and it is the note striven for in television interviews.  Have you ever imagined which funny anecdote you would tell?  For my birthday today:  I am going to tell a light-hearted instance of ridiculous timing, that makes me grin at the memory!

I have been blessed by worldwide friends via social networks of the 1990s and mail penpals before that.  I travel rarely, so meeting such friends are lifetime thrills as much as the trips.  Coming from Manitoba, you are prepared for all weather but I travel light, because one’s suitcase is carried to each place we go.  Rotate a few shirts with a shorts, jeans, a skirt, and a dress.  I wanted nightwear and a robe as well.

I usually shower and dress before greeting anyone but I can’t bear to dress without bathing first.  I feel sickly uncomfortable and get chilled, therefore my robes are staples.  If I don’t want to wait to attend to a birdfeeder or anything else in the morning, sturdy housecoats take me all around my property, in any season.  However, my usual ones wouldn’t do in a suitcase, so I brought the nightwear that matched my lightweight housecoat.

When we were invited to a friend’s wedding in Essex, it was a must to meet an animal rights friend of mine in Cornwall as well and very welcoming, she and her husband were.  Cornwall is west of the country and Essex is east but there was a clear road there, at a reasonably short distance for a Canadian.  The problem is learning to use roundabouts at the same time as a right-side steering wheel, in countryside not abounding in signage.  We had three essential stops on the way:  the Chiltern Hills, Bath, and Stonehenge.  I wish I could tell you we saw a lot in a day or two.  Alas, it sometimes took miles, before confirming on our wisely brought paper maps, that a roundabout had sent us the wrong way.

More than one motoring delay compounded with the realization that England doesn’t keep Canada’s 9:00 PM retail hours.  We struggled on our way to a desired attraction, enjoyed it and dashed to the next;  to find it closed in bright, 5:00 PM, summertime daylight.  At last in Salisbury, where we would stay overnight to visit Stonehenge;  they made e-mail available to me and I told my friend that tomorrow Ron & I would get there.  I don’t believe we made any more mistakes with roundabouts and we made two memorable, brief stops.  But it took longer than we guessed, to negotiate roads so narrow, that there was only room for one car and through which treetops met at the top!

Naturally, night fell over the unfamiliar distance to go and we were lucky to find someone at that hour.  Fortunately, she could indeed direct us to my friend’s cottage, which we could hardly see.  I regretted knocking at her door at midnight but we couldn’t lose another day and we thought it preferable to keeping her waiting as well. She welcomed us in a sturdy housecoat of her own and told Ron where to park.  We were shown our upstairs room, introduced to her gorgeous black kitty in it, and we would visit in the morning.

I needed the washroom before Ron and the kitty were up.  It was not upstairs;  I traversed the whole beautiful cottage to use it.  First the stairs, then the living room, and after a left turn at the kitchen, I would pop into it.  Not through the living room yet, my friend’s husband comes out, smiling kindly.  There was nothing for it:  I couldn’t nod and promise “be right back”.  This was the first time I was meeting him and naturally, it required all of the warmth and enthusiasm a first impression deserves and a lovely hug.  He is wonderful and Ron & I treasured him as much as his wife.  We also fell in love with all of their kitties, dogs, and a host of dear animals housed nearby.

I am a comfortable housecoat-wearer who strides around my land in it, even in winter.  Nonetheless, you would guess rightly that it was awkward for this, with no one else as focal points, to be the way I met a new male friend.  We got on famously and I am relieved that however I may have looked;  he was warm and gracious.  You see, there was one detail that made me rueful about the timing.  My usual robes were large, so I brought my lightweight one, comprising a set.  The problem was, the housecoat was nothing at all to pack, because it was a slinky little number!  It was so identical to the nightgown of the same material;  that they looked like one garment, rather than the housecoat covering it.

This set, meant for sleeping and packing, was sexier than I would have chosen for greeting a friend’s husband;  on a bright, Cornwall summer morning!


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